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HP HP0-427 Exam -

Free HP0-427 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is the maximum number of SNMP trap destinations allowed in HP Storage Essentials?

A. 5
B. 12
C. 10
D. 3

Answer: A

Q: 2
What are the two components of the connector?

A. Storage Essentials connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials;HP SIM connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM
B. My SQL connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials;HP SIM
connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM
C. ODBC connector which connects HP SIM to HP Storage Essentials;HP SIM
connector which connects HP Storage Essentials to HP SIM
D. SE Database connector which connects both HP SIM and HP Storage Essentials to the database.

Answer: A

Q: 3
A customer environment consists of 1 x EVA8000 (8 ports total), 4 x 16-port Brocade switches, 20 HP-UX and Windows servers with 2 Fibre Channel connections each. What
is the total amount of MAPs reported by the software?

A. 64
B. 48
C. 112
D. 92

Answer: C

Q: 4
What is an advantage of the custom implementation service for HP Storage Essentials compared to the standard implementation service?

A. a standard solution designed to meet the needs of most customers' businesses
B. considerable service cost savings
C. a customer orientation session
D. product integration in an IT system management framework

Answer: D

Q: 5
According to HP best practices, which category of devices should be discovered first?

A. hosts
B. element details
C. storage
D. switches

Answer: D

Q: 6
What is a capability of HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition?

A. rule-based policies for end-to-end path management
B. rule-based security
C. chargeback management
D. topology visualization

Answer: D

Q: 7
What is recommended before installing CIM Extensions to gather information from the hosts?

A. Refresh the database.
B. Discover applications.
C. Discover storage elements.
D. Discover hosts.

Answer: C

Q: 8
What is an important benefit of the HP Storage Essentials and Systems Insight Manager integration for small and medium-sized business customers?

A. Large discount is awarded for purchase of the entire software bundle.
B. The HP customer service takes responsibility for all service calls.
C. The SE/SIM SMB Edition allows high-degree customization.
D. Less experienced staff can perform management tasks.

Answer: D

Q: 9
How does the integration of HP Storage Essentials with HP Systems Insight Manager improve efficiency?

A. All discovered items are automatically stored in an Access database.
B. Storageview presents discovery results directly in HP SIM.
C. Infrastructure asset management is streamlined.
D. Both HP Storage Essentials and HP Systems Insight Manager store their discovered information on a UNIX server.

Answer: C

Q: 10
Which storage management problems can be addressed by implementing HP Storage Essentials?

A. overutilized storage, uncontrolled storage growth, shrinking IT budgets
B. lower storage cost, shrinking IT budgets, overutilized storage
C. growing backup windows, overutilized storage, uncontrolled storage growth
D. uncontrolled storage growth, shrinking IT budgets, underutilized storage

Answer: D

Q: 11
Two EVA and three MSA1000 storage systems are installed at a customer site where you are implementing HP Storage Essentials. What are the SMI-S provider requirements regarding installation?

A. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on the management server.
B. SMI-S providers are not required for HP storage systems such as EVA, MSA, XP.
C. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on separate machines.
D. SMI-S providers for EVA and MSA must be installed on one dedicated machine.

Answer: C

Q: 12
What must be installed to allow HP Storage Essentials to discover HP EVAs and MSAs within an environment?

A. SNMP traps
B. SNIA Library extensions
C. MAPI agents
D. SMI-S providers

Answer: D

Q: 13
What must be activated on a Windows host to allow Windows Management
Instrumentation to use it as a security mechanism?

A. Windows security manager
C. DNS reverse name lookup

Answer: C

Q: 14
Which HP Storage Essentials service must be running to enable connection to a management server?

A. AppStorManager
B. MSService
C. Inet
D. SIMService

Answer: A

Q: 15
Which security types determine if you can modify elements? Select TWO.

A. user-based
B. zone-based
C. permission-based
D. organization-based
E. role-based

Answer: D, E

Q: 16
Which backup mode must the management server be set to in order to perform an RMAN HOT backup?

A. hot
B. offline
C. online
D. archive

Answer: D

Q: 17
What does the CIM extension communicate with to discover host system connections?

A. Fibre Channel filter driver
B. Insight Manager Agent
C. Host Bus Adapter Application Programming Interface
D. Operating System Connections List

Answer: C

Q: 18
What do the capacity and utilization reports display?

