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HP HP0-286 Exam -

Free HP0-286 Sample Questions:

1. Which method will allow you to retrieve version information about the binary and application levels?
A. Select "Version Information" from the Help menu
B. Issue the "scenter -version" command from the RUN directory
C. Select "About ServiceCenter Client" from the Help menu
D. Select the "Version Information" button on the Information tab in the "Administration" section
Answer: D

2. What record defines the initial application that displays when an operator logs in?
A. User
B. Operator
C. Security
D. Startup
Answer: B

3. Which reports should be run if the system stops responding? Select THREE.
A. scenter -capturestats
B. scenter -reportlocks
C. scenter -reportshm
D. scenter -reportdiagnostics E.scenter -systemstatus F.scenter -reportsem
Answer: B, C, F

4. What processes does ServiceCenter provide out-of-the-box?
A. Discovery
B. ITIL aligned
C. Asset Lifecycle Management
D. Framework
Answer: B

5. Which process would most likely help a company prevent unplanned IT service disruptions?
A. Incident Management
B. Problem Management
C. Service Level Management
D. Change Management
Answer: D

6. What are two optional components of a ServiceCenter installation. Select TWO.
A. Web Clients
B. Windows Clients
C. ServiceCenter Server
D. Database Tier
E. Help Server
Answer: A, E

7. How many connections are established from your ServiceCenter Server to your relational database?
A. 1 per ServiceCenter listener
B. 1 per process - foreground or background
C. 1 per user process only
D. 1 per ServiceCenter table
Answer: B

8. What is the maximum size of a P4 file system?
A. 2 GB total
B. 2 GB per physical file
C. 2 GB per pool
D. 2 GB per table
Answer: B

9. What two features are exclusive to the Web client? Select TWO.
A. export lists to text file
B. accessibility support
C. Spellchecker
D. multi-platform client support
E. load/unload client side
Answer: B, D

10. What report shows the semaphores for the shared memory categories?
A. scenter -reportshm
B. scenter -reportsem
C. scenter -reportlic
D. scenter -reportlocks
Answer: B

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