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HP HP0-402 Exam -

Free HP0-402 Sample Questions:

1. Which methods are available to provide system administrators direct notification of Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) failures? Select TWO.
A. e-mail
B. RPC traps
C. SCMI traps
D. SNMP traps
E. syslog event
Answer: AD

2. A blower has failed on a disk enclosure on an EVA4000. Which actions should be taken to repair the condition?
A. Order replacement blower. Replace the failed blower when the replacement blower arrives on site.
B. Remove the failed blower immediately. Order a replacement blower and install the replacement blower once it arrives on site.
C. Order the replacement blower. Shut the disk enclosure down when the replacement blower arrives on site and install the replacement blower.
D. Order the replacement blower. Remove the failed blower when the replacement blower arrives on site. Wait 30 minutes to ensure the removal is detected by the EMU and then install the replacement blower.
Answer: A

3. How many FC switched fabric connections are there on each M5314A drive enclosure?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8
Answer: A

4. When connecting a 0C12D expansion rack to a 2C12D EVA8000 configuration, how many disk enclosures can be connected from the expansion rack to the EVA8000?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 12
Answer: B

5. What is the minimal version of Command View EVA supported with the EVA6000 XCS version 5.0 controller software?
A. 3.0a
B. 3.2
C. 4.0
D. 6.0
Answer: C

6. When does the EVA use unassigned capacity within a disk group? Select TWO.
A. for data reconstruction after a disk failure
B. during new disk group creation for data replication
C. for new virtual disk creation, snapshots, and snapclones
D. during new virtual host creation for active-active configurations
Answer: AC

7. You are using the SSSU to regenerate a previous non-Continuous Access configuration saved in a file named config1.txt.
Which command do you use?
A. run c:\\config1.txt
B. file c:\\config1.txt
C. restore c:\\config1.txt
D. recreate c:\\config1.txt
Answer: B

8. What is the key customer benefit of the EVA solution?
A. virtualization
B. 100% availability
C. isolated capacity
D. DAS to SAN architecture
Answer: A

9. What does the EVA provide in a heterogeneous environment? Select TWO.
A. mainframe support
B. no single point of failure
C. reliable and infinitely scalable
D. modular and scalable storage
E. preconfigured operating system solutions
Answer: BD

10. Which statement is true about Distributed Virtual RAID (DVR)?
A. The location of each chunk of data changes dynamically.
B. Physical blocks of data are more easily located in a DVR system than in traditional RAID.
C. The logical blocks for the virtual disk are directly mapped to the physical blocks of the hard drive.
D. The storage administrator has full control over the distribution of physical data chunks on the storage array.
Answer: A

11. Using Command View EVA, which attributes are displayed for HSV2x0 Controller Properties. Select THREE.
A. mirror port states
B. temperature sensors
C. UPS voltage indicators
D. cache battery module states
E. levels of protection from shelf failures
Answer: ABD

12. What is the maximum number of disk enclosures for an EVA6000?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 18
Answer: C

13. What are two capabilities of the HP Command View EVAPerf? Select TWO.
A. review port status
B. creation of vdisks
C. display SAN topology
D. collect host connection data
E. review capacity planning data
Answer: AD

14. HP StorageWorks XCS manages all aspects of the EVA storage system operation. XCS provides scalable capacity on-demand and which other functionality? Select TWO.
A. provides Advanced Data Guarding
B. increases disk utilization efficiency
C. provides easy dynamic storage expansion
D. provides easy management of the FC Switch and HBA
Answer: BC

15. A customer requires a six hour call-to-repair commitment. Which minimum type of HP Care Pack Service is appropriate?
A. HP Support Plus
B. HP Critical Service
C. HP 4 Hour, 24x7 Hardware Support
D. HP Proactive Essentials 24x7 Unlimited
Answer: B

16. Which warranty and services are included with the EVA6000 product?
A. 3-year hardware support, with 4-hour response on a 24x7 basis and 1-year, 24x7 XCS phone-in support and updates
B. array installation and startup service, 2-year hardware support, with 4-hour response on a 24x7 basis and 2-year, 24x7 XCS phone-in support and updates
C. array installation and startup service, 2-year hardware support, with 4-hour response on a 24x7 basis and 3-year, 24x7 XCS phone-in support and updates
D. array installation and startup service, 3-year hardware support, with 4-hour response on a 24x7 basis and 1-year, 24x7 XCS phone-in support and updates
Answer: B

17. What does the storage system password protect?
A. access to Command View EVA
B. access to the operator control panel
C. login to the management server
D. access from the management server to the storage system
Answer: D

18. Which statement about changing the storage system password for an EVA is correct?
A. If you change the password with the controller OCP, the change is propagated to Command View EVA.
B. If you change the password in the controller OCP, the password must also be changed in Command View EVA.
C. If you do not know the password that was entered with the controller OCP, you have to reinitialize the storage system.
D. If you want to change an established password to a new one, it is sufficient to use "Change a storage system password" in Command View EVA.
Answer: B

19. How can the status of a specific EVA controller cache battery be checked?
A. by running controller diagnostics
B. from the controller's UART port
C. from Controller Properties in Command View EVA
D. by checking the battery status LED on the back panel of the controller
Answer: C

20. What is the first step required in creating a preallocated snapclone on an EVA8000?
A. create Vdisk
B. create a LUN
C. create the container
D. clear the write cache
E. add a new FC disk drive
Answer: C

21. When using Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE), which method is used to transport error information to HP?
A. Internet
B. SNMP traps
C. Exchange Mail
D. secure dial up line
E. standard modem interface with encryption
Answer: A

22. Why would you consider configuring two separate disk groups instead of a single one? Select TWO.
A. higher availability
B. lower cost of ownership
C. higher storage efficiency
D. better database performance
E. better utilization of disk space
Answer: AD

23. Which Vraid level provides the highest availability?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 3
D. 5
Answer: B

24. Which statement is true regarding an EVA solution with a mixture of 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm disks?
A. all disks must be the same capacity
B. only Vraid0 and Vraid5 levels are supported
C. 15,000 rpm disks will slow down to 10,000 rpm performance
D. 10,000 rpm and 15,000 rpm disks can reside in the same disk group
Answer: D

25. Which disks are used to optimize price per capacity for your EVA storage subsystem? Select TWO.
A. higher performance disks
B. near online disks
C. larger capacity disks
D. smaller capacity disks
Answer: BC

26. Why would you configure multiple disk groups instead of a single disk group?
A. to use different Vraid levels
B. to achieve higher data availability
C. to lower the total cost of ownership
D. to support larger disk volumes spanned across disk groups
Answer: B

27. What is the best practice when adding disks to an EVA 2C8D for a Robust Availability Configuration?
A. After adding the disks, delete and recreate the disk group.
B. Add disks in multiples of eight; distributed evenly across the shelves.
C. Install any number of disks and assign each of them individually to the appropriate redundant storage set.
D. After installing a single disk, wait until leveling has taken place in the existing disk group before you install the next disk.
Answer: B

28. What does the Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU) command capture configuration create?
A. one to five SSSU scripts that enable it to recreate the original configuration including snapshots
B. one to five SSSU scripts that enable it to recreate the original configuration except for snapshots
C. a topology map and an ASCII file that summarizes the current storage system configuration
D. one to five text files that must be converted, linked, and validated with the command capture validate in order to use them as recovery scripts
Answer: B

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