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HP HP0-683 Exam -

Free HP0-683 Sample Questions:

NO 1:
What can you do to upgrade the firmware on a Smart Array controller? (Choose two)

A. Use the Firmware Maintenance CD.
B. Replace the Option ROM on the array controller.
C. Call tech support for an updated Smart Array Controller. D. Use the Options Rompaq.
E. Replace the battery pack on the write cache.

Answer: A, D

NO 2:
Which files are backed up during an incremental backup?

A. Only new files that were created since the last full backup.
B. All files were changed since the last full backup but new files are not included.
C. All files that were changed since the last backup.
D. All files that were changed since the last differential backup.

Answer: C

NO 3:
You need to install a new RILOE II card on a ProLiant server. Where can you find the administrator password?

A. In the MAC address section of the ROM-Based Setup Utility of the RILOE II card.
B. In the user guide, which can be found in the same box as your RILOE II card.
C. On the luggage tag, which can be found in the same box as your RILOE II card.
D. You have to call tech support, referencing the serial number of your RILOE II card.

Answer: C

NO 4:
Which online technique can you use to verify the version of the system ROM of your
ProLiant server? (Choose two)

A. HP Diagnostic CD
B. HP Systems Insight Manager
C. HP Firmware CD
D. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
E. HP Insight Diagnostic Online Edition

Answer: B, E

NO 5:
A group of engineers, who are working in the field, need a secure connection to the corporate network. Which solution would best suit their needs?

A. Implement file replication on the corporate file server.
B. Set up a corporate server as the VPN server.
C. Set up a corporate server as a RAS server.
D. Implement user level access to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Answer: B

NO 6:
What is the purpose of the batteries on a Smart Array Controller?

A. To store the array configuration.
B. To add hot-plug functionality to the controller.
C. To preserver data in the write-back cache.
D. To stabilize the power of the controller.

Answer: C

NO 7:
Which features are supported by the MSA500? (Choose two)

A. Fibre based host connections
B. Serial ATA drives
C. Parallel SCSI drives
D. Fibre Channel disks
E. SCSI based host connections

Answer: C, E

NO 8:
Which statement is true about HP Uninterruptible Supplies? (UPS)?

A. The batteries are trickle-charged to keep full battery load available.
B. The UPS notifies you when the batteries need replacement.
C. The batteries are installed in pairs.
D. HP UPSs come with integrated power distribution units.

Answer: B

NO 9:
Using an iLO graphical remote console session, how do you set the display resolution on the remote server to achieve optimal performance?

A. Higher than your local computer.
B. The same as on your local computer.
C. The same as or less then your local computer.
D. The maximum resolution that your local monitor supports.

Answer: C

NO 10:
What type of drive enclosure is the MSA30?

A. Parallel ATA
B. Serial ATA
C. Serial SCSI
D. Parallel SCSI

Answer: D

NO 11:
What is a feature of the RILOE II board?

A. It is a 64-bit card.
B. It runs on external power only.
C. It can be installed in any available PCI slot.
D. It does not require a license for the graphical remote console.

Answer: D

NO 12:
Which statement is true about the ProLiant DL line of servers?

A. They are optimized for maximum expansion.
B. They are ultra dense servers optimized for rapid deployment.
C. They are available in rack and tower models.
D. They are density optimized for rackmount environments.

Answer: D

NO 13:
Which ProLiant server lines support AMD processors? (Choose two)

A. MSA Line
B. BL Line
C. CL Line
D. XL Line
E. DL Line

Answer: B, E

NO 14:
Which statement is true about Serial ATA (SATA)?

A. SATA is backward compatible with Parallel ATA (PATA).
B. SATA connectors are wider than PATA connectors.
C. SATA offers hot-plug capability.
D. SATA requires a terminator at each end of the bus.

Answer: C

NO 15:
Which task can you perform using the Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA) utility?

