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HP HP0-266 Exam -

Free HP0-266 Sample Questions:

1.Which document finishing capabilities are available on the LaserJet 9000mfp with a Multi-Function Finisher? SELECT TWO.
A:auto cover
B:spiral binding
C:multi-position stapling
D:booklet making
Answer: C, D

2.The Usage Page provides ________________________.
A: simplex and duplex pages of each paper size that have been scanned from the copy module
B: simplex and duplex pages that have been cancelled from the copy module's front panel
C: error codes with page number and a definition of the error
D: toner level, estimated remaining toner life and maintenace kit interval information
Answer: A

3.On the LaserJet 9000mfp, Job Mode __________________.
A: builds a single job from multiple input trays
B: processes a scan job and a print job at the same time
C: processes multiple-page jobs faster
D: builds a single job from multiple scans
Answer: D

4.How do you check the number of ADF scans done on the LaserJet 9000mfp?
A: page through the copy module touch screen front panel
B: look for visible wear on the pick rollers of the ADF
C: print a configuration page from the information menu
D: print a usage page from the information menu
Answer: D

5.Which optical unit is used when scanning in ADF Simplex Mode?
A: ADF optical unit only
B: flatbed optical unit only
C: both ADF optical unit and flatbed optical unit
D: neither ADF optical unit nor flatbed optical unit
Answer: B

6.Which icon is displayed when the copy module firmware is being loaded to the copy processor memory?
A: icon 1
B: icon 2
C: icon 3
D: icon 4
Answer: C

7.It is necessary to configure the SMTP gateway to enable ______________.
A: connection to a network
B: jet-link communication
C: dual scan mode
D: send-to-email feature
Answer: D

8.On the LaserJet 9000mfp, what component converts reflected light into red, green, and blue color data?
A: Scanner Controller
B: Charge Coupled Device (CCD)
C: Intermediate PCB
D: Analog to Digital Converter PCB
Answer: B

9.How many staples does the Multi-Function Finisher on the LaserJet 9000mfp apply to booklets?
A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
Answer: B

10.Which action should you take first when troubleshooting the LaserJet 9000mfp?
A: disconnect power from the MFP
B: print a test page from the General tab in the driver
C: put an anti-static protection strap on your wrist
D: check the firmware version number
Answer: B

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