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HP HP0-382 Exam -

Free HP0-382 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which conditions prevent the manageability firmware from applying 48 V DC power to an rx8620 server? Select TWO.
A. insufficient number of CPU fans
B. insufficient number of I/O fans
C. the PC command issued to power down the cabinet
D. ambient temperature in an OVERTEMP LOW condition
E. insufficient number of main fans
Answer: B, E

Q: 2 Which EFI command shows the available filesystems and block devices?
A. map -r
B. reconnect -r
C. drivers -b boot
D. drvcfg -s [driver] [controller]
Answer: A

Q: 3 On an rx7620 server running HP-UX, you just added a supported I/O card.
Using "ioscan -fn", you receive the following message:
unknown -1 0/4/1/0/0/0/0/0 UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN PCI RAID (101e1960)
What does the "UNCLAIMED UNKNOWN" mean?
A. The card should be configured first using "sautil."
B. The appropriate driver is not installed in the kernel.
C. No valid file system is configured on the connected disks.
D. No disks are connected to the RAID controller, so no more information can be displayed.
Answer: B

Q: 4 What is the purpose of the EFI driver for the Host Bus Adapter (HBA)?
A. to boot to EFI shell
B. only used for diagnostic
C. boot support for an OS
D. not used on Itanium systems
Answer: C

Q: 5 Which error logs can be accessed through the MP on an rx7620 server? Select TWO.
A. Firmware Log
B. System Event Log
C. Live Performance Log
D. Kernel Debugging Log
E. Forward Progress Log
Answer: B, E

Q: 6 Using Linux, how do you check the amount of installed memory?
A. Run the cstm command.
B. Run the lspci command.
C. View the /proc directory.
D. View the /mem directory.
E. Run the meminfo command.
Answer: C

Q: 7 What is a feature of the nvrboot.efi utility?
A. backup boot disk information
B. save boot option configuration
C. copy an NVRAM command
D. install new utilities
Answer: B

Q: 8 HP OpenView GlancePlus is available for which operating system or systems?
A. Linux only
B. HP-UX only
C. Windows only
D. HP-UX and Linux
E. Linux and Windows
Answer: D

Q: 9 A customer bought an rx7620 server with two cells installed. What is the minimum number of echelons that need to be installed on each cell?
A. one on cell 0 and one on cell 1
B. two on cell 0 and one on cell 1
C. two on cell 0 and two on cell 1
D. one on cell 0 and two on cell 1
Answer: A

Q: 10 Which tools belong to the HP OpenView Storage Area Manager Suite? Select THREE.
A. Storage Allocater
B. Storage Media Operations
C. Storage Builder
D. Storage Virtual Replicator
E. Storage Node Manager
F. Storage Mirroring
Answer: A, C, E

Q: 11 Which path below corresponds to the following ACPI path from the EFI device mapping table?
A. 0/0/0/3/6.0.0
B. 0/0/0/3/0.6.0
C. 0/0/3/0/0.6.0
D. 0/2/0/3/0.6.0
Answer: B

Q: 12 On a fully loaded rx8620 server without power redundancy, which power inlets should be connected?
A. A0
B. B0
C. A0 and A1
D. A0 and B0
Answer: C

Q: 13 Which command displays a list of devices and their system paths on an rx7620 server running HP-UX?
A. show device
B. ioscan
C. scanpci
D. list devicesD.list devices
Answer: B

Q: 14 The following HP-UX hardware path is from an rx8620 system with an attached Server Expansion Unit (SEU)?
Where is the device associated with this path located?
A. Core I/O in the SEU
B. PCI-X slot in the SEU
C. Core I/O in the rx8620 enclosure
D. PCI-X slot in the rx8620 enclosure
Answer: B

Q: 15 Which component generates ECC for memory data lines on the rx7620?
B. processor 0
C. cell controller chip (CC)
D. crossbar chip (XBC)
Answer: C

Q: 16 Which SDA command shows a list of PCI devices and the associated hardware path values on an rx7620 server running OpenVMS?
Answer: A

Q: 17 On an HP Integrity server running Linux, you execute the lspci command and receive the following:
40:01.0 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. QLA2312 Fibre Channel Adapter (rev 03)
40:01.1 Fibre Channel: QLogic Corp. QLA2312 Fibre Channel Adapter (rev 03)
How do you interpret this? Select TWO.
A. There are two separate Fibre Channel PCI cards installed.
B. There is one Fibre Channel PCI card installed with two ports.
C. The card(s) are installed in a PCI-slot connected to rope 2.
D. The card(s) are installed in a PCI-slot connected to rope 4.
Answer: B, C

Q: 18 Which statement is true regarding memory on the rx7620 server?
A. DIMMs are only supported in sets of four.
B. Memory DIMMs from the rp7410 are not compatible.
C. You can use the same DIMMs as in the earlier rp7410 systems.
D. The DIMMs must have a high voltage TTL interface due to their speed.
Answer: C

Q: 19 You want to add cells and memory to a new HP Integrity rx8620 server.
Which configuration rule should be applied for best memory performance and availability?
A. Memory DIMMs should be installed eight (four echelons) per cell.
B. In a 1-cell hard partition, cell-local memory should be configured as 0%.
C. A 2-cell hard partition with 4GB installed has greater performance than a 1-cell hard partition with 4GB installed.
D. Each cell in a hard partition should have the same capacity (size) and the same location (population) of DIMMs.
Answer: D

Q: 20 What are key features of the rx7620 and rx8620 memory subsystems? Select TWO.
A. chip spare chip kill
B. parity protection on the data lines
C. parity protection on the addess and control lines
D. DIMMs can be transfered from rp5400 system
E. address ECC correction is generated on the DIMMs
Answer: A, C

Q: 21 What is the OpenVMS command to get an I/O device list on an HP Integrity server?
A. ioscan
B. scanpci
C. scan device
D. show device
Answer: D

Q: 22 On an HP Integrity rx8620 server, which statement is correct for "cell-local memory" (CLM)?
A. You should always use 100% CLM when doing a Windows installation.
B. You can change from CLM to "interleaved memory" by changing kernel parameters.
C. CLM is a feature of the HP-UX Virtual Partitions software and can be created with "vparcreate -CLM:100:0:0 ......."
D. To set up CLM, you have to install at least two echelons (four DIMMs) in special slots on the cell board (slot CLM0A-CLM0B-CLM0C and CLM0D).
Answer: A

Q: 23 Which statements are true regarding memory configurations for the rx7620 server? Select TWO.
A. A minimum of two DIMMs are required per cell.
B. A minimum of four DIMMs are required per cell.
C. DIMM additions must be in sets of four per cell.
D. For a 2-cell system, the maximum quantity of DIMMs is 32.
E. For a 4-cell system, the maximum quantity of DIMMs is 64.
Answer: A, D

Q: 24 What is "MX2"?
A. a one-socket, dual processor module for Integrity servers
B. the public code name of the next generation Itanium 3 CPUs from Intel
C. an HP PCI-e RAID controller with Fibre Channel connections and support for up to 2TB
D. a part of the memory subsystem of the HP sx1000 chipset that acts as a memory multiplexer to increase the memory bandwidth
Answer: A

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