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HP HP0-451 Exam -

Free HP0-451 Sample Questions:

1.When remotely installing the Radia Client, why would you choose a dynamic port?
A: It's faster
B: It's more efficient
C: It's more secure
D: It's used when installing through a firewall
Answer: C

2.What is the default value for the ZRSCVRFY attribute for files within the Windows System DLL?
A: E
B: Y
C: N
D: U
Answer: D

3.If Client Operations Profiles (COP) are being used, what are two valid options for controlling when client maintenance is activated? Select TWO.
A:I (Immediate)
B:P (Prompt)
C:L (Local)
D:A (Ask user)
Answer: A, B

4.OpenView Configuration Management Suite using Radia provides automated desired state capabilities. Automated desired state is a technology that is best described as _______.
A: A system that monitors system accounts and passwords and detects when security has been breached
B: A system that details the desired state of program components, configuration files and registry settings as defined by a centralized model and then ensures that these components have the proper security controls to prevent modification from the desired state
C: A system that details the desired state of program components, configuration files and registry settings in a centralized model and then ensures that these components and settings are always in the desired state via an automated process that can be run as frequently as the administrator chooses
D: A system that monitors a device on the network and automatically replicates that state to other similar devices
Answer: C

5.What is considered a best practice for application event reporting during a check installation event?
Answer: C

6.If your existing database does not include the REGISTRY class in the AUDIT domain, what is the correct procedure to add this class to your database?
A: Copy the existing SOFTWARE.REGISTRY class using the ZEDMAMS utility to move the new class into the AUDIT domain
B: Import the REGISTRY.XPR file into the database using the ZEDMAMS utility
C: Stop the RCS service and use the AddRegistyClass.exe
D: Import the REGISTRY.XPC file into the database using the ZEDMAMS utility
Answer: D

7.Which attribute for a non-MSI package is limited to 32 characters?
A: Package instance name
B: Package display name
C: Package description
D: Package session ID
Answer: A

8.Which tools would be minimally required to create a Radia Application Service that contains more than one package? Select TWO.
A:Radia System Explorer
B:Radia Client Explorer
C:Radia Packager
D:Radia Configuration Analzyer
Answer: A, C

9.The following values exist within a rim.cfg file.
msg::register rim {
PRI 10
PRI 20
URL http://
PRI 20
URL http://
Where will Radia Inventory Manager data be sent to first?
C: Either or
Answer: A

10.In order to effectively and efficiently manage the Radia infrastructure, all changes should be tested prior to implementation in a production environment. This can be best accomplished in the _______.
A: Infrastructure development lab that mirrors production
B: Unit test environment as any other Radia package would be tested
C: Tiered Radia infrastructure by making the change to a single tier and testing before replication to the next tier
D: Production environment at night when users are not using the system
Answer: A

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