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HP HP0-207 Exam -

Free HP0-207 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is planning a Power over Ethernet deployment for a large call center that will use VoIP telephones.
While planning the wiring closets for the deployment, the customer suggests using the uplink ports of a ProCurve Switch 2650-PWR to provide power to a ProCurve Switch 2600-8-PWR. Which statement describes a correct response to this suggestion?
A. It is only possible if the second switch is a ProCurve Switch 2626-PWR.
B. It is not possible because the 2600-8-PWR cannot act as a Powered Device.
C. It is only possible if the customer adds a ProCurve 600 EPS/RPS to the first switch.
D. It is not recommended because the second switch will not have adequate power redundancy.
Answer: B

2. You have been asked to configure IGMP on a ProCurve Switch 6200yl at a customer site. What are the steps for enabling IGMP on the switch?
A. Enter the manager level, then issue the ip igmp command.
B. Enter the global configuration context, then issue the ip igmp command.
C. Enter theVLAN context for each VLAN that will support IGMP, then issue the ip igmp command.
D. Enter the interface configuration context for each port configured with a VLAN, then issue the ip igmp command.
Answer: C

3. How is traffic prioritization accomplished with IEEE 802.1p?
A. 802.1Q-compliant devices enforce priorities based on VLAN ID.
B. 802.1Q-compliant devices set one of 8 values in a 3-bit field in the VLAN tag.
C. 802.1Q-compliant devices set one of 64 values in a 6-bit field in the IP datagram header.
D. 802.1Q-compliant devices dedicate a portion of available bandwidth to each prioritized conversation.
Answer: B

4. You are about to update the software on a ProCurve switch. Which command do you use to view a list of all software versions stored on the switch?
A. show run
B. show flash
C. show startup
D. show version
Answer: B

5. What are the key principles of the Adaptive EDGE architecture? Select TWO.
A. Control to the Edge
B. Control to the Desktop
C. Command from the Center
D. Management from Anywhere
E. Security throughout the Network
Answer: A, C

6. You must remotely manage a customer's switch using Telnet. Which configuration/monitoring interfaces are available? Select TWO.
A. web interface
B. menu interface
C. ProCurve Manager
D. boot monitor interface
E. command line interface
Answer: B, E

7. While using the CLI to configure a ProCurve switch, you must change context from the manager level to the global configuration level. Which command do you use?
A. exit
B. write
C. global
D. enable
E. configure
Answer: E

8. On switches that support the Switch Setup screen interface, which parameters can be configured on the Switch Setup screen? Select TWO.
A. STP bridge priority
B. IP address of the TACACS+ server
C. system name and contact information
D. IP address and subnet mask for each VLAN
E. IP address and subnet mask for the default VLAN
Answer: C, E

9. What are the primary solution categories of the Adaptive EDGE Architecture? Select THREE.
A. mobility
B. security
C. reliability
D. availability
E. upgradeability
F. convergence
G. cost-effectiveness
Answer: A, B, F

10. You are configuring a ProCurve Layer 2 switch to obtain time information from an SNTP server located on a different IP network than the switch. Which configuration steps are necessary on the switch to enable this functionality?
A. The switch cannot be configured to obtain time information from a server on a different IP network.
B. Define a default gateway for the switch, enable SNTP, use the sntp server command to enter the IP address of the server.
C. Assign a port on the switch to a VLAN that includes the SNTP server, enable SNTP, configure the switch for SNTP unicast mode.
D. Configure an IP address on the same IP network as the SNTP server, enable TimeP, configure the switch for SNTP broadcast mode.
Answer: B

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