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HP HP0-632 Exam -

Free HP0-632 Sample Questions:

1. How is information on a target host's ARP cache retrieved by NNM's Network Configuration option?
A. through FTP
B. through ICMP
C. through SNMP
D. through rnetstat
Answer: C

2. When an event occurs, which process logs the event information under NNM?
A. pmd
B. trapd
C. ovtrapd
D. ovrepld
Answer: A

3. If NNM is NOT installed on the system, which items does an operator need to use ovw? Select TWO.
A. a Java-capable version of Netscape or Internet Explorer
B. the URL for the Launcher
C. a management console
D. the Network Presenter installed
Answer: A, B

4. Which items must be running on an NNM server system if operators using the Network Presenter wish to access maps? Select THREE.
A. web server
B. ovlaunch.exe
C. web browser
D. ovw
E. ovsessionmgr
Answer: A, D, E

5. What is the purpose of the ovaddobj utility?
A. to add an object to the topology database
B. to add an object to the OVW object database
C. to configure startup parameters for an OpenView process
D. to configure a menu item to be added to the OVW menu bar
Answer: C

6. What is included in the Network Node Manager product? Select TWO.
A. an SNMP Extensible Agent
B. an SNMP discovery and monitoring engine
C. an SNMP proxy agent
D. an EMANATE SNMP manager
Answer: B, D

7. SNMP is built upon what protocol?
Answer: D

8. Which statement is TRUE regarding NNM's SNMP EMANATE agent?
A. It is based upon a master agent, sub-agent technology.
B. It is able to send CMIP events.
C. It relies on sub-agents to provide information for all SNMP Requests.
D. It is based upon the TCP protocol stack
Answer: A

9. Which agent does NNM automatically install?
A. ISI/Epilogue SNMP agent
B. SNMP Extensible agent
C. SNMP simple agent
Answer: D

10. With respect to agent technology, what is TRUE of ovtopmd in NNM?
A. ovtopmd is a sub-agent.
B. ovtopmd is a master agent.
C. ovtopmd assumes the simple agent role via EMANATE.
D. ovtopmd is a light-weight agent implementing worker threads.
Answer: A

11. After modifying a local registration file (LRF) for a background process, which command should be executed to configure the change in the background process the next time it is started?
A. ovaddobj
B. ovdelobj
C. ovconfobj
D. ovmodobj
Answer: A

12. Which item has NO affect on the set of IP devices that Network Node Manager will discover?
A. a seed file
B. a running netmon process
C. a configured DHCP filter
D. a subnet mask
Answer: C

13. Which protocols are used in the netmon discovery process? Select TWO.
Answer: C, D

14. What is discovered, beyond default netmon discovery, when using a seed file to extend initial netmon discovery?
A. the devices listed in the seed file and the networks that contain them only
B. devices listed in the seed file, the networks that contain them and only connector devices found in the networks
C. devices listed in the seed file and the networks directly attached to them
D. devices listed in the seed file, the networks that contain them and only devices that support SNMP found in the networks
Answer: C

15. Which user can re-do initial netmon discovery?
A. any ovw user
B. the owner of the default map
C. the network administrators
D. the root user
Answer: D

16. Nodes without an IP address can be discovered by netmon based on ___________.
A. the ARP cache of a router local to the node
B. the ARP cache of a bridge on the same segment as the node
C. a response to a ping from the management station to the node
D. information extracted via SNMP from a bridge on the same segment as the node
Answer: D

17. Once a node's sysObjectID is retrieved, which file is used to associate the system oid to the device's capabilities?
B. snmpd.conf
C. oid_to_type (or HPoid2type)
D. oid_to_enterprise
Answer: C

18. Which NNM Editions are available to serve specific customer needs in terms of functionality, scalability and pricing?
A. NNM Starter Edition
B. NNM Enterprise Edition
C. NNM Advanced Edition
D. NNM Standalone Edition
E. NNM Manager of Manager (MoM) Edition
Answer: A, C

19. The management of your network requires support of IPv6. Which additional SPI needs to be purchased?
C. NNM SPI for Advanced Routing
D. NNM SPI for Multicast
E. No additional SPI needed
Answer: C

20. Typically, in Service Provider Environments, managing overlapping address domains is a topic. Which NNM component is responsible for providing the required functionality?
A. Netmon
B. Extended Topology
C. Active Problem Analyzer
D. Intelligent Diagnostics
E. Problem Diagnosis
Answer: B

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