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HP HP0-095 Exam -

Free HP0-095 Sample Questions:

1. You are trying to display an Xwindow from an application running on a host and get an error indicating the connection is not allowed. Which command will allow you to display on the remote host?
A. xhost +
B. dxm -start
C. export $DISPLAY
D. display -hostname
Answer: A

2. Which file contains information about unsuccessful login attempts?
A. /etc/wtmp
B. /var/adm/btmps
C. /var/adm/utmps
D. /var/syslog/failed_logins
Answer: B

3. Which file configures PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module)?
A. /etc/pam.conf
B. /sbin/init.d/pam
C. /opt/PAM/pam.conf
D. /etc/rc.config.d/pam
Answer: A

4. What does the pvcreate command create?
A. a hard partition
B. the physical links
C. a physical volume device file
D. the lvm disk resident structures
Answer: D

5. By default, where does the cpio command send its output?
A. /tmp
B. stdout
C. stderr
D. cpio.out
Answer: B

6. What is the difference between hot swappable hardware and hot pluggable hardware?
A. The terms, hot swappable hardware and hot pluggable hardware, mean the same thing.
B. Hot swappable hardware applies to disk drives and hot pluggable hardware applies to servers.
C. Hot swappable hardware requires configuration and hot pluggable hardware does not require system administrator intervention.
D. Hot pluggable hardware requires system administrator intervention and hot swappable hardware does not.
Answer: D

7. How do you add 16GB of memory to a vPar?
A. from the vPar monitor: MON> vparmodify -p # -a mem:16Gb
B. from the MP: CM>VPARMOD,select the vPar name from the list, then select Add Memory and type 16G
C. from the HP-UX command line: execute vparremove -p <vParName> and recreate the vPar with the desired amount of memory
D. from the HP-UX command line: execute vparstatus to determine the vPar is down, then execute vparmodify -p <vParName> -a mem::16348
Answer: D

8. Using the Online JFS product, which command sequence extends a mounted JFS file system?
A. lvextend, fsadm
B. lvextend, extendfs
C. umount, lvextend, fsadm
D. umount, lvextend, extendfs
Answer: A

9. Which command displays active shared memory segments?
A. ipcs
B. mstat
C. vmstat
D. strings /dev/kmem
Answer: A

10. When is the file /etc/default/tz used?
A. when the environment variable TZ is not set
B. during set_parms procedure for installation date
C. as the default file for timezone configuration (/etc/tz)
D. as the master file if the original is removed or deleted
Answer: A

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