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HP HP0-092 Exam -

Free HP0-092 Sample Questions:

1. The values for the login_name, login_directory, and login_shell variables are configured in which file?
A. /etc/passwd
B. /etc/profile
C. /etc/default
D. $HOME/.profile
Answer: A

2. When will the following command run if placed in a crontab?
0 0 1,15 * * /sbin/myprog
A. not enough data to determine the frequency
B. every hour on the 1st and 15th minute
C. at midnight on the 1st and 15th of each month
D. every day, every hour on the 1st and 15th second
Answer: C

3. What are examples of SYS-V IPC services? Select THREE
A. signals
B. threads
C. semaphores
D. sense switches
E. shared memory
F. message queues
Answer: C, E, F

4. After defining a new vPar, what will allow you to install the new vPar boot disk using Ignite?
A. from the MP: CM>VPARLOAD -p -d LAN
B. from the vPar monitor: MON>VPARINSTALL
C. bring down all vPar kernels, and from the nPar BCH main menu: vparboot
D. from any kernel running in the complex:
vparinstall -p -S
E. from an HP-UX instance on another vPar running on the same nPar: execute vparboot
-p vParName \ -I ,/opt/ignite/bin/winstall
Answer: E

5. On which port does the telnet daemon listen for client requests?
A. 69
B. 23
C. 111
D. 115
Answer: B

6. Which configuration file is involved when auto_parms is determining if an interface should be configured to request a DHCP lease?
A. netconf
B. dhcpconf
C. dhcpdconf
D. auto_parms.conf
Answer: A

7. What must be configured on an Ignite-UX server? Select TWO.
A. tftp
D. telnet
Answer: A, B

8. What are the major areas of internal functionality of the HP-UX operating system? Select THREE.
A. user shell
B. file system
C. virtual memory allocation of firmware upgrades
E. process scheduling and execution
Answer: B, C, E

9. Which run states are valid for a process under HP-UX? Select THREE.
A. waiting
B. zombie
C. pending
D. sleeping
E. signaling
F. ready to run
Answer: B, D, F

10. You have been managing the UNIX Server, usersys02, for 2 years and all patches and OS updates are current. During your daily operations you notice that there are multiple logins for user, manager04, using the who command. You know that the manager is not running that many sessions. In addition to discussing best security practices with the manager, what other actions can you take?
A. Change the default setting in /etc/security from 0 to 5
B. Change the default setting in /etc/security from 100 to 5
C. Change the default setting in /etc/default/security from 0 to 5
D. Change the default setting in /etc/default/security from 100 to 5
Answer: C

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