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HP HP0-310 Exam -

Free HP0-310 Sample Questions:

1. Which report provides a solution for a possible Cisco device re-indexing incident?
A. Interface Reporting
B. System Resources
C. Cisco Service Assurance Agent Reporting
Answer: A

2. What are the methods for installing Report Packs? Select TWO.
A. from the Report Pack CD
B. from autopilot
C. from the management console
D. from the rp_install program
E. manage the report packs from the management console
Answer: AC

3. What information does the Polling Policy include?
A. Node Name, Group Name, and User
B. Node Number, SNMP port, and User
C. Max Get Bulk rows, Node Name, and Policy Name
D. Node Alias, SNMP port, and Group Name
Answer: A

4. What information does the OVPI database store? Select TWO.
A. element configuration and property information
B. long term performance data
C. OVPI internal usage and debugging values
D. user name authentication values
E. report library and report access information
Answer: AB

5. Which function does the OVPI Performance Manager (back-end database) perform?
A. storing, processing, aggregating and collecting network management data
B. aging, storing, processing and aggregating network performance data
C. viewing reports, collecting data and aggregating network asset data
D. maintaining database, processing data, collecting network performance data
Answer: B

6. When the end-user browser tries to access the Home Page, it does not need Java because_______.
A. the Java code will be downloaded to the browser if needed
B. the user is running the Java applications locally on his PC
C. the applets are downloaded to the client as soon as the user makes the request for the report
D. all of the processes are done by the servlets under the application server
Answer: D

7. What command is used to verify 'that' the application server is running on a UNIX platform.
A. ps -ef | grep timer
B. ps -ef | grep jrun piweb
C. ps -ef | grep app_server
D. ps -ef | grep OV
Answer: B

8. OVPI trendtimer processes 'are' started in a Windows Operating System by using ________.
A. the executable /etc/rc.trendtimer_up in the command line
B. the Services window, and starting the TREND timer process
C. the command line: {DPIPE_HOME}\\bin\\trendtimer -s
D. the command line: {DPIPE_HOME}/sbin/init.d/trendtimer start
Answer: B

9. By default, where is trendtimer.sched file located?
A. {DPIPE_HOME}/schedule
B. {DPIPE_HOME}/scripts
Answer: D

10. Which files does the {DPIPE_HOME}/scripts/ directory include? Select TWO.
A. summary, procedure
B. teel files
C. vendor specific mibs
D. OVPI schedule (trendtimer.sched)
E. discover
Answer: AE

11. What is the file extension for hourly roll up script files?
A. .teel
B. .def
C. .hour
D. .sum
E. .pro
Answer: D

12. In UNIX, OVPI environment variables are set by running what file? Select TWO.
A. csh $DPIPE_HOME/data/.Cshrc
B. registry file
C. %SystemRoot%\\system32\\cmd.exe
D. csh $DPIPE_HOME/data/.Profile
E. /etc/trend.conf
Answer: AD

13. Which environment variable points to the directory where cached data is stored?
Answer: B

14. What is the environment variable that points to the log file directory path?
Answer: B

15. The following command is entered in the trendtimer.sched file:
3:00+5 - - {DPIPE_HOME}/bin/keystats
At what times will the command run?
A. 3:05, 6:10, 9:15, 12:20, …
B. every night at five minutes past three a.m.
C. 3:05, 6:05, 9:05, …
D. every 3rd of the month at 5:00 a.m.
Answer: C

16. The following command is entered in trendtimer.sched:
MONTH2+5:00 -- <cmd>
At what time will the command run?
A. At five a.m. in February.
B. The second day of the month at five a.m..
C. Every fifth day of the month in February.
D. Every five hours in February.
Answer: B

17. What is the process responsible for converting the collected data to usable reportable data used by OVPI?
A. trendsum
B. raw2rate
C. raw2delta
D. rawtodelta
Answer: C

18. What are the major differentiating factors for OVPI when compared to fault management applications? Select TWO.
A. real time ad-hoc displays
B. long term low frequency polling
C. data discarded once the problem is resolved
D. immediate information on the current situation
E. analytical summarization of past conditions
Answer: BE

19. OVPI integration with NNM can support _______. Select TWO.
A. launching polling policy manager from the NNM GUI
B. launching of OVPI collectors by NNM
C. viewing of OVPI reports using NNM object menus
D. importing a node list from NNM
E. running OVPI applications through NNM Web Console
Answer: CD

20. What type of information does the Capacity Planning Report present?
A. identifies the ten worst performing interfaces and assigns a grade to each interface based on utilization, error, and discard exceptions
B. identifies interfaces, devices, locations, and protocols with lowest availability and highest response time
C. forecasts busy hour utilization and sort interfaces, devices, locations, or protocols by rate of growth
D. provides utilization, error, and discard data for one or more active interfaces that you select from a list of active interfaces
Answer: C

21. What is the minimum memory requirement for OVPI running on Windows 2000?
A. 256MB RAM
B. 512MB RAM total
C. minimum required per OS
D. 512MB RAM for each component
Answer: B

22. What are the RAM memory recommendations by database size?
A. 20GB database should have 2GB RAM
B. 40GB database should have 2GB RAM
C. 2GB database should have 2GB RAM
D. 2GB database should have 512MB RAM
Answer: A

23. OVPI supports _______.
A. HPUX 11.0, 11.11, Solaris 2.7, 2.8 Win2K sp3
B. HPUX 10.5, Linux 5.1, WinNT 4.0 Solaris 2.8
C. Linux 5.1+, Win2K, Solaris 2.7, 2.8, AIX
D. AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Win2K
Answer: A

24. Which desktops are supported by OVPI?
A. WinNT 3.x
B. Solaris CDE
C. Solaris OpenWindows
D. Linux
Answer: B

25. Which RAID level is recommended for OVPI?
A. level 0 striping
B. level 0+1 striping and mirroring
C. level 1 mirroring
D. level 5 rotated parity
Answer: B

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