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HP HP0-626 Exam -

Free HP0-626 Sample Questions:

1. What are the key success factors for operating in the Global Digital Workplace?
A. High quality, reliable products; Enabling technologies; Open Standards
B. Information highway; digital on-ramps; digital off-ramps
C. Partnerships; solutions, on-time delivery
D. Hardware; firmware; software
Answer: A

2. What are advantages to digital printing and copying?
A. Increased revenue and growth from faster retention of information
B. Competitive advantage from well designed documentation
C. Cost savings from ability to use office department and desktop printers instead of offset printing
D. Reduced rework
Answer: C

3. Which of the following products allows a customer to take paper-based information or images and place them on the internet? (Choose two)
A. Printer
B. Digital Camera
C. Fax
D. Scanner
Answer: BD

4. What product (referred to as an “off ramp”) allows people to pull information off the internet for local use?
A. Digital camera
B. Fax
C. Printer
D. Scanner
Answer: C

5. The volume of both digital and paper based information is dramatically increasing due to what factors? (Choose three)
A. Expanding office networks
B. Expanding responsibilities
C. Increased use of the Internet
D. Increased use of E-commerce
Answer: ACD

6. Which of the following is a term that HP defines as the Digital Workplace?
A. Coupling innovative printing with the internet to provide solutions for customers
B. Utilizing new technology to enable customers to obtain a paperless workplace
C. Intelligent integration of hardcopy devices to meet the evolving needs of customers
D. Optimize the use of technology, products and the internet together to create a digital environment
Answer: C

7. You have a printed documents containing graphic information and text you need to use in online slide shows. Which of the following devices would best help you acquire the images in digital form?
A. Printer
B. Digital Camera
C. Fax
D. Scanner
Answer: D

8. In what ways is the EIO interface an improvement over the older MIO interface? (Choose three)
A. Lower power requirement than MIO.
B. Proactive alerts from web servers notify administrators when a problem exists.
C. Enables expansion to devices other than JetDirect Print Servers.
D. Smaller physical size.
Answer: ACD

9. Which definition provides the most accurate meaning for immediate access printing?
A. A printer can be used as soon as a user specifies the correct print driver location.
B. A printer can be accessed from a user's desktop.
C. A printer becomes available as soon as someone connects it to the network.
D. A printer becomes available as soon as the previous user has logged off.
Answer: C

10. HP’s EIO technology uses what type of bus?
D. HP Proprietary
Answer: B

11. The Embedded Web Server feature of the JetDirect device allows a network administrator to simultaneously obtain printer status from all JetDirect devices on the network.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

12. How are the limitations of integrating Web JetAdmin into Top Tools overcome?
A. Integrate Web JetAdmin directory into the Top Tools bridges
B. Upgrade to Top Tools version 7.0a
C. Make sure all JetDirect devices are operating with the latest firmware
D. Upgrade to Web JetAdmin version 6.3
Answer: A

13. Why does the HP JetDirect 500x have three parallel ports?
A. Allows multiple devices to connect directly to a single PC
B. Allows one print job to be printed on multiple devices simultaneously
C. Allows multiple devices to connect to the network via a single JetDirect device
D. Allows multiple devices to pull from a single print queue
Answer: C

14. The JetDirect embedded web server provides which of the following? (Choose two)
A. Basic image scanning for some HP All-in-one devices
B. Printer settings and status display
C. Remote firmware upgrade
D. Remote driver download
Answer: AB

15. Select the connectivity option used to connect a printer directly to a PC.
C. JetDirect
D. JetDirect EX
Answer: B

16. JetDirect connectivity is NOT available for which of the following?
A. HP All-in-one devices
B. Printers
C. Digital Cameras
D. Storage Devices
Answer: C

17. The multi-port JetDirect 500X provides support for USB connectivity.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

18. Printer settings such as subnet mask, IP address, and paper trays can be configured on HP JetDirect connected printers using IBM Tivoli Netview with the TopTools Bridge.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

19. The JetDirect Embedded Web Server allows administrators to perform cross platform network peripheral management and installation.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

20. The JetDirect embedded web server may be accessed by typing the device name of the JetDirect device into the web browser "location" line, or by typing the IP address of the JetDirect device into the web browser "location" line.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

21. JetDirect devices support the ability to connect both HP and non-HP devices.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

22. How is an IP address assigned to a JetDirect device?
A. The device comes with an address assigned at the factory
B. If one is not given to the device during boot-up, a random IP address is assigned
C. There are a number of methods for automatically assigning an IP address or manual methods like telnet and ARP -s may be used
D. HP JetAdmin is the recommended method for assigning an IP address
Answer: C

23. What is the default IP address assigned to an HP JetDirect device after 5 minutes?
Answer: D

24. An embedded web server may be used to change an IP address on a JetDirect device.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

25. Which of the following user names are allowed to change the Admin Password for an HP JetDirect embedded web server? (Choose two)
A. admin
B. guest
C. supervisor
D. manager
Answer: AC

26. What should you do if you forget the Administrator password to your HP JetDirect embedded web server?
A. Cold reset the JetDirect print server
B. Call the HP Customer Care Center for a manual reset code
C. Use the reset password button in HP Web JetAdmin
D. Download new firmware to the device
Answer: A

27. What are the benefits of embedded web scanning? (Choose two)
A. No additional software is needed
B. The embedded web server provides full editing capability to change the image after it is scanned
C. It is supported by all HP multi function peripherals
D. Anyone on the network can use the scanning capabilities of the device
Answer: AD

28. You are working in a Novell environment and want to have printers available to everyone using the IPX protocol as soon as they are connected to the network. Security is not a concern. Which of the Novell Distributed Print Services should you use?
A. Controlled Access Printing
B. OpenView
C. Web JetAdmin
D. Immediate Access Printing
Answer: D

29. A small office has 3 printers on a network that only uses TCP/IP. They do not have a need for management of the devices over the network, but would like to have status information available to everyone in the office. Which solution should you recommend?
A. HP Internet Printing Protocol
B. HP Web JetAdmin
C. HP Embedded Web Server
D. HP Install Network Printer Wizard
Answer: C

30. An office using the Windows NT 4.0 operating system is having problems with excessive network traffic from large print jobs. They are looking for a solution that would give them the ability to spool print jobs without having to go through the general purpose server. Which HP JetDirect solution should you recommend?
A. 170X
B. 4000 Print Appliance
C. Web JetAdmin Server
D. 300X Office Connect
Answer: B

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