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HP HP0-390 Exam -

Free HP0-390 Sample Questions:

1.Which utility allows you to change the default Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) NIC setting of a ProLiant BL30p server blade?
A: ROM-Based Setup Utility
B: iLO Advanced
C: Static IP Bay Configuration Utility
D: PXE Configuration Utility
Answer: A

2.You recently added several ProLiant BL30p server blades to your existing HP BladeSystem infrastructure. After a manual HP SIM discovery, HP SIM names these server blades and displays them on its home page with the serial number. Why?
A: the new server blades must be discovered using automatic discovery
B: the server blade enclosure management module firmware version is older than 2.10
C: the new server blades are discovered through iLO
D: the new server blades are not licensed in the HP SIM license manager
Answer: C

3.What is the correct choice of HP management software to provide these capabilities?
- A common enterprise platform for hardware and service level management
- Multi-vendor systems management
- In-depth hardware lifecycle management
- System software version control
- Hardware status and fault management
- HP BladeSystem support
A: HP OpenView Operations for Windows
B: HP OpenView Operations for Windows integrated with HP OpenView Network Node Manager
C: HP Systems Insight Manager
D: HP Systems Insight Manager integrated with HP OpenView Operations for Windows
Answer: D

4.Which HP management product provides these capabilities on HP BladeSystems?
- Operating system and application monitoring
- Event management and proactive performance monitoring
- Automated alerting, reporting, and graphing
Support for heterogeneous systems running Windows and Linux
A: HP OpenView Application Manager
B: HP OpenView Network Node Manager
C: HP OpenView Operations for Windows
D: HP Systems Insight Manager
Answer: C

5.Which software package provides end-to-end, multivendor systems, network, applications, and service-centric management?
A: HP OpenView
B: HP Rapid Deployment Pack
C: HP Systems Insight Manager
D: HP ProLiant Integration Module
Answer: A

6.You connect your laptop to a ProLiant BL20p G3 server blade through the local I/O port. Your laptop is configured with the IP address of and the subnet mask of You launch Microsoft Internet Explorer and enter, but instead of the iLO web interface, you receive he page cannot be found error message. Why?
A: a firmware upgrade, a remote console session, or XML scripting is in progress through the iLO Ethernet port
B: the default IP address of the iLO is, not
C: the iLO Advanced is not licensed in the HP BladeSystem Integrated Management
D: the Static IP Bay Configuration option is disabled
Answer: A

7.Which utility enables you to approximate the power and heat load per rack, and calculate the full environmental impact of racks with varying configurations and loads?
A: Enterprise Configurator
B: ProLiant BL p-Class Power Calculator
C: Rack and Power Calculator
D: Site Installation Preparation Utility
Answer: D

8.Your customer requires a management application that supports the HP BladeSystem infrastructure and uses an extensive policy database to monitor heterogeneous operating systems, middleware, and applications. They also need the application to provide automated responses to common events. Which HP management application delivers such capability?
A: HP BladeSystem Integrated Management
B: HP OvenView Operations for Windows
C: HP ProLiant Essentials Automation Manager
D: HP ProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack
Answer: B

9.Which hardware information file must you use in the RDP 1.60 deployment job to have ProLiant BL20p G2/G3 server blades boot Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 from SAN?
A: bl20p-a.ini
B: bl20p-h.ini
C: linux-h.ini
D: pl-bfs.ini
Answer: D

10.What is the primary difference between the ProLiant BL20p G3 and the ProLiant BL20p G2?
A: The ProLiant BL20p G3 has three NICs, two SAN ports, and iLO.
B: The ProLiant BL20p G3 supports up to four processors.
C: The ProLiant BL20p G3 has four NICs, two SAN ports, and iLO.
D: The ProLiant BL20p G3 requires a server blade sleeve.
Answer: C

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