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HP HP0-096 Exam -

Free HP0-096 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 HP PA-RISC processors contain which features? (Select three.)
A. EPIC instruction set
B. division functional units
C. multiple functional units
D. fault tolerant architecture
E. on-chipset associate cache
F. floating point multiply and add units
G. hardware Fibonacci sequence generators
Answer: C, E, F

Q: 2 What function does the swapper perform in the HP-UX operating system?
A. deactivates running processes when free memory is too low
B. swaps an entire process from main memory back to disk storage
C. swaps recently referenced pages from main memory back to disk storage
D. swaps an entire process from main memory on to an intermediate storage device and then to disk storage
Answer: A

Q: 3 Management purchases an Integrity Superdome to replace two rp8420 servers. There is available CPU capacity and management decides to bring additional applications for execution on the Integrity Superdome. Given this scenario, which statement could be true?
A. Some of the applications are Linux-based, and Linux applications are not qualified to run on the Superdome.
B. The Superdome may be on the verge of an I/O bottleneck, as the Superdome has fewer I/O slots per cell than the rp8420.
C. Some of the applications are Windows-based, that run alongside your HP-UX applications in a different soft partition of the Superdome.
D. Some of the applications are Windows-based, that run alongside your HP-UX applications in a different hard partition of the Superdome.
Answer: D

Q: 4 Which statements describe the characteristics of the HP PCI I/O implementation? (Select two).
A. It always uses a 5.0 volt slot.
B. Turbo slots provide full PCI bandwidth to a single PCI card.
C. All servers provide a maximum of three PCI slots per CPU.
D. It is able to multiplex several PCI slots onto a single PCI bus.
E. Core I/O card provides basic connectivity of SCSI boot disks, management port, and general purpose network connections.
Answer: B, E

Q: 5 Which objects are valid VxVM objects? (Select four.)
A. plex
B. rootdg
C. cat_vol
D. VM_obj
E. volume
F. subdisk
G. phys_vol
H. mirror_disk
Answer: A, B, E, F

Q: 6 Neighbor discovery is a component of which protocol?
A. IPv6
Answer: A

Q: 7 Which feature does PPP provide?
A. secure data encryption
B. network address translation
C. bridging between two Ethernet segments
D. transmission of data to remote locations through a serial interface
Answer: D

Q: 8 A new gateway machine, IP address, allows access to a business partner with a network number of 15. Which command creates a static route to the business partner's network?
A. route add net 0
B. route add net 1
C. route add net 0
D. route add net 1
Answer: D

Q: 9 What is the configuration file for the HP CIFS Server product?
A. /etc/opt/samba/smb.conf
B. /etc/opt/samba/cifs.conf
C. /etc/opt/samba/swat.conf
D. /etc/opt/samba/samba.conf
Answer: A

Q: 10 When a connection is established with inetd for a service, inetd runs the appropriate server specified in the /etc/inetd.conf file and waits for other connections. Which HP-UX application can be used in addition to inetd to verify whether a host or network can execute a service provided in inetd.conf?
A. IPsec
B. IPfilter
C. TCP wrappers
D. Security Advisor
Answer: C

Q: 11 Which feature allows the LDAP-UX client to retrieve information from LDAP Directory Servers that do not support RFC2307?
B. attribute mapping
C. configuration profile
D. service search descriptors
Answer: B

Q: 12 What is the ndd command used for?
A. ARPA tuning
B. network tuning
C. NIC configuration
D. bind configuration
Answer: B

Q: 13 Which command talks directly to the sendmail daemon and other SMTP servers to verify connectivity?
A. telnet host 23
B. telnet host 80
C. telnet host 25
D. telnet host 110
Answer: C

Q: 14 Which program initially starts rpcbind at boot?
A. /sbin/init.d/net
B. /sbin/init.d/named
C. /sbin/init.d/nfs.core
D. /sbin/init.d/rpcbind
Answer: C

