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HP HP0-264 Exam -

Free HP0-264 Sample Questions:

1. What action should be taken for critical error messages encountered on the control panel?
A. perform a cold reset
B. print an event log
C. cycle printer power
D. perform an engine test
Answer: C

2. The DC Controller PCA on the LJ8XXX is responsible for _____________. Select TWO.
A. raster image creation
B. EIO communication
C. paper motion monitoring
D. motors and fans
Answer: CD

3. In the LaserJet 9000, the jam wrap detection and separation claw drive mechanisms are found in which assembly?
A. registration
B. transfer
C. fuser
D. delivery
Answer: C

4. What is the maximum stack height in the accumulator of the 3000 sheet stapler/stacker?
A. 2.5 mm
B. no limit
C. 5.5 mm.
D. 5.5 cm
Answer: C

5. Which type of connection does the LaserJet 9000 printers use to communicate with output accessories?
A. C-link connection to the formatter
B. serial line to the printer Pickup PCB
C. Jet-link connection to the formatter
D. serial line to the printer DC controller PCB
Answer: C

6. What should you do when performing the stapler/stacker test on the 3000-sheet stapler/stacker on the LaserJet 8000? SELECT TWO.
A. override the interlock switch on the device (press and hold it)
B. tape off the photo-interrupters
C. slide the service mode switch on the controller PCB of the device to the "OFF" position
D. turn off the printer before performing this test and disconnect the device from the printer
Answer: AD

7. The customer is experiencing a "TONER OUT" message after replacing the toner cartridge. What other component may be involved?
A. fuser assembly
B. laser scanner
C. DC controller PCB
D. high voltage power supply
Answer: D

8. What component is used by the LaserJet 9000 to detect a genuine HP print cartridge?
A. DC controller
B. high voltage power supply
C. formatter
D. smart chip (E-label)
Answer: D

9. The purpose of the LaserJet 9000 service test is to verify __________________.
A. print quality
B. communication with accessories
C. formatter functionality
D. print engine functionality
Answer: D

10. What do you do when you encounter a 13.xy.zz error message on the control panel?
A. cycle power on the printer
B. remove any paper jams
C. no action is required; printer will resume automatically
D. perform service test to isolate the problem
Answer: B

11. What are possible causes of the LaserJet 9000 printing blank pages? SELECT TWO.
A. no developing bias
B. defective fuser
C. no cartridge ground
D. defective laser shutter
Answer: AD

12. Toner smears on a LaserJet 9000 series printer. Which do you do first?
A. clean the inside of the printer or use the cleaning page
B. replace the print cartridge
C. print a few more pages to see if the problem corrects itself
D. verify the fuser setting for the media used
Answer: C

13. How do you perform an engine test on the LaserJet 9000?
A. press and hold "CANCEL JOB" while powering the printer on
B. perform service test
C. press engine test button
D. select engine test from the Control Panel
Answer: C

14. There is a blank display on a printer and you have already determined that AC power is available at the printer power receptacle. What is your next step?
A. replace the printer formatter PCA
B. check to see that the printer on/off switch is set to on
C. print the event log and configuration page from the front control panel
D. determine whether the printer fans are on
Answer: B

15. Which step will assist you with troubleshooting problems related to tray configuration?
A. print event log
B. service test
C. paper path test
D. cold reset
Answer: C

16. The stapler/stacker accessory is not working correctly on a LaserJet 9000 printer. Which diagnostics tests do you use to find the problem? SELECT TWO.
A. device service mode
B. individual motor test
C. face-up bin full sensor test
D. accumulator calibration test
Answer: AC

17. You are troubleshooting a problem with the 3000-sheet stacker on the LaserJet 9000. Looking at the three lights mounted on the stacker PCB you note that the red light flashes 7 times, delays 2 seconds, then repeats blink pattern.
Where do you find the information to interpret this blink pattern? SELECT TWO.
A. event log
B. service manual
C. control panel HELP
D. stacker PCB cover label
Answer: BD

18. You are troubleshooting a media-handling problem and note a 66.xy.zz error code on the control panel. What does the 66 indicate?
A. operating error
B. paper path jam
C. hardware malfunction
D. device type
Answer: C

19. You are troubleshooting a jam problem on a LaserJet 9000 printer. You have already verified that the jam occurs continuously. What is the next step?
A. print a configuration page
B. perform a drum rotation functional check
C. display the event log
D. perform a paper path test
Answer: C

20. The customer states that the printer is printing solid black pages. You have already determined that the high-voltage power supply is installed properly and its connections are not contaminated. What is another cause for this problem? Select TWO.
A. defective laser shutter
B. defective print cartridge
C. wrong fuser setting for paper type
D. defective transfer roller
Answer: BD

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