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HP HP0-606 Exam -

Free HP0-606 Sample Questions:

1 .Which information does the Catalog Database (CDB) store?
A. file version information
B. backup and restore sessions
C. configured devices and media pools
D. the number of sessions performed for a given time
Answer: B

2 .Once the Manager-of-Manager has been configured, Data Protector cells can be added with the function.
A. install
B. import
C. add cells
D. configure
Answer: B

3 .The default installation of Data Protector includes an automatic database purge that runs every day at.
A. 12.00
B. 15.00
C. 22.00
D. 00.00
Answer: A

4 .To use he same device with different media pools several m ust be created.
A. media agents
B. media specifications
C. backup specifications
D. media rotation policies
Answer: C

5 .The Data Protector user account and its service MUST have permission to access the remote computer and permission on the Disk Agent client.
B. Inet
C. Ipnet
D. Destination
Answer: B

6 .The System Recovery Dat afile is automatically written two times. It is written once when backing up and another time when backing up
A. the filesystem. individual files
B. replacement files. directory trees
C. a CRITICAL object; Data Protector internal database
D. the CONFIGURATION object; the Data Protector internal database
Answer: D

7 .What lets logical volumes be mounted as disk drives?
A. domain ports
B. aparse points
C. eeparse points
D. object connect
Answer: C

8 .Media can only be exported if the protection of the sessions has expired or a has been performed.
A. verify
B. recycle
C. re-scan
D. reinitialize
Answer: B

9 .What are the three key qualifiers Data Protector uses to identify filesystem objects in the database?
A. device filenames and hostname
B. filenames mountpoint, and device
C. hostname mountpoint, and description
D. hostname device, and rawdisk sections
Answer: C

10 .What does Data Protector use for Inter-Process Communication (IPC)?
A. global
B. remote
C. port 5555
D. shared memory + pipe/socket
Answer: D

11 .The Data Protector encode object option used for encryption uses a simple algorithm implemented in a shared "C" program library.
Answer: A

12 .Which data flow pattern describes the way Data Protector handles a network datastream?
A. Disk-> Device
B. Disk -> Memory of Destination System -> Device
C. Disk -V Source Device -> Network -> Memory of Destination System -> Device
D. Disk -> Memory of Source System -> Network -> Memory of Destination System -> Device
Answer: D

13 .Which data flow pattern describes the way Data Protector handles local datastream?
A. Disk -> Device
B. Disk -> Memory -> Device
C. Disk -> Memory -> Network -> Device
D. Disk -> Memory -> Destination Device
Answer: B

14 .What feature of Data Protector dynamically determines which object (disk) should be backed up to which device?
A. disk image
B. compression
C. load balancing
D. object distribution
Answer: C

15 .Data Protector security is based on .
A. cells
B. clients
C. devices
D. sessions
Answer: A

16 .What are the two main purposes for a media pool?
A. media condition and usage
B. logical organization and policies
C. physical description and location
D. to keep track of full backups and incremental backups
Answer: B

17 .When backing up over a SAN Data Protector can be configured with a SCSI Library so that each client system has its' own access to library robotics and drives. This is called .
A. device sharing
B. SAN library access
C. direct library access
D. multi-drive library sharing
Answer: C

18 .Which type of media management service facilities communication among applications, robotic changers and media libraries for NT systems?
A. Recovery Manager
B. Remote Control
C. Removable Storage Manager
D. Session Manager Binary Files
Answer: C

19 .Which function allows checking to see if the Data Protector data on a specified medium is readable ?
A. verify
B. modify
C. specify
D. reinitialize
Answer: A

20 .What is the default for that Data Protector uses on all clients for communication?
A. 5050
B. 5057
C. 5555
D. 5557
Answer: C

21 .All catalog information of data written to media is stored in specific if appropriate logging option is selected.
A. Detail Catalog (DC)
B. Backup Control System (BCS)
C. Detail Catalog Binary Files (DCBF)
D. Media Management Database (MMDB)
Answer: C

22 .What are the three main media management PROTECTION features?
A. labeling, duplication and condition monitoring
B. media pool media usage and property specifications
C. on-line catalog media organization, and location tracking
D. logical organization of media, pools and allocation policies
Answer: A

23 .What are the three main media management library features?
A. labeling, duplication, and condition monitoring
B. media pool media usage, and property specifications
C. on-line catalog media organization and location tracking
D. logical organization of media pools and allocation policies
Answer: C

24 .The Data Protector database on the Windows Cell Manager stores information on about file names.
A. 100 million
B. 200 million
C. 450 million
D. 700 million
Answer: C

25 .The Media Management Database (MMDB) and Catalog Database (CDB) parts are implemented using an embedded database consisting of tablespaces. All the changes to the MMDB and CDB are updated using .
A. binary files
B. direct access
C. transaction logs
D. session messages
Answer: C

26 .What determines the amount of detail on files and directories written to the Data Protector database?
A. disk quota
B. logging level
C. load balancing
D. information store
Answer: B

27 .What tracks the elapsed times of key operations an d registers this data collection as well as volume data within Data Protector?
A. Cost Recovery
B. Service Monitoring
C. HP Open View Operations
D. Application Response Measurement (ARM)
Answer: D

28 .What service runs on each Windows system in the D ata Protector cell and is responsible for communication between the systems in the cell?
A. Omnilnet
B. Cell Request Server (CRS)
C. Raima Database Server (RDS)
D. Media Management Daemon (MMD)
Answer: A

29 .What process/service runs on the Data Protector cell manager. It starts and controls backup and restore sessions.
A. Omnilnet
B. Cell Request Server CRS)
C. Raima Database Server (RDS)
D. Media Management Daemon (MMD)
Answer: B

30 .On HP Disk Arrays only - a local mirror, where both disks are in he same array Data Protector integration uses
A. Control Unit
B. Business Copy
C. Continuous Access
D. Logical Volume Manager
Answer: B

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