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HP HP0-302 Exam -

Free HP0-302 Sample Questions:

1. Which solutions are best suited for an HP Integrity Superdome server running Windows?
A. consolidating file/print servers
B. hosting large Exchange 2003 environments
C. hosting large Microsoft SQL or Oracle databases
D. consolidating multiple web servers or web applications
Answer: C

2. Which I/O card must be present in order to boot a hard partition?
A. core I/O
B. ultra160 SCSI
C. 10/100 baseT adapter
D. fibre channel mass storage adapter
Answer: A

3. What are the phases of the HP Superdome Solution Life Cycle (SLC)?
A. plan, design, integrate, install, manage
B. plan, design, benchmark, install, support
C. plan, configure, install, manage, support
D. introductions, presales, sales, build and deliver, install, support
Answer: A

4. Which documents are deliverables of a Superdome High Level Design? Select TWO.
A. Visio drawings
B. budgetary quote
C. Solution Implementation Plan (SIP)
D. Solution Integration Service Plan (SISP)
E. Site Environment Readiness Review (SERR)
Answer: AB

5. In which repository are all Solution Life Cycle (SLC) documents for a specific engagement stored?
A. Plato
B. The Source
C. SalesBuilder
D. SLC database
Answer: A

6. SpecFP benchmarks are good performance indicators for ______.
A. system management services
B. web servers (such as Apache)
C. databases (such as Oracle and Sybase)
D. High Performance Technical Computing (HPTC)
Answer: D

7. What is the function of the HP Integrity Superdome cell controller ASIC?
A. provides memory and data path error detection and correction
B. interfaces to the processor modules, local memory subsystem, and power management components
C. interfaces to the processor modules, local memory subsystem, crossbar, and remote I/O subsystems
D. provides instruction collection from memory, selection of the instruction processor, and instruction processing using sequencing look-ahead logic
Answer: C

8. What coordinates memory access between cell boards within the same hard partition?
B. crossbar
C. cell controller chip
D. memory controller chip
Answer: C

9. Which configuration rule is true for an HP Integrity Superdome cell board memory?
A. DIMMS must all be the same size.
B. Memory must be added all at once.
C. Individual DIMMS must be loaded in pairs.
D. Mixing DIMM size is allowed with some restrictions.
Answer: D

10. Which processor or processors do the HP sx1000 chipset support?
A. PA-8800 processor only
B. Intel Itanium 2 processor only
C. PA-8800 and Intel Itanium 2 processors
D. PA-8800, PA-8700 and Itanium 2 processors
Answer: C

11. Which features enhance Superdome performance? Select THREE.
A. cell local memory
B. no shared PCI-X busses
C. redundant power supplies
D. dynamic CPU deallocation
E. Symmetric Multi-Processing
F. System Management Station (SMS)
Answer: ABE

12. What is the minimum number of active cells in a 32-socket HP Superdome server?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: A

13. How must memory be configured on a cell board to achieve full bandwidth and minimal latency?
A. fully populate only
B. use the least number of DIMMS
C. evenly distribute across memory busses
D. fully populate memory busses one at a time
Answer: C

14. What is the minimum number of I/O chassis required in a 32-socket Superdome that has two hard partitions, one with 8 I/O cards and the other with 14 I/O cards?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: B

15. How many memory buses are in a PA-RISC Superdome cell board?
A. 1 for PA-8700 and 2 for PA-8800
B. 2 for PA-8700 and 4 for PA-8800
C. 2 for PA-8700 and 1 for PA-8800
D. 4 for PA-8700 and 2 for PA-8800
Answer: B

16. In a partition, which number of cell boards will yield optimum performance?
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
B. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16
C. 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
D. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32
Answer: B

17. Which tool should a customer use to maintain a standard OS image for rapid multi-system installation and deployment of HP-UX 11i systems?
A. Cloning-UX
B. Ignite-UX
C. Ghost-UX
D. Imager-UX
Answer: B

18. Which UNIX and Microsoft Windows authentication tools are used in conjunction with any HP-UX 11i operating environment? Select TWO.
A. kerberos 5
B. secure accounts manager
C. Windows NT LAN Manager
D. Lightweight Directory Access Protocols
E. Advanced Biometric Manager
Answer: AD

19. The customer requires an 8 CPU Superdome system split into two hard partitions, both running HP-UX 11i Enterprise Operating Environment. How many cells and how many OS licenses are needed?
A. one cell and two licenses
B. two cells and two licenses
C. one cell and eight licenses
D. two cells and eight licenses
Answer: D

20. How does the HP-UX 11i Operating System offer flexibility?
A. It runs on any RISC-based server.
B. Licensing is tiered, based on server speed.
C. There are different operating environment bundles.
D. It has a migration path for the AlphaServers.
Answer: C

21. Which edition of Windows is supported on HP Integrity Superdome servers?
A. Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition
B. Windows Server 2000, Datacenter Edition
C. Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
D. Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition
Answer: D

22. Which statements are true regarding Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) on HP Superdome servers running Windows? Select TWO.
A. clustering between virtual partitions is supported
B. up to 8-node clusters with any storage devices are supported
C. up to 8-node clusters with specific storage devices are supported
D. up to 4-node clusters are supported with Windows 2003, Datacenter Edition
E. both cluster-in-a-box and cluster between multiple Superdome systems is supported
Answer: CE

23. Which layered applications are included in the Enterprise Operating Environment? Select TWO.
A. Online JFS
B. Mirrordisk/UX
C. Data Protector
D. Workload Manager
E. Enterprise Cluster Toolkit
Answer: AB

24. Which operating environment includes Serviceguard?
A. Technical
B. Enterprise
C. Foundation
D. Mission Critical
Answer: D

25. What are service level objectives in the context of Workload Manager?
A. uptime requirements for applications using HP-UX servers
B. metrics that define the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of hardware partitions
C. processes that determine the HP-UX operating environment a customer needs
D. rules that automatically prioritize resources on virtual HP-UX servers to add or delete resources
Answer: D

26. Which terms best describe the types of partitioning included in the HP Partitioning Continuum?
A. hard, soft, virtual
B. hard, virtual, resource
C. hard, floating, network
D. hard, clustered, application
Answer: B

27. Which category of HP partitions offers the best operating environment isolation within a physical node?
B. vPar
C. nPar
D. HyperPlex
Answer: C

28. Which category of HP partitions affords maximum system utilization?
B. vPar
C. nPar
D. HyperPlex
Answer: A

29. Which type of HP partition operates at cell granularity?
A. soft
B. nPar
C. virtual
D. resource
Answer: B

30. In which type of partitioning can the number of processors dedicated to each operating environment be dynamically changed without rebooting?
A. HyperPlex
B. vPar
D. nPar
Answer: B

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