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HP HP0-656 Exam -

Free HP0-656 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which Data Protector daemons must be up and running on a HP-UX Cell Manager? Select THREE.

A. Cell Request Server service (CRS)
B. Media Management Daemon
C. Solid Database Server (SDS)
D. Host Agent service (HA)
E. Raima Database Server (RDS)

Answer: A, B, E

Q: 2
Which inode time is used to detect files for incremental backups?

A. defragmentation time
B. access time
C. creation time
D. modification time

Answer: D

Q: 3
Which command starts a backup from the command line?

A. omnibck
B. omnicellbck
C. omnib
D. omnimm

Answer: C

Q: 4
Which Disaster Recovery (DR) option is supported on an HP-UX Cell Manager?

A. Disk Delivery (DD)
B. Enhanced Automated Recovery (EAR)
C. Manual DR
D. Assisted Manual DR
E. One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR)

Answer: C

Q: 5
Which action is performed when you recycle a media?

A. reset of the media condition factors to zero
B. state change of the media condition from poor to fair
C. reinintialization of the media to store new backups
D. data protection removal from all backed up data

Answer: D

Q: 6
Your backup strategy runs one full backup per week as well as numerous incremental backups. Between the full backup and latest incremental backup, several files in a given directory have been deleted. When using the GUI
to restore this directory, which option allows you to skip these files and only restore to the most recent point in time?

A. restore sparse files
B. move busy files
C. omit unrequired incrementals
D. omit deleted files

Answer: D

Q: 7
What happens if the backup chain is broken and you start a restore?

A. The restore aborts.
B. A warning message displays.
C. Only the full backup is restored.
D. It is not possible to browse the restore GUI.

Answer: B

Q: 8
Which restriction applies to One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR)?

A. only supported for Linux on Integrity systems
B. currently not supported on Windows clusters
C. only supported for HP-UX on Integrity systems
D. currently not supported on UNIX systems

Answer: D

Q: 9
After installation, which Data Protector components must be installed manually regardless of the Cell Manager platform? Select TWO.

A. NetWare Agents
B. Windows 2000 Agents
C. Solaris Agents
D. Application Agents
E. Installation Servers

Answer: A, E

Q: 10
What is required to perform backups on unsupported UNIX platforms?


Answer: B

Q: 11
To use the same device with different media pools, what must be created?

A. a new media agent
B. media rotation policies
C. a media specification
D. backup specification

Answer: D

Q: 12
Which input parameters are common for all Data Protector notifications? Select THREE.

A. Name
B. Session ID
C. Device
D. Message Level
E. Trap number
F. Send Method

Answer: A, D, F

Q: 13
What is the full path to the Data Protector Web reporting Java applet on a UNIX Client?

A. /opt/omni/java/sbin/WbReporting.html
B. /opt/omni/java/bin/WebReporting.html
C. /etc/opt/omni/java/sbin/WebReporting.html
D. /opt/omni/bin/java/WebReporting.htm

Answer: B

Q: 14
Data Protector provides an event driven notification system. Which notification methods are available? Select TWO.

A. filter
B. paging
C. store to database
D. broadcast
E. email

Answer: D, E

Q: 15
What should you verify if the command "omnidbutil -merge mmdb CellServer3" fails?

A. that you have run the "omnidbutil -merge mmdb" command on CellServer3
B. that you have configured centralized licensing before you merge
C. that you have exclusive access to the database on CellServer3
D. that no other cell can communicate with the MoM cell server

Answer: C

Q: 16
Which Data Protector GUI context allows the supervision and administration of currently running backup and restore sessions?

A. Notify
B. Reporting
C. View
D. Monitor

Answer: D

Q: 17
What is the minimum number of obsolete filenames that must exist on a Data Protector client to initiate purging from the internal database?

A. 500,000
B. 200,000
C. 1,000,000
D. 100,000

Answer: C

Q: 18
When using the Restore from Media option, which configuration guideline should you consider regarding the required memory?

A. number_of_files multiplied by 200 bytes
B. number_of_files multiplied by 100 bytes
C. number_of_directories multiplied by 200 bytes
D. number_of_directories multiplied by 100 bytes

Answer: A

Q: 19
What can Data Protector use to generate the media label during media initialization?

A. media type
B. serial number of the drive used for initialization
C. barcode label of the media
D. unique number issued by the internal database

Answer: C

Q: 20
What are the advantages of split-mirror backups when instant recovery is enabled compared to standard backups? Select THREE.

A. minimal impact on applications during backup
B. tapeless backup capability
C. more efficient restore from a session
D. serverless backup
E. higher space efficiency due to using block level maps

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 21
Which restore option can you use for foreign media if you do not know the file names and paths?

A. search and restore for foreign media
B. restore as
C. restore by query
D. restore from media

Answer: D

Q: 22
Before a tape can be used it must be formatted. After a unique ID is generated, where is it written?


Answer: E

Q: 23
When defining a logical tape library device, the access to a library is split into two paths. What are the paths? Select TWO.

A. control path
B. data path
C. SCSI path
D. network path

Answer: A, B

Q: 24
What is the result of a successful backup session using object mirroring?

A. Mirrored objects are written to a special mirror pool and the backup is written to the specified media set.
B. One media set contains the backup and additional media sets contain the mirrored objects.
C. All backups and mirrored objects are appended to the same media.
D. All backups and mirrored objects are in the same media pool.

Answer: B

Q: 25
By default, which file is the Data Protector Internal Database recovery file?

A. obrindex.dat
B. obdatafiles.dat
C. obdbrecovery.dat
D. obdb.dat

Answer: A

Q: 26
What is the default block size for logical devices?

A. 64k
B. 72k
C. 56k
D. 32k

Answer: A

Q: 27
Which services must be enabled for a remote Data Protector installation? Select TWO.

A. rcp
B. rsh
C. ssh
D. rlogin
E. rexec

Answer: B, E

Q: 28
Media operations can be divided into two categories: pool operations and tape operations. Which operation is valid for a media pool but not an individual tape?

A. copy
B. recycle
C. format
D. export

Answer: C

Q: 29
On a Data Protector Cell Manager, which command automatically and periodically checks the status of the Data
Protector services?

A. omnihealthcheck
B. omnimm
C. omnisv
D. dbcheck

Answer: A

Q: 30
Which file system action is required before you perform a raw disk backup?

A. mount
B. unmount
C. check
D. verify

Answer: B

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