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HP HP0-336 Exam -

Free HP0-336 Sample Questions:

1.Which two functions does Select Identity's Web services API allow you to handle? (Choose two.)
B:connector creation
C:workflow approvals
D:external call-out creation
E:password synchronization
Answer: A, E

2.When communicating to Select Identity via the Web Services API, an external system must send the message in which format?
C: SOAP message containing an HTML request
D: SOAP message containing an SPML request
Answer: D

3.The performance of which three components in a Select Access solution is important at the time of authentication and authorization of end users trying to access a protected Web site? (Choose three.)
C:Administration Server
D:LDAP directory server
E:Select Identity connector for the LDAP directory server
Answer: A, B, D

4.In which manual are known issues with the Select Access installer/uninstaller documented?
A: Select Access Release Notes
B: The Select Access Install Guide
C: The Select Access Network Integration Guide
D: The Select Access Developer Reference Guide
Answer: A

5.Which two capabilities does Select Access provide that help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of an access control solution? (Choose two.)
A:powerful VLAN management capability to optimize LAN traffic control
B:easy-to-use, intuitive administrative interface that simplifies administrative tasks
C:out-of-the-box support for most popular web applications that need to be protected
D:ability to provide user synchronization between different user repositories such as RDBMS, LDAP directory server, and HR databases
Answer: B, C

6.Which two have the most direct impact on the performance of Select Identity? (Choose two.)
B:load balancer
C:directory server
D:network latency
E:application server
F:single sign-on system
Answer: A, E

7.Which type of connector should be used if changes to a user's entitlements or attributes on a target system need to be immediately reflected in Select Identity?
A: one-way connector
B: agent-less connector
C: agent-based connector
D: asynchronous connector
Answer: C

8.Which Select Identity process is used to capture changes that are made locally on a resource to a user's attributes and/or entitlements?
A: bulk add
B: bulk move
C: reconciliation
D: auto-discovery
Answer: C

9.Which three methods may be required to install Select Access components? (Choose three.)
A:a UNIX console install program
B:a manual installation of files from the distribution media
C:an automated install, based on the selectaccess.conf file
D:a Microsoft Windows or Unix X-Windows graphical install program
Answer: A, B, D

10.Which type of Select Identity connector requires an installation and administration effort on the target system?
A: adaptive connector
B: two-way connector
C: one-way connector
D: agent-less connector
Answer: B

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