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HP HP0-517 Exam -

Free HP0-517 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What is the minimally supported version of Microsoft Windows on HP Integrity servers?

A. Microsoft Windows 2000 Data Center
B. Microsoft Windows 2003 Professional
C. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
D. Microsoft Windows XP

Answer: C

Q: 2 Your customer purchases a 2-processor HP Integrity server. All the hardware tests out successfully, so you begin to install Linux Red Hat Enterprise Server 3.0, 64-bit. Using the customer's text-based terminal, you access the MP Shell> prompt and enter the elilo command at the fs0: prompt. What happens?

A. The partition table displays.
B. An anaconda based load of RHES 3.0 initiates.
C. A message displays indicating that elilo is not a valid command.
D. RH starts the install but appears stopped until you connect a VGA monitor.

Answer: D

Q: 3 What command from the EFI shell starts the installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition on an HP Integrity server?

A. load
B. setup
C. install
D. setupldr

Answer: D

Q: 4 Which command, when issued from the MP, turns on the Locator LED?

A. ps
B. loc
C. light
D. who

Answer: B

Q: 5 What is the default serial speed of the console port on an rx2600 Integrity server?

A. 9600 baud
B. 2400 baud
C. 19200 baud
D. 38400 baud

Answer: A

Q: 6 Which RAID level can handle the simultaneous failure of any two drives?

A. RAID 10

Answer: D

Q: 7 What is the default privileged account for HP-UX systems?

A. system
B. admin
C. root
D. operator
E. administrator

Answer: C

Q: 8 What is the minimally supported general distribution of HP OpenVMS on an HP Integrity rx2620-2 server?

A. 7.3
B. 8.1
C. 8.1-b
D. 8.2

Answer: D

Q: 9 What is used to setup operating system boot options on an HP Integrity server?

A. cli
B. EFI Boot Manager
C. Boot Option Manager
D. Media Boot Option Menu

Answer: B

Q: 10 Which command is entered in the MP to configure the LAN?

A. lc
B. mc
C. bind
D. ipconfig
E. lanconfig

Answer: A

Q: 11 How is the HP OpenVMS console accessed? Select TWO.

A. Telnet to tty0:
B. Text console mode
C. iLO Command Line Interface
D. VT terminal attached to the console port of the M-Cable
E. Graphical User Interface using a VGA monitor, keyboard, mouse

Answer: D, E

Q: 12 What additional software is needed to run HP OpenVMS Clusters?

A. HP OpenVMS Cluster Kit
B. MC Service Guard for HP OpenVMS
C. OpenVMS does not support clustering.
D. None. The software is integrated into the OS.

Answer: D

Q: 13 What is required to place eight processors in a rx4640-8 Integrity server?

A. 16-GB quad memory
B. SEU - System Expansion Unit
C. 1.6 GHz Itanium 2 processors
D. mx2 dual processor modules

Answer: D

Q: 14 An HP Integrity system rx2600 with Microsoft Windows 2003 is running terminal services but has stopped responding. Which MP command do you use to gracefully shut down and power off the server?

A. rs -g
B. pc -g
C. rs -off
D. pc -off
E. pc -soft

Answer: B

Q: 15 Which EFI menu option is used to remove the boot options prior to installing an operating system?

A. EFI Shell
B. Manage Boot Option Menu
C. System Configuration Menu
D. Boot Option Maintenance Menu

Answer: D

Q: 16 Which command is entered from a privileged account on an HP OpenVMS system to perform an orderly shutdown of the system?

A. # reboot
B. # shutdown
C. @sys$system:shutdown
D. @sys$system:shutdown -n

Answer: C

Q: 17 You receive an HP Integrity server rx2600 loan unit for evaluation, but no reference documentation. Which MP command lists all the MP command choices?


Answer: B

Q: 18 What needs to be modified before an OS can be launched on a newly replaced HP Integrity rx2620 server, after restoring the OS from a backup?

A. autoconfig file in EFI
B. boot entries in the EFI
C. OS partition on the SAN
D. all MBRs (Master Boot Record)
E. MBR (Master Boot Record) on fd0:

Answer: B

Q: 19 You have received an HP Integrity server rx2600 from the factory. Which command do you use to display the date from the MP?

A. date
B. df date
C. list date
D. show date

Answer: A

Q: 20 You are working on an HP Integrity server rx4640 running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 without a monitor, a keyboard or a mouse. Which command do you issue in the SAC console to go to channel 1 of the operating system?

A. SAC> open ch 1
B. SAC> pipe ch 1
C. SAC> ch -si 1
D. SAC> grep -si 1

Answer: C

Q: 21Which is the correct entry for the M-Cable console port on an HP Integrity rx2600, when selecting activeconsole output/input/error?

A. Acpi(PNP0501,0)/Uart(9600 N81)/VenMsg(Vt100)
B. Acpi(PNP0501,0)/Uart(9600 N81)/VevMsg(vt100+)
C. Acpi(HWP0002,700)/Pci(1|1)/Uart(9600 N81)/VenMsg(Vt100)
D. Acpi(HWP0002,700)/Pci(1|1)/Uart(9600 N81)/VenMsg(Vt100+)

Answer: C

Q: 22 Which EFI command is used to start the installation of Red Hat Linux Enterprise Server 3.0 for Itanium platforms from a DVD media?

A. lilo
B. elilo
C. install
D. bootldr
E. setupldr

Answer: B

Q: 23 Which EFI utility is used to clean the hard disk drive before installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition?

A. format.efi
B. diskpart.efi
C. cleanpart.efi
D. checkdisk.efi

Answer: B

Q: 24 Which statement describes the EFI shell commands such as cd, cp, ls, dir, mkdir, rm, rmdir?

A. All work as expected and all are case sensitive.
B. All work as expected, but are generally not meant to be DOS or UNIX.
C. All do not work as expected because they are generally not meant to be DOS or UNIX, and all are case sensitive.
D. All do not work as expected because they are generally not meant to be DOS or UNIX, and all are not case sensitive.

Answer: B

Q: 25 Which server should be recommended to a customer who needs 36 GB of main system memory?

A. rx1600
B. rx1620
C. rx4640
D. rx4620
E. rx2620

Answer: C

Q: 26 What is the maximum number of CPUs supported in Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition?

A. 4
B. 8
C. 32
D. 64

Answer: B

Q: 27 You have two disks available in a system. Which kind of RAID can you create? Select TWO.

D. RAID 10

Answer: C, E

Q: 28 Which products provide the industry's only fully integrated management solution? Select TWO.

B. Ciscoworks
C. Manageworks
D. Transcent Manager
E. OpenView Operations

Answer: A, E

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