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HP HP0-065 Exam -

Free HP0-065 Sample Questions:

1. Which application requires 100% uptime, where unavailability can have catastrophic business impact?
A. mission-critical application
B. business-critical application
C. continuous effort application
D. disaster-recovery application
Answer: A

2. What benefit is provided from a fault-tolerant system?
A. 99.99% availability
B. maximum availability regardless of the circumstances
C. clustering with failover processes and application monitoring
D. component level redundancy, with a limited percentage of downtime
Answer: B

3. E-commerce sites are an example of which implementation?
A. mission-critical application
B. business-critical application
C. continuous effort application
D. disaster-recovery application
Answer: B

4. The following questions are asked during which part of the planning cycle?
What is the expected availability of the new solution?
What is the projected role of the new server?
What kind of system management tools are required?
A. site survey
B. scope of work
C. needs analysis
D. implementation timeline
Answer: C

5. What is used to secure access to the System Management Homepage? (Select two.)
A. IP restriction
B. Secure Shell (SSH)
C. web-based secured login
D. SNMP community names
E. multiple login authentications
Answer: A, C

6. What action does HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) take when a blade server is identified through another system in the same rack or enclosure?
A. The system is catalogued to be polled during the next discovery task
B. Associations are made between the blade server operating system to the next blade server operating system using the Interconnect ID.
C. Associations are made between the iLO and the enclosure in which the system resides.
D. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) requests all relevant information about the blade server to the HP BladeSystem Integrated Manager.
Answer: C

7. Which management protocol is used by the Onboard Administrator for BladeSystem c-Class to send event notifications for thresholds and faults to HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)?
A. eXtended Management Layer (XML) protocol
B. Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM)
C. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
D. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Answer: D

8. What can be imported into the System Management Homepage to increase security?
A. local server certificate
B. encrypted password file
C. Secure Shell (SSH) public key
D. 128bit RC4 encryption license
Answer: A

9. When configuring the authorizations for the System Management Homepage (SMH) on a Linux server, what should the system manager do to allow access for the root user?
A. Create a password for root in SMH.
B. Add root to the administrators group in SMH.
C. Import the password file from Linux into SMH.
D. Enter the root username and password to log into SMH.
Answer: D

10. What is one of the primary responsibilities of Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) in the server blade p-class architecture?
A. Control the distribution of virtual IP-addresses and link them to the physical MAC addresses.
B. Control and regulate access to the power management module when using the RS-232 connection method.
C. Monitor and control the communication on the network bus used by the power and enclosure management module.
D. Assist in managing power resources by acting as an intelligent interface to the server blade infrastructure and its power management module.
Answer: D

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