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HP HP0-064 Exam -

Free HP0-064 Sample Questions:

1. Which port on a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure serves as a service port for temporary connection to a PC?
A. USB port
B. serial connector
C. enclosure link-up port
D. enclosure link-down port
Answer: C

2. if you are installing a Gbe2c switch, how can the switch obtain an IP address remotely?
A. through a Telnet connection on any server with access to the internet
B. from a BOOTP server on the network, using the switches MAC address
C. through a VT100 terminal emulation session on any server on the network
D. through the switch browser-based interface (BBI) or command line interface (CLI)
Answer: B

3. In a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure, how are the interconnects connected to the device bays?
A. CAT5 cables
B. RJ-45 cables
C. 100-pin connectors
D. connections are hard-wired
Answer: D

4. Which statements describe the default role of the operator access level in an HP GbE2c switch for BladeSystem c-Class?(Select two).
A. An operator can reset ports or the entire switch
B. An operator can change user and administrator passwords
C. Operator-level access is the default on HP GbE2c switches
D. An operator can make permanent changes to the switch configuration
E. Any configuration changes an operator makes are undone by resetting the switch
Answer: A, E

5. You want to establish a connection to the switch through the Onboard Administrator. Your workstation has a terminal application installed and a null modem serial cable connected to the Onboard Administrator module, but you are unable to connect. What is the most probable cause of the error?
A. You have the wrong IP address
B. Another user is logged in to the switch
C. You can access the switch only through Advanced Web Tools
D. You can access the switch only through the Application program interface (API)
Answer: B

6. You are configuring the Ethernet interconnects for a customers system. The customer is deploying a solution that maintains a 1:1 ratio between servers and switch ports. Which solution will be most cost-effective for this customer?
A. Virtual Connect
B. Redundant GbE2c switches
C. HP Ethernet Pass-Thru Module
D. HP InfiniBand 4X DDR Switch Module
Answer: C

7. Which switch should you use as the primary Fabric Configuration Server in a mixed fabric containing multiple Brocade switches?
A. the primary switch each zone
B. the switch with the most available ports
C. it does not matter which switch you use
D. any switch with the current Fabric OS installed
Answer: D

8. To complete the installation and ensure proper cooling, which step should you take after you have installed the server blades in a BladeSystem c-Class enclosure?
A. Install blade and fan blanks
B. Install redundant cooling fans
C. Use Thermal Logic software to restrict BTUs
D. Activate the Insight Display and check for error messages.
Answer: A

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