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HP HP0-069 Exam -

Free HP0-069 Sample Questions:

1. Which tool is used to configure nPars?
A. HP Partition Manager
B. nPars Insight Allocator
C. HP OpenView Partition Wizard
D. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
Answer: A

2. What are functions of the MP on Integrity servers? (Select two.)
A. performs OLRAD
B. initializes system hardware
C. reports, logs, and controls system status
D. controls the installation of firmware updates
E. deallocates the processor and memory during a failure
Answer: C, D

3. Which resource should be used to find technical specifications for hardware and software?
A. Product Bulletin
B. SalesBuilder for Windows (SBW)
C. PartSurfer
D. Enterprise Configurator
Answer: A

4. What are features of the cell controller? (Select two.)
A. RAID memory
B. SCSI controller
C. Interleaved memory support
D. Error checking and correcting
E. Automatic Power Consumption control
Answer: C, D

5. What is the benefit of cell-local memory (CLM)?
A. can be used from other hardware partitions
B. can be used as virtual memory within a cell board
C. provides memory protection within a cell board (Chip Memory Sparing)
D. provides faster memory access to local CPUs
Answer: D

6. What enables the new sx2000 chipset to increase the system crossbar bandwidth by a factor of four?
A. The clock frequency is four times higher.
B. The sx2000 chipset uses four separate crossbars.
C. The sx2000 uses the new high-speed SERDES technology.
D. The crossbar cache uses the new DDR2 SDRAM @ 267/533 MHz.
Answer: C

7. What is the maximum number of internal DVD-ROM drives in an HP Integrity rx7620 server?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Answer: B

8. Which statement highlights a feature of iCAP and processor cache error resiliency on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX?
A. There is offline activation of an unused iCAP processor.
B. There is online activation of an unused iCAP processor.
C. An iCAP processor can be activated locally by the system administrator.
D. Remote activation of iCAP processors is no longer necessary on HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i.
Answer: B

9. If an HP partner requires information about porting software, which resource should he use?
A. HP Product Bulletin
B. SalesBuilder for Windows (SBW)
C. Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP)
D. HP-UX 11i v2 System Administrator Reference Guide
Answer: C

10. What functionality does Global Shared Memory enable in the sx2000 chipset-based HP Integrity servers?
A. All partitions read and write from the same memory pool.
B. All processors within a partition read and write from the same memory pool.
C. Processors may read from "sharing windows" in other partition's memory.
D. All nPars can access a limited amount of memory for fault protection.
Answer: C

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