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HP HP0-429 Exam -

Free HP0-429 Sample Questions:

Q: 1. Which B-series command displays a summary list of the switch ports?

A. errShow
B. portShow
C. switchShow
D. portstatsShow

Answer: C

Q: 2. What happens to non-zoned devices if you enable aoning in a B-Series environment?

A. Devices become inaccessible.
B. Devices become members of the default zone.
C. Devices become members of all zones of the active configuration.
D. Zoning will not be enabled unless all active members are part of a zone.

Answer: A

Q: 3. In a Windows environment, when is full-featured MPIO required?

A. when using storage arrays in a single path configuration
B. when using storage arrays that support active/active failover
C. when using storage arrays that support active/passive failover
D. when using storage arrays that use asynchronous data replication

Answer: B

Q: 4. Which tools cannot be used for data management is a SAN? (Select two.)

A. Fabric Watch
B. Business Copy
C. Virtual Replicator
D. Storage Node Manager
E. Continuous Access EVA

Answer: A, D

Q: 5. Which firmware version is recommended in a mixed 1 Gb/s and 2Gb/s M-series fabric?

A. a special multi-speed firmware version
B. There are no firmware version restrictions.
C. most current firmware version on the 2 Gb/s switches only
D. most current firmware version whether it is a 1 or 2 Gb/s switch

Answer: D

Q: 6. What is the best method to consolidate C-Series SAN islands into a common infrastructure without compromising availability, manageability and network security?

A. Zone the SAN.
B. Configure LSANs.
C. Implement VSANs.
D. Link islands with multi-protocol router.

Answer: C

Q: 7. What is a VSAN trunk in a C-Series VSAN environment?

A. ISLs between two C-Series switches used for VSAN communication
B. multiple logical ISLs between two C-Series switches which form a faster ISL
C. multiple VSAN paths from a server to a storage system which form a logical link
D. a VSAN tunnel in a heterogeneous switch environment, enabling VSAN communication

Answer: A

Q: 8. Which tool can be used for the basic configuration of single B-Series switches?

A. Web Tools
B. Edge Switch Configurator
C. High Availability Fabric Manager
D. Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager Basic

Answer: A

Q: 9. On what is soft zoning on 2 Gbps B-series switches based?

A. routing service calls
B. enforcement at ASIC level
C. use of the Name server service
D. inquiry to the fabric management station

Answer: C

Q: 10. You add a switch to a B-series fabric. Its IP address is unknown, so you must use the serial port. Which port attributes must be configured in the terminal emulation in addition to 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit?

A. 9600baud, no flow control
B. 1920baud, no flow control
C. 9600baud, hardware flow control
D. 1920baud, hardware flow control

Answer: A

Q: 11. What is the most important consideration if a service level requirement is high availability?

A. implementation of serverless backup
B. decision to implement a dual redundant SAN
C. decision to use iSCSI instead of Fibre Channel
D. capability to scale incrementally over time as storage and connectivity needs increase

Answer: B

Q: 12. What should you use to determine the power consumption and BTU rating?

A. training material
B. Hardware Support Matrix
C. Product Installation Guide
D. SAN Design Reference Guide
Answer: C

Q: 13. Which feature is unique for C-Series Fibre Channel switches?

A. WWPN zoning
B. V-SANs (virtual SANs)
C. L-SANs (logical SANs)
D. domain ID, port number zoning

Answer: B

Q: 14. You successfully added a new switch to a zoned B-series fabric. Which additional command should be executed at the new switch?

A. cfgAdd
B. cfgSave
C. cfgClear
D. cfgDisable

Answer: B

Q: 15. Which storage protocol is used to create extended SANs in the same name space over IP networks?

A. iFC

Answer: B

Q: 16. Using the 4 Gbps B-Series switch, what is the B-Series switch trunking implementation?

A. combination of up to 4 paths in a fabric which acts as a tunnel
B. round robin load balancing between 8 ISLs connected to 2 switches
C. combination of up to 8 ISLs between 2 switches which acts as one high bandwidth virtual ISL
D. option to use 1 Gbps, 2 Gbps, and 4 Gbps switches in the same fabric with the trunking license enabled on all switches

Answer: C

Q: 17. Which multipath software do OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX use?

B. PVLinks
C. OS native failover
D. QLogic multipath driver

Answer: C

Q: 18. How do you add a new device to an active zone on a B-series switch and make it available?

A. Disable the zone to which you add the device.
B. Add the device to the active zone and save the changes.
C. Add the device to the active zone and re-enable the configuration.
D. Disable the zone configuration before you add a device to a zone.

Answer: C

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