A. file utilization - frequently used files and unused files which may be archived to tape or optical media
B. host utilization - mounted and unmounted disks and percentage of used mounted disks
C. storage utilization - thresholds set by the administrators that provide notification when additional storage capacity must be added
D. host performance - CPU and memory usage

Answer: B

Q: 19
An HP Storage Essentials management server is installed in a customer environment with several Windows systems. All of them are recognized during initial discovery, but no information is available about HBAs and multipathing. What must you do?

A. Install the CIM extensions on all discovered Windows hosts.
B. Wait approximately fifteen minutes to allow the detailed scan to finish.
C. Install the SIM extensions on all discovered Windows hosts.
D. Install the Oracle database connector on all systems, including the management server.

Answer: A

Q: 20
Which software is typically used to implement SMI-S? Select THREE.

A. embedded agent
B. SMI-S converter
C. proxy agent
D. SMI-S connector
E. SMI-S provider
F. standalone agent

Answer: A, C, E

Q: 21
What must be installed on the HP Storage Essentials server for the provider to interrogate and configure EMC CLARiiON arrays?

A. AppStorManager
B. NavisphereCLI
C. Command View
D. the correct LSI-API

Answer: B

Q: 22
What are steps of the HP Storage Essentials v5.0 discovery process? Select THREE.

A. Setup: Before the initial scan starts, an IP address or an IP address range must be specified.
B. Hardware Scan: After the detailed scan has completed, a hardware scan starts to identify all available resources.
C. Detail Scan: Scan for SAN topology, backup topology, and all available volumes.
D. License Scan: After the hardware scan has completed, a scan starts to identify all licensed and unlicensed server applications.
E. Unlock: At the end of the discovery, data flow in the storage network is re-enabled.
F. Topology Scan: On the second scan after initial scan, a tree shows all dependencies between devices.

Answer: A, C, F

Q: 23
What is a capability of Provisioning Manager?

A. topology visualization
B. Business Copy support
C. host provisioning
D. LUN presentation

Answer: D

Q: 24
Which HP Storage Essentials (SE) viewer groups are licensed by Managed Application

A. SE Exchange Viewer, SE Oracle Viewer, SE DB2 Viewer, SE SQL Viewer
B. SE File System Viewer, SE SAN Viewer, SE Sybase Viewer, SE SQL Viewer
C. SE Exchange Viewer, SE Oracle Viewer, File System Viewer, SE SQL Viewer
D. SE Exchange Viewer, SE Oracle Viewer, SE Sybase Viewer, SE SQL Viewer

Answer: D

Q: 25
You created a new user account in HP Systems Insight Manager and assigned the required authorizations, HP Storage Essentials Tools, and a manageable system to it. What else is required before the user can manage the system? Select TWO.

A. an access path
B. an appropriate role
C. restart of HP Systems Insight Manager
D. a management agent
E. restart of HP Storage Essentials

Answer: B, E

Q: 26
What must be installed to create customized reports?

A. Report Designer
B. Report Generator
C. Report Organizer
D. Report Customizer

Answer: A

Q: 27
HP SIM and HP Storage Essentials provide server and storage management through a central management platform. Which functionalities are included? Select THREE.

A. integrated security
B. speed modification on Fibre Channel connections
C. array discovery and identification
D. assignment of a new management server
E. access to storage on unmanaged hosts
F. storage array configuration

Answer: A, C, F

Q: 28
What is the correct installation method for integrating HP Storage Essentials v5.0 (initial release) with HP Systems Insight Manager?

A. Only HP Systems Insight Manager must run on a dedicated system. The Oracle database and Storage Essentials may both run on a different system.
B. HP Systems Insight Manager, Storage Essentials and the Oracle database must run on a single system.
C. HP Systems Insight Manager and Storage Essentials must run on one system. The
Oracle database may run on any server in the LAN.
D. Storage Essentials, the Oracle database, and HP Systems Insight Manager can be spread across different systems.

Answer: B

Q: 29
What is a default privilege of the Storage Administrator role?

A. System Manager
B. File Server SRM
C. Application Viewer
D. System Configuration

Answer: A

Q: 30
Which service must be either disabled or not installed on the management server?

A. OracleServiceAPPIQ
B. AppStorManager
C. OracleHome92HttpServer
D. OracleOraHome92TNSListener

Answer: C

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