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HP HP0-263 Exam -

Free HP0-263 Sample Questions:

1. On the Color LaserJet 85XX, what information can be found on the configuration page? Select TWO.
A. date and time
B. installed options
C. total page count
D. EIO configuration information
Answer: BC

2. Who is the primary target customer for the Color LaserJet 9500 printer?
A. department manager
B. home user with extensive color printing needs
C. owner or manager of a small to medium-size business
D. owner or manager of a large to enterprise-size business
Answer: C

3. On the Color LaserJet 9500, what shows default settings?
A. configuration page
B. menu map
C. engine test page
D. event log
Answer: B

4. What is the correct method for accessing the Service Mode in the Color LaserJet 85XX printer?
A. Power the printer OFF. Hold down the left side of the ITEM key and the left side of the VALUE key (VALUE-) while powering on the printer. When Service Mode is shown on the control panel release the keys.
B. With the control panel at the Service Mode menu, simultaneously press the left side of the ITEM key and the left side of the VALUE key until NVRAM SETTINGS appears on the display.
C. Power the printer OFF. Hold down the left side of the MENU key and then power the printer ON. Release the MENU key when the NVRAM SETTINGS message is displayed on the printer's Control Panel.
D. With the control panel at the Service Mode menu, hold down the GO key. Power down the printer and turn it back on with the GO key still held. When the NVRAM SETTINGS appears on the control panel, release the key.
Answer: B

5. A customer is complaining of solid black pages being printed from edge to edge of the paper. What is the most probable cause of the print quality defect based on the theory of operation of the Color LaserJet 85XX?
A. cleaning roller is not installed
B. scanner is being sent a constant signal from the formatter
C. high-voltage problem at the post-charging unit
D. high voltage problem at the charge roller
Answer: D

6. A Color LaserJet 85XX printer is feeding PLAIN, LETTER size paper from tray 2. The print job seems to be printing at approximately half speed.What is the possible explanation for the decrease in speed?
A. The tray 2 type is set incorrectly.
B. The tray 2 size is set to LETTER (R).
C. The printer is a 220V unit plugged in to a 110V outlet.
D. The paper from tray 2 is actually 11x17 or A3 size media.
Answer: A

7. On the Color LaserJet 85XX, which motors are exercised when executing the Developer Motor test in service mode? Select TWO.
A. carousel motor (M1)
B. drum motor (M2)
C. developer motor (M3)
D. main motor (M4)
Answer: AC

8. A customer complains that the image they scanned will not print on a Color LaserJet 85XX with adequate print quality. The image seems blurred and of very poor resolution. What is the probable cause of the poor print quality and how may it be tested?
A. There is heavy network traffic while printing. Test by printing an EIO page.
B. The transfer belt has been installed improperly. Test by executing the Drum Motor test in service mode.
C. A very low-resolution image is being sent to the printer. Test by printing several more of the same image to recreate the problem.
D. The image being printed is a very low-resolution file and the printer's hardware may be fine.Test by printing a Config page as well as a Demo page.
Answer: D

9. When installing the Color LaserJet 85XX, what MUST be done before powering on the printer? Select TWO.
A. install drivers on the client
B. all shipping locks are removed
C. all toner cartridges are installed
D. green fuser lever is placed in the down position
Answer: BD

10. On the Color LaserJet 8550mfp, what is the order in which color planes are placed on the Transfer Drum?
A. black, yellow, cyan, magenta
B. magenta, yellow cyan, black
C. black, yellow, magenta, cyan
D. yellow, magenta, cyan, black
Answer: D

11. A customer complains of a print quality defect on a Color LaserJet 85XX, repeating at a frequency of 38mm. What tool is available to identify which consumable is at fault?
A. user's manual
B. repetitive motor test
C. repetitive defect ruler
D. repetitive paper path test
Answer: C

12. A customer is complaining of streaking in the blue areas of the images that they are printing on a Color LaserJect 85XX. What are the proper steps to isolate the problem? Select TWO.
A. replace all toner cartridges
B. check image on Transfer Drum
C. print a Config page and Demo page
D. diagnose the problem through the parallel port
Answer: BC

13. On a Color LaserJet 85XX, an image is formed on the Imaging Drum (OPC). Where is the image transferred next?
A. fuser
B. paper
C. transfer belt
D. transfer drum
E. cleaning roller
Answer: D

14. When performing a Standalone Running test for the 2,000 sheet input tray attached to the Color LaserJet 85XX, where can you find the DIP switch settings necessary for performing the sensor test? Select TWO.
A. menu map
B. back cover
C. service mode
D. service manual
Answer: BD

15. A customer complains of constant jamming on their Color LaserJet printer. Which resources are available to help you isolate the problem? Select THREE.
A. Event Log
B. technical support
C. printer Demo page
D. control panel message
E. firmware flash upgrade (RFU)
Answer: ABD

16. Which type of memory is supported in the Color LaserJet 85XX printer?
C. Bubble
Answer: D

17. On a Color LaserJet 85XX, when is the transfer charger (SDC) activated during the Electro-Photographic process?
A. during development of black and white images
B. during development of color images and duplex printing
C. during conditions of high humidity and overhead transparency printing
D. during conditions of low humidity, duplex printing, and overhead transparency printing
Answer: D

18. On the Color LaserJet 85XX, which consumables are installed through the front of the printer? Select TWO.
A. fuser
B. transfer drum
C. toner cartridges
D. imaging drum (OPC)
Answer: CD

19. When installing a Multi-bin Mailbox on a Color LaserJet 8500, the customer has problems changing the mode from 'mailbox' to 'stacker' or 'job separator' mode. Which methods can be used to change the mailbox mode? Select TWO.
A. control panel key sequence
B. Web JetAdmin software
C. printer driver setup
D. firmware upgrade (RFU)
Answer: BC

20. On the Color LaserJet 85XX, if multiple hard disk drives were installed in the printer, what message would be expected on the control panel?
A. Disk Full
B. Ready
C. Too many file storage devices
D. EIO not functional
Answer: C

21. When the control panel reads 54.2 CAROUSEL ERROR on a Color LaserJet 85XX, what is a likely cause?
A. Paper is stuck in the carousel and should be removed.
B. Main Motor M4 is not functioning.
C. A cartridge shutter is catching on the waste toner drawer.
D. There are no color toner cartridges installed.
Answer: C

22. Which printer language personalities are included in the Color LaserJet 9500 printer? Select TWO.
A. PCL 5c
B. PCL 5e
C. PCL 6
D. PostScript® 2 emulation
Answer: AC

23. On the Color LaserJet 9500, what might be the reason that an image drum (process cartridge) does not fit? Select TWO.
A. Packaging seals have not been removed.
B. The image drum is installed into the wrong slot.
C. The blue print cartridge handle is in the up position.
D. The image drum has not been pushed in hard enough.
Answer: BC

24. Which procedure is appropriate when moving a Color LaserJet 9500 from a cold to warm environment?
A. Leave printer at room temperature for at least one hour.
B. Do not place the printer in an environment colder than 70° F.
C. Place printer near heat source to expedite warming process.
D. Power up the machine immediately to begin warming up process.
Answer: A

25. At what point do you remove the protective cover on the underside of the Color LaserJet 9500 image drums?
A. before shaking the image drum
B. while installing the image drum
C. immediately after installing the image drum
D. upon removing the image drum from its package
Answer: B

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