A. Change the stripe size.
B. Change the RAID level.
C. Assign online spare drive.
D. Expand the logical drive.

Answer: C

NO 16:
You want to update the firmware on an HP server console switch. How is the software transferred to the switch?

A. Through a serial cable.
B. Through the on-screen display (OSD).
C. Through the IP console view.
D. Through Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP).

Answer: A

NO 17:
You configure a ProLiant server with NIC teaming for fault tolerance. How can you check the functionality of the team?

A. Ping
B. Remove a network cable from one of the NICs.
C. Check the properties of the NIC drivers in the Device Manager.
D. Use the netstat -r command.

Answer: B

NO 18:
Where do you enable Advanced Memory Protection?

A. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
B. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
C. SmartStart
D. Management CD

Answer: A

NO 19: wants to upgrade the processor in a ProLiant server to meet performance needs. What must you do before replacing the existing processor?

A. Flash the system ROM.
B. Remove all PPM modules.
C. Ensure that the server is connected to the UPS.
D. Check the position of the jumpers on the processor board.

Answer: A

NO 20: is experiencing problems with a storage subsystem. What is the best tool to identify problems with the Smart Array Controller and the installed hard drives?

A. Insight Diagnostic Offline Edition
B. Flexible Array Storage Tool (FAST)
C. Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU)
D. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)

Answer: C

NO 21:
Which utility can you use to set up and modify an MSA storage sub-system?

A. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
B. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
C. Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU)
D. Remote Deployment Utility (RDU)

Answer: B

NO 22:
Which components must you install with a Modular Power Distribution Unit (PDU)? (Choose two)

A. Control unit
B. HP Power Manager
C. Monitoring unit
D. Extended Runtime Module (ERM) E. Extension bar(s)

Answer: A, E

NO 23:
Which operating systems can be installed with the assisted installation path from SmartStart? (Choose two)

B. Solaris
C. Windows 2000/2003
D. Red Hat Linux
E. Novell

Answer: C, E

NO 24:
Which features are available only applying iLO Advanced Pack? (Choose two)

A. Command line interface
B. Web-browser interface
C. Virtual media
D. Access from pocket PC
E. Virtual graphical console

Answer: C, E

NO 25:
John, the IT administrator wants to log into the System Management Homepage 2.0. When prompted, which username/password combination should he use?

A. His OS system administrator username and password.
B. The default System Management Homepage username and password.
C. The username and password you entered when installing the System Management Homepage.
D. The username and password defined in the CPQHMMD.ACL file.user account password.

Answer: A

NO 26:
Which tool should you use to install a ProLiant Support Pack (PSP) on a local machine or any server on the network?

A. Rapid Software Installer (RSI)
B. Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)
C. ProLiant Support Pack Remote Installer
D. Remote Deployment Utility (RDU)

Answer: D

NO 27:
Which RAID levels are supported by HP Smart Array Controllers? (Choose three)

C. RAID 1+0
D. RAID 3/5
E. RAID 50

Answer: A, C, F

NO 28:
You are selecting a server for a small company that creates posters and banners. They are located in a small building and employ only five people with no plans for expansion in the near future. They have no dedicated computer, only a small technical room. They need a server with an array controller and lots of internal hard drive space. IT support is done remotely so an iLO is also needed. Which ProLiant server best fits their needs?

A. HP ProLiant BL25P
B. HP ProLiant BL40P
C. HP ProLiant DL145
D. HP ProLiant DL585
E. HP ProLiant ML110
F. HP ProLiant ML370

Answer: F

NO 29: wants to run Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Which HP tool can you use to size the right HP ProLiant server for this application?

B. Proactive Change Notification (PCN)
C. HP Product Bulletin
D. Active Answers

Answer: D

NO 30:
A corporation wants to install a database server that will support several hundred users. The server will be installed in a data center facility and will make use of existing SAN space. What is the best server to recommend for this scenario?

A. ML 100 series ProLiant
B. ML 300 series ProLiant
C. DL 100 series ProLiant
D. DL 500 series ProLiant

Answer: D

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