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HP HP0-262 Exam -

Free HP0-262 Sample Questions:

1.Which integrated subsystem do the DesignJet copier's cc800ps and the 815mfp with multifunction capabilities and a high integration level consist of? Select THREE.
A.large format scanner
B.DesignJet 500
C.DesignJet 800
D.DesignJet 800ps
E.front panel touch screen
Answer: A D E

2.Which features are found on the DesignJet 800? Select THREE.
A.internal hard disk and network card
C.2,400 x 1,200 dpi
D.take up reel
E.Windows and ADI drivers and internal HP/GL/2
Answer: A C E

3.Which statement is true regarding ink cartridges on the DesignJet 5X00?
A.They are only warranted for 30 days.
B.They are available as 700cc and 250cc.
C.They are warranted to deliver 700cc of ink.
D.They are warranted to deliver 680cc of ink and have a smart chip to track consumption.
Answer: D

4.On the 4XX series Large Format printer, which front panel buttons can be pressed to invoke the Internal Print Quality plot?
A.Reprint + Cancel
B.Setup + Cancel
C.Form Feed + Media Source
D.Media Source + Reprint
Answer: C

5.On the DesignJet 5X00, what should you do when you get a lens maintenance message on the front panel? for HP service
B.change the lens cover
C.replace the tubing assembly
D.replace the drop detect sensor
Answer: B

6.In the DesignJet 500/800 series, how can you view the printer information menu?
A.through the front panel for both printers
B.through the front panel for 500 series only
C.through the front panel for 800 series only
D.printer information is not available through the front panel
Answer: A

7.What is not a step in removing the carriage assembly?
A.Disconnect the trailing cable from the connector on the carriage
B.Remove the encoder strip
C.Press the carriage motor towards the left, and remove the belt from the motor shaft
D.Slide the carriage to the left, and remove it with the belt from the printer.
Answer: D

8.Which side (or sides) of the belt has teeth in its surface on the 7XX series Large Format printer?
A.the inner side of the belt to provide the retention on the scan axis motor
B.the outer side of the belt to engage the carriage
C.there are no teeth at all
D.there are teeth on both sides
Answer: A

9.On the DesignJet 1000 series printers, in which front panel menu would you find information on printer firmware?
A.I/O setup
C.Page setup
D.Device setup
Answer: B

10.On the DesignJet copier and scanner series, what special error reporting exists?
A.Windows messages on the front panel touch screen
B.Service Print and LED codes on the scanner front panel
C.System Error (SE) on the front panel of the output printer, error messages on the front panel touch screen
D.error messages on the WIDEsystem, error messages on the front panel touch screen, and LED codes on the scanner front panel
Answer: D

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