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HP HP0-058 Exam -

Free HP0-058 Sample Questions:

1. Which command do you use to verify the operating system version on an rx7620 server with HP-UX installed?
A. uxver
B. ustatus -rev
C. uname -a
D. uver -r
Answer: C

2. Which tool should you use if you want to perform critical resource analysis before you replace a device online?
A. olrad
B. olrad -s slot_ID
C. pdweb
D. kcweb
Answer: C

3. You need to update the Local Power Monitor (LPM) firmware on an HP Integrity cell board. Which MP command do you use?
Answer: A

4. What step must be taken when an administrator or operator logs into the Management Processor and the PD command returns a -1?
A. Log in to the desired partition.
B. Change the default partition.
C. Issue the XD command to reset the partition.
D. Issue the RR command to reset the partition without rebooting it.
Answer: B

5. A partition in an rx8620 server shuts down shortly after power on, with a fault light. What needs to be done next?
A. Inspect cables for bent pins.
B. Verify operating system preloader settings.
C. Check for error messages in the system event log.
D. Check connection of the fiber cables to crossbar switch.
Answer: C

6. Which Offline Diagnostic Utility is used to update firmware on SCSI disks?
Answer: C

7. Which tool should you use when HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) is unable to communicate with a system or group of systems?
A. HP Integrity Essentials
B. Configure or Repair Agents
C. Insight Management Agents
D. Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) providers
Answer: B

8. The GetMCA utility is used to gather Machine Check Abort data under which operating system?
B. Linux
C. Windows
D. OpenVMS
Answer: C

9. You need to add two additional processors to a cell board. Which EFI command would you use to gather information on the existing configuration?
A. info cpu
B. sysinfo -cpu
C. config
D. devices
Answer: A

10. From where does the GetMCA tool retrieve its data?
A. Core System Dump
B. Windows System Event Log
C. Cell System Event Log (SEL)
D. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
Answer: B

11. The JUST Tool is available for which Integrity mid-range servers? (Select two.)
A. rx7620
B. rx7620-8
C. rx7640
D. rx8620
E. rx8640
Answer: C, E

12. Which Windows tool would be used to analyze a system crash dump?
A. ADPlus
B. Eventvwr
D. DumpEL
Answer: C

13. At a customer site you use styrofoam box to prevent damage to cell boards and modules when unpacking. After configuring several cell boards, the system fails POST due to electrostatic discharge during installation. What action could have prevented this failure?
A. Using the anti-static bag as ESD mat.
B. Lowering the humidity in the room.
C. Using an ESD wristband connected to the styrofoam.
D. Using an ESD mat instead of the styrofoam.
Answer: D

14. On HP-UX, a TiCAP processor has been activated on an rx8640 server. With the e-mail notification setting turned off, where will the notification message be sent?
A. to the syslog
B. No e-mail will be sent.
C. to a root e-mail account
D. to the system contact address
Answer: D

15. Which firmware subsystem components make up the Itanium 2 system firmware? (Select three.)
A. Processor Abstraction Layer (PAL)
B. Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI)
C. Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
D. Pre-OS System Startup Environment (POSSE)
E. Processor Dependent Hardware (PDH) riser board
F. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)
Answer: A, B, F

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