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HP HP0-240 Exam -

Free HP0-240 Sample Questions:

Q: 1.
A customer has an entry-level VA cluster solution using MS Windows. A Fibre Channel fibric infrastructure will be installed at a later date. The solution must support two servers in a Windows cluster and provide path failover functionality. Which VA will best suite this customer environment with the least additional invenstment?

A. VA7100
B. VA7110
C. VA7400
D. VA7410

Answer: D

Q: 2.
Which types of interface can be used with AutoPath VA for configuration and maintenance purposes? Select TWO.

B. Virtual Front Panel

Answer: A, D

Q: 3.
Business Copy licenses are based on the ______.

A. number of hosts in the SAN
B. amount of raw capacity on the VA
C. number of hosts in the SAN and the amount of raw capacity on the VA
D. number of switch ports in the SAN

Answer: B

Q: 4.
A customer has a VA7110 with a 1024 MB cache and requests an upgrade to the maximum capacity. What must be ordered?

A. 1 x A6187B 1024 MB cache for VA processor
B. 2 x A6187B 1024 MB cache for VA processor
C. 2 x A6186A 512 MB cache for VA processor
D. 4 x A6186A 512 MB cache for VA processor

Answer: B

Q: 5.
Which components are integrated into the Command View SDM management framework? Select TWO.

A. Secure Manager
B. AutoPath
C. Business Copy
D. Virtual Front Panel
E. Zoning

Answer: A, C

Q: 6.
What is the total raw capacity that can be fitted into a 42U rack that has two fully populated VA7410s?

A. 10 TB
B. 20 TB
C. 30 TB
D. 40 TB

Answer: C

Q: 7.
A customer wants to upgrade a VA7100 to be 2 Gb/s capable. Which accessories must be ordered? Select TWO.

A. 2 x A6218A 7410 VA processor
B. single mode Fibre Channel cables
C. 2 x A6183AE VA enclosure
D. 2 x A6187A 1024 MB cache (single DIMM)
E. longwave GBIC modules

Answer: A, D

Q: 8.
With HP 18 installed and AutoRAID enabled, which RAID level is primarily used for frequently-written data?

A. RAID 1+0
C. RAID 1+0 and RAID 5 DP
D. RAID 1+0 and VRAID

Answer: A

Q: 9.
Which disk capacity is NOT supported on the VA7100 and VA7400?

A. 18 GB
B. 36 GB
C. 73 GB
D. 146 GB

Answer: D

Q: 10.
AutoInclude and AutoFormat are enabled. Rebuild is disabled. What happens when you move a disk from Redundancy Group 1 to Redundancy Group 2?

A. Nothing.
B. The disk remains in Redundancy Group 1 and data can still be accessed.
C. You must first enable this by using the VFP command –g1 –g2 –on.
D. You must first enable this by using the VFP command cfg –g1 –g2 –on.

Answer: B

Q: 11.
You are installing a VA7110 with one Fibre Channel (FC) switch and 2 HP/UX servers. After completing the installation and configuration, you change the Domain ID on the FC switch. What will happen?

A. The VA shuts down.
B. The HP-UX hardware path changes.
C. The switch shuts down.
D. The server shuts down.

Answer: B

Q: 12.
Installing a VA7110 with a total capacity of 60 disks is ______.

A. possible with 3 disk enclosures DS2405
B. possible with 4 disk enclosures DS2400
C. possible with 4 disk enclosures DS2405
D. not possible

Answer: D

Q: 13.
What happens to the data in the write cache after it has been written to disk?

A. It is kept in cache but space is marked as vailable.
B. It will be deleted from cache.
C. It remains in cache for at least the next 4 seconds.
D. It is kept in cache but space is marked as not available.

Answer: A

Q: 14.
How does a VA online controller firmware upgrade impact hosts and data accessibility?

A. Hosts have to be offline to prevent data corruption.
B. Hosts and switches have to be offline.
C. Hosts and LUNs can be online, but I/O from the VA will pause for approximately 10-30 seconds.
D. Hosts and LUNs can be online, but disk rescan should be initiated after the upgrade.

Answer: C

Q: 15.
Which performance metrics are available exclusively for the VA7410? Select TWO.

A. per controller
B. per LUN
D. per device

Answer: C, E

Q: 16.
The ARMPERF command can be used to export performance data in which formats?

B. CSV and TXT
C. HTML only

Answer: B

Q: 17.
The capacity allocated by the Active Spare feature in a Redundancy Group (RG) is ______.

A. defined by the user
B. equal to the size of the largest disk in the RG
C. equal to the size of the largest LUN in the RG
D. equal to the average size of the disk in the RG

Answer: B

Q: 18.
What is required when changing from AutoRAID to RAID 1+0 mode?

A. User data must be backed up and restored.
B. LUNs must be unmounted and mounted back to hosts.
C. Nothing. The process is online and transparent to hosts.
D. The armrecover command must be used to recover customer data.

Answer: A

Q: 19.
Autorebuild can negatively impact performance if _____.

A. it is disabled, since data has to be recalculated upon request
B. it is enabled and rebuild is set to high priority
C. there is only one controller, since it has to do all the rebuilding
D. there are two controllers, since the one rebuilding will fail over the rest of work to the active one

Answer: B

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