Q: 15 Which statements describe the default behavior of the NFS Version 2 and 3 server daemons and threads? (Select three.)
A. TCP transport support is enabled.
B. UDP transport support is enabled.
C. The server uses AutoFS to export filesystems.
D. When a client accesses a file, the server returns a file handle.
E. The server knows which NFS clients have files or filehandles open.
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 16 Which command reports the speed and duplex settings of a network interface card?
A. ioscan
B. netstat
C. lanadmin
D. ifconfig
Answer: C

Q: 17 Which command uses NTP to keep the local system clock in sync with other nodes on the network?
A. /usr/sbin/ntpsync
B. /usr/sbin/ntpdate
C. /usr/sbin/ntpscan
D. /usr/sbin/ntpd.conf
Answer: B

Q: 18 Which command scans for system hardware, interface cards, usable I/O system devices, or kernel I/O?
A. ioscan
B. lanscan
C. sysview
D. scansys
Answer: A

Q: 19 Which command creates an Ignite-UX setup file for a depot?
A. make_config
B. make_depots
C. create_setup
D. make_bundles
Answer: A

Q: 20 What does the /var/adm/sw/products directory contain?
A. a collection of obsolete product sets
B. a collection of installed product databases
C. a collection of backup copies of product configuration files
D. a collection of product installation related errors will be stored
Answer: B

Q: 21 One of your customers needs disk mirroring and file-system expansion without downtime. What is the minimal Operating Environment you should install?
A. Enterprise OE
B. Foundation OE
C. Mission Critical OE
D. Technical Computing OE
Answer: A

Q: 22 What does the following entry in the /etc/dhcptab field state?
A. bootpd will ask the class-id during initial startup.
B. bootpd will respond to Itanium-based clients only.
C. bootpd will ignore inquiries from Itanium-based clients.
D. instl_bootpd will ignore inquiries from Itanium-based clients.
E. instl_bootpd will respond to Itanium and Industry Standard Server.
Answer: B

Q: 23 What is the purpose of the update-ux tool?
A. updates all applications to the current versions
B. changes from one operating system version to another
C. searches the internet for updates to all applications listed in the /etc/update file
D. automatically installs all current OS patches from
Answer: B

Q: 24 After setting up an Ignite-UX server, the client is not able to find the server.
What should be checked? (Select three.)
A. Check instl_bootd errors in the syslog.log file.
B. Check if the client and server are on the same subnet.
C. Verify that the clients MAC address is inserted in /var/adm/inetd.sec.
D. Verify that the appropriate file transfer protocol is configured correctly.
E. Make sure that setup_server configured file access rights correctly.
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 25 Assuming two machines are on the same subnet, which file must be configured on an Ignite-UX server to allow a PA-RISC client to perform a network boot?
A. dhcptab
B. bootptab
C. ux_bootptab
D. instl_boottab
Answer: D

Q: 26 Which statements are true when using make_net_recovery to recover a system? (Select two.)
A. The archive must be stored on the Ignite-UX server.
B. The command will only recover essential files from vg00.
C. This command can be initiated from either the server or the client.
D. In order to use the recovery image, the server must be on the same subnet as the client.
E. The directory where the archive is stored must be NFS exported for recovery of the client system.
Answer: C, E

Q: 27 How does SD-UX keep track of software installed on a system?
A. reads the /var/adm/swinstall.log
B. reads the /var/adm/sw/save directory
C. reads the Installed Products Database
D. scans /opt and generates a list during swlist
Answer: C

Q: 28 How do you allow other hosts on the network to use software located in the SD-UX depot?
A. You login as root.
B. You register the depot.
C. You authorize the depot.
D. You add the host in the inetd.sec file
Answer: B

Q: 29 Where are group privileges set so they will be retained following a reboot?
A. /etc/privgroup
B. /stand/privgroup
C. /etc/privgroup.conf
D. /etc/rc.config.d/privgroup
Answer: A

Q: 30 What is the difference between tunnel mode and transport mode when using IPSec?
A. only the TCP header is encrypted in tunnel mode
B. only the data segment is encrypted in tunnel mode
C. in tunnel mode the entire package is encrypted into a new packet
D. in transport mode the entire package is encrypted into a new packet
Answer: C

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