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HP HP0-216 Exam -

Free HP0-216 Sample Questions:

1. Bob has finished the installation of HP SIM 4.2. What are the first steps after logging on for the first time? Select TWO.
A. Configure email and pager notifications.
B. Configure and run automatic discovery.
C. Configure the Version Control Repository Manager.
D. Configure the SNMP status polling interval.
E. Configure the protocol settings.
Answer: BE

2. What are the available levels for software status? Select THREE.
A. minor (yellow)
B. critical (red)
C. current (green)
D. latest (green)
E. major (red)
F. major (orange)
G. unknown (question mark)
Answer: ACF

3. You just installed the Operating System on a new ProLiant DL380 G4. HP SIM manages the server through the iLO port. As a test, you send a test trap. The trap does not arrive in HP SIM. What could be a possible cause?
A. SNMP is not configured to use the path via the iLO port.
B. The iLO Management interface driver is not loaded.
C. The Insight Management Agents are not configured to use the iLO port.
D. The iLO port is not configured to forward SNMP traps.
Answer: B

4. What are the industry initiatives and standards used in systems management? Select THREE
Answer: ACD

5. Bob wants to implement point management. What does he need to establish a point-to-point connection with each manageable device on his network?
A. an Internet browser
B. a management application
C. an HTTP server
D. a terminal emulator program
Answer: A

6. Which ProLiant Essentials products integrate with HP Systems Insight Manager? Select THREE.
A. Intelligent Networking Pack
B. Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)
C. Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM)
D. Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
E. Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE)
F. Insight Management Agents
Answer: ABF

7. The HP Systems Insight Manager architecture is composed of which layers? Select THREE.
A. SNMP Protocol
B. Web browser interface
C. Hardware interface
D. Operating System
E. Agent
F. Management server
Answer: BEF

8. John, the system administrator, wants to give his colleague Susan access to the System Management Homepage on his file server. What actions are required by John?
A. Give Susan the default administrator password of the System Management Homepage.
B. Open the System Management Homepage, create a new account for Susan and assign it a default password, which she has to change the first time she logs in.
C. Create a new operating system account group, add Susan to this group, and add this group to the appropriate User Groups in the System Management Homepage settings tab.
D. Create a new account group on your operating system. Name this group System Management Homepage. Give this account group full access to the file server
Answer: C

9. Jim is not successful in opening the System Management Homepage on the web server by using its IP address. This server has multiple NICs installed, each assigned an IP address. What is causing this issue?
A. The System Management Homepage is configured to allow only the use of the server's DNS name.
B. The System Management Homepage is configured to use IP binding.
C. The System Management Homepage is disabled by default on a web server.
D. The System Management Homepage is configured to use anonymous access only.
Answer: B

10. Karen wants to open the System Management Homepage of a remote system. Which URL must she enter in the Mozilla browser?
A. http://localhost:2381
B. https://localhost:2301
C. https://hostname:2381
D. http://hostname:280
E. https://localhost:50000
Answer: C

11. How can you start the HP Bladesystem plug-in in HP Systems Insight Manager?
A. In the Operating System: Start -> Programs -> HP BladeSystem
B. In HPSIM: Diagnose -> HP Bladesystem
C. In HPSIM: Tools -> Integrated Consoles -> HP BladeSystem
D. In the Operating System: Control panel -> HP BladeSystem
Answer: C

12. Bryan wants to manage his old ProLiant servers running NetWare 4. No TCP/IP is installed on these servers. What should he do on the Central Management Server (CMS) to enable monitoring?
A. Enable IPX in the advanced settings page in HP SIM.
B. Install the IPX to IP layer software on your Central Management Server.
C. Install the IPX network protocol on the Central Management Server.
D. Add the IPX protocol to the network settings part of the globalsettings.props file.
Answer: C

13. Bob wants to install HP SIM on a ProLiant server running Windows 2003. His helpdesk team, twelve persons in total, will be using the management application at the same time. Which database application is the recommended solution?
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
C. PostgreSQL 7.3.4
D. Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition
Answer: B

14. What provides Windows support to WBEM applications?
A. WMI Mapper
B. WBEM service layer
C. Tomcat web server
D. OpenSSH
Answer: A

15. After running the automatic discovery, Bryan finds several 'SNMP unknown device' entries in his system list. Which utility in HP SIM enables him to modify these entries?
A. Device Type Manager (DTM)
B. SNMP getconfig utility
C. SNMP to WBEM service layer
D. System Type Manager (STM)
Answer: D

16. To authenticate the Central Management Server (CMS) when issuing CLI commands, each managed system must have which key in its trusted key store?
A. the SSH public key from the CMS
B. the SSH private key from the CMS
C. the SSL certificate from the CMS
D. the SSL private key from the CMS
Answer: A

17. When new accounts are created in HP SIM, which items form the combination of the role-based authorization? Select THREE.
A. user
B. password and login name
C. system or system group
D. toolbox
E. taskbox
Answer: ACD

18. Susan is using Insight Manager 7 SP1 to monitor all installed hardware. She wants to migrate to HP SIM 4.2 SP1. What should be the first step in this process?
A. Upgrade Insight Manager 7 SP1 to SP2.3, then start the migration.
B. Migrate first to HP SIM 4.0, then upgrade to HP SIM 4.2.
C. Backup the database, uninstall Insight Manager 7, start the migration to HP SIM 4.2.
D. Install HP SIM 4.2 SP1 on a new server, run the migrate utility to import all Insight Manager 7 data.
Answer: A

19. Paul is using Insight Manager 7 and wants to migrate to HP SIM 4.2. After the migration, he plans to keep using Insight Manager 7 for a short period of time so the staff can become familiar with the new application. Which migration method should he use?
A. in-place migration
B. remote migration
C. local migration
D. out-of-band migration
Answer: B

20. Bob wants to copy the SSH key from the CMS to a managed system. Which command should he use to launch the dialog box?
A. mxagentconfig
B. mxagentransfer
C. mxcompile
D. mxsshxfer
Answer: A

21. John has discovered all of the servers in his network and has created several system lists. What would be the advantage of creating those lists in the 'my favorites' folder?
A. A status icon next to the list reflects the most critical status within the list.
B. This list is automatically shown as the home page whenever you log on to HP SIM.
C. Systems in the 'my favorites' folder are polled more often which results in a faster update of the condition in case of problems.
D. Systems in the 'my favorites' folder are polled less often which is advisable for production or mission critical servers.
Answer: A

22. Dave logs into HP SIM. When he clicks on a link to open the System Management Homepage of a managed device, he sees a security warning on his screen telling him that the name of the system does not match the name in the certificate. What can he do to avoid this message?
A. Configure SNMP on the Central Management Server (CMS) to accept packages from any host.
B. Configure the System Link Configuration in HP SIM to use the system name.
C. Configure the System Link Configuration in HP SIM to use the system IP address.
D. Update the LMHOSTS file on the Central Management Server (CMS).
Answer: B

23. Where is DMI information defined?
A. in a Management Information Base (MIB) file
B. in a Management Information Format (MIF) file
C. in a DMI sysOID file
D. in the globalsettings.props file
Answer: B

24. You would like to import and compile additional MIBs into HP SIM. Which tools should you use? Select TWO.
A. mximport
B. mcompile
C. mxmib
D. mxcompile
E. mxadd
Answer: BC

25. The Initial Data Collection task collects information for newly discovered devices. When does this task run?
A. every 24 hour for desktops and every 12 hours for servers
B. automatically with every polling task that is run on the CMS
C. when a new system is added to the database
D. every 5 minutes for SNMP based systems
Answer: C

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