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Hitachi HH0-260 Exam -

Free HH0-260 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer has an existing HCP 500 consisting of four storages nodes. They have just purchased an additional HCP 500 and you are informed that you will be performing the replication setup.
What is the requirement prior to setting up replication?
A. trusted replication server certificates
B. replication link
C. outbound link name
D. inbound link name
Answer: A

Q: 2
You are adding two more volumes into each node of a HCP 500 DL. The storage administrator informs you that all SAN volumes have been created, zoned and presented to the HCP. Which LUN number presented to the HCP will cause a problem?
A. 5
B. 128
C. 130
D. 131
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which three statements are true about encryption on a HCP? (Choose three.)
A. Once enabled, encryption cannot be disabled.
B. The encryption key is accessible through the system management console.
C. Encryption can only be enabled at the time of installation.
D. The encryption key must be written down and given to the customer.
E. The encryption key is displayed several times during the installation process.
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 4
You have performed an upgrade on a customer's HCP. You complete the upgrade and verify that all the nodes are online and then give the system back to the customer. A few minutes later, the customer complains that they can read existing content but they cannot create new content on the HCP. Which step was missed?
A. The install user password was changed.
B. The upgrade was not committed.
C. The rollback was not performed.
D. The system management console is disabled.
Answer: B

Q: 5
How should the RAID group(s) and logical volume(s) be configured on a HCP 300 node?
A. three RAID groups each with three logical volumes
B. three RAID groups each with a single logical volume
C. a single RAID group with a single logical volume
D. a single RAID group with three logical volumes
Answer: D

Q: 6
What is the required zone configuration of a SAN fabric to support a HCP 500?
A. one global zone containing all HCP nodes World Wide Port Names (WWPN) of the HBA ports and the storage ports
B. one zone per HCP node containing two members: World Wide Port Names (WWPN) of the HBA port and the storage port C. two mirrored zones; one containing the even numbered World Wide Port Names (WWPN) of the HBA port and the storage port; the other containing odd numbered ports
D. two zones: one zone containing all HCP nodes World Wide Port Names (WWPN) of the HBA ports and the second zone containing all the storage ports
Answer: B

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