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HP HP0-091 Exam -

Free HP0-091 Sample Questions:

1. A journaled file system intent log is used to _____________.
A. store user data prior to a physical write
B. log meta data changes
C. improve buffer cache performance
D. provide an audit trail E.track mirror transactions
Answer: B

2. What does the term available memory refer to?
A. the amount of memory on the free list
B. memory available for shared memory allocation
C. the amount of memory available after the kernel has been loaded
D. the total amount of memory that passes self-test prior to loading of the kernel
Answer: C

3. As a non-root user, which command influences the priority that a process runs at?
A. chmod
B. pri
C. usrpri
D. nice
Answer: D

4. How do you go to single-user mode on a booted system?
A. init 0
B. reboot
C. shutdown
D. shutdown -r
Answer: C

5. Which commands can be used to create device files? Select TWO.
A. mkdevice
B. insf
C. fsadm
D. mksf
E. devstart
Answer: B, D

6. By default, where does the cpio command send its output?
A. /tmp
B. stdout
C. cpio.out
Answer: B

7. What is Samba used as?
A. a sevice to resolve names
B. an alternate volume manager
C. a DHCP service for HP-UX servers
D. a service to emulate CIFS on a Unix server
Answer: D

8. Which configuration file is used to determine the synchronization sources and operating modes of NTP?
A. /etc/rc.config.d/netdaemons
B. /etc/ntp.conf
C. /etc/rc.config.d/ntpconf
D. /etc/xntpd
Answer: B

9. Which file is used to configure networking parameters such as hostname, IP address, and subnet mask?
A. /etc/rc.config.d/ifconf
B. /etc/rc.config.d/network
C. /etc/rc.config.d/lanconf
D. /etc/rc.config.d/netconf
E. /etc/rc.config.d/ipconf
Answer: D

10.Which file permissions are indicated by the value of 721? Select TWO.
A. read, write, and execute for owner
B. read, write, and execute for group
C. execute only for owner
D.execute only for group
E. write only for other
F. write and execute for other G.write only for group
Answer: A, G

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