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HP HP0-461 Exam -

Free HP0-461 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 The power switches of HSV2x0 controllers are powered off without a storage system shutdown. What is the result?

A. Cache is not flushed and batteries are discharged.
B. Cache is flushed and batteries are not discharged.
C. Cache is flushed and batteries are discharged.
D. Cache is not flushed and batteries are not discharged.

Answer: D

Q: 2 How are enclosure addresses assigned to the HSV controllers and drive enclosures of an EVA storage system?

A. They are manually configured with Command View EVA.
B. They are automatically assigned by position on the EAB.
C. Thumb wheels on the rear of the enclosure are used.
D. Fibre Channel assigns them automatically.

Answer: B

Q: 3 An entry in the Controller Event log reports that a "volume is reconstructing". What does this indicate the HSV controller is doing?

A. redistributing data among all members of a disk group
B. initializing a new disk group
C. recreating the data for a missing disk drive
D. rebuilding the metadata on all the quorum disks

Answer: C

Q: 4 What is the Fibre Channel topology of the M5x14 disk enclosures?

A. selectable
B. arbitrated loop
C. fabric
D. point-to-point

Answer: B

Q: 5 Which item is NOT a Customer Self Repair component?

A. controller blower
B. controller
C. controller power supply
D. controller cache battery

Answer: B

Q: 6 You work as a network technician at You are using a 0C6D expansion cabinet with a fully populated 2C12D EVA. How many additional Fibre Channel disks may be supported in the expansion cabinet?

A. 240
B. 72
C. 168
D. 84

Answer: B

Q: 7 Which statements about the FC-AL switch model 310 correctly describe its functional characteristics? Select TWO.

A. Using Fibre Channel loop switches eliminates the need for expansion panels in the racks.
B. After the first drive enclosure is connected to the Fibre Channel loop switch, the remaining drive enclosures are then daisy chained to the first.
C. The Fibre Channel loop switch cannot bypass a defective port unless it has been notified by the attached controller to do so.
D. Each Fibre Channel loop switch handles a dual redundant loop pair.
E. Loop switches are not recognized by Command View EVA.

Answer: A, E

Q: 8 The firmware of the Fibre Channel loop switch is outdated. What should you do?

A. Download the loop switch firmware with the controller super image.
B. Replace the flash ROM of the loop switch.
C. Issue the "firmwareDownload" command on the loop switch.
D. Replace the loop switch.

Answer: D

Q: 9 Disconnecting the EAB cable from the EMU and rebooting the HSV controllers results in ____.

A. loss of access to data on the disks on the shelf
B. Command View EVA reporting the shelf has unmappable hardware
C. power down of the EMU
D. shifting of the enclosure addresses by 1

Answer: B

Q: 10 Which statements about the EVA3000 are correct? Select THREE.

A. Backend configuration includes two FC-AL loops.
B. Backend cables are optical Fibre Channel.
C. Backend cables are copper Fibre Channel.
D. The maximum number of expansion disk enclosures is eight.
E. Backend configuration includes four FC-AL loops.
F. It is managed with Command View EVA.

Answer: A, C, F

Q: 11 Which cache mode is used during the three-phase snapclone process just before the "flick-of-the-switch" commitment is issued?

A. read-ahead
B. write-through
C. write-behind
D. write-back

Answer: B

Q: 12 In the EVA, disk leveling is used to _____.

A. rebuild data if there is disk failure
B. automatically defragment virtual disks
C. dynamically redistribute data blocks
D. build virtual disks from physical disks

Answer: C

Q: 13 What is the result of pressing the bottom push-button on the EMU until it is illuminated?

A. Error condition exists.
B. Audible alarm is enabled.
C. Audible alarm is muted or disabled.
D. Error conditions are viewed.

Answer: C

Q: 14 When connecting a 0C12D expansion rack to a 2C12D EVA5000 configuration, how many disk enclosures can be connected from the expansion rack to the EVA5000?

A. 12
B. 6
C. 8
D. 4

Answer: B

Q: 15 Which replication method is compliant with both the Fast Recovery Solution and Volume Shadow Services?

A. virtually instantaneous snapclone
B. space efficient snapshot
C. three-phase snapclone
D. preallocated snapshot

Answer: C

Q: 16 Which restriction applies to a "snapclone replica resync"?

A. The two vdisks differ in size.
B. The two vdisks participate in sharing relationships.
C. The two vdisks had no previous snapclone relationship.
D. The target is presented.

Answer: C

Q: 17 EVA8000 uses active/active failover mode. A LUN is owned by controller B. Which type of access causes non-optimal performance?

A. read I/O from controller A
B. write I/O to controller A
C. read I/O from controller B
D. write I/O to controller B

Answer: A

Q: 18 Which statement about hot swapping an EMU is correct?

A. The EAB will not function while the EMU is missing.
B. Disk I/O will be interrupted while the EMU is missing.
C. The EMU cannot be hot swapped.
D. The drive shelf EAB address will be lost while the EMU is missing.

Answer: D

Q: 19 Which characteristics describe a demand-allocated snapshot? Select TWO.

A. pointer-based copy
B. space-efficient
C. no overcommit issue
D. reserves space on creation
E. resulting Vdisk is independent of the parent

Answer: A, B

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