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Hitachi HH0-210 Exam -

Free HH0-210 Sample Questions:

1. Which three microcode exchange procedures available in an Hitachi TagmaStore USP or NSC? (Choose three.)
A.Alternate SCSI path
B.Non-Stop SCSI host
C.Postponed SCSI patch
D.Skip SCSI microprocessor
E.Skip SCSI channel adapter
Answer: ABE

2. A customer wishes to install a new Hitachi TagmaStore NSC55 to replace an existing Hitachi Lightning 9910 array. As part of the project to implement the new NSC55 the customer would like to migrate some of the data currently on the 9910 to the faster internal disks in the NSC55.
Which NSC55 software features could be used to achieve the migration?
A.ShadowImage and TrueCopy
B.TrueCopy and Serverless Backup Enabler
C.Universal Volume Manager and Volume Migration
D.Universal Volume Manager and Serverless Backup Enabler
Answer: D

3. A TrueCopy project has the following requirements:
Copy from site_A (Host_A) to site_B (Host_B). You have defined two instances (horcm0.conf and horcm1.conf) for the application and one Command Device (CMD_A on site_a and CMD_B on site_B.) What are two valid combinations of distributing the instances and defining access to the Command Devices on the different sites? (Choose two.)
A.Host_A has access to CMD_A and CMD_B and runs horcm0.conf and horcm1.conf.
B.Host_A has access to CMD_A and runs horcm0.conf. Host_B has access to CMD_A and runs horcm1.conf,
C.Host_A has access to CMD_A and runs horcm0.conf. Host_B has access to CMD_B and runs horcm1.conf.
D.Host_A has access to CMD_B and runs horcm0.conf. Host_B has access to CMD_B and runs horcm1.conf.
Answer: AC

4. You must upgrade a McDATA switch to the latest firmware version, non-disruptively. The switch is in a SAN with several other McDATA switches. The configuration uses Open Systems hosts with the correct path failover in a dual Fabric environment.
Which three actions should you undertake before proceeding? (Choose three.)
A.Study carefully the EOS release notes.
B.Tell the customer that it is not possible to upgrade online.
C.Check if the firmware is supported and qualified by Hitachi Data Systems.
D.Check the EFCM management software version, and the other switches firmware versions.
E.Fill-in the relevant McDATA pre-upgrade checklist form.
Answer: ACD

5. Hitachi Data Systems Sales and Services representatives are involved in preparing for the delivery of storage systems at a customer site.
Which three areas will these representatives be asked to look at when following the System Assurance Registration Documentation (SARD) process? (Choose three.) delivery date
B.customer contact details configuration details and feature availability access details for equipment delivery
Answer: BCE

6. An Authorized Service Provider (ASP) partner has downloaded the System Assurance Registration Documentation (SARD) from the Hitachi Data Systems PartnerXchange Web site to prepare for the installation of an Hitachi TagmaStore NSC55.
Which two documents are relevant for the partner to use as part of the SARD process? (Choose two.)
A.the SARD Excel worksheet
B.the Warranty Accreditation form
C.the Service Acceptance Agreement form
D.the NSC55 System Assurance Document
Answer: AD

7. What is the purpose of the System Assurance Registration Documentation (SARD) process?
A.To ensure accurate and complete record of pre-installation data.
B.To guarantee that HDS equipment is insured during transportation.
C.To inform a channel partner that equipment is available for shipment.
D.To validate configuration changes for customers with a premium service contract.
Answer: A

8. When upgrading cache capacity on a remote control unit (RCU) with active TrueCopy pairs, how do you prevent customer performance degradation on the master control unit (MCU)?
A.Delete pair.
B.Suspend pair.
C.Stop I/O on the RCU.
D.Stop I/O on the MCU.
Answer: B

9. After completing an Hitachi TagmaStore USP installation or before upgrading the microcode, which tool must you use to ensure that the SVP can communicate with all components of the subsystem?
C.a network sniffer
D.diags LAN TEST
Answer: D

10. The Network Storage Controller includes a built-in custom PC called the Service Processor (SVP). Which three statements describe the SVP? (Choose three.)
A.The SVP does have a display and keyboard.
B.The SVP does have access to any user data stored on the Network Storage Controller.
C.Connecting the SVP with a service center enables remote maintenance of the subsystem.
D.The SVP collects performance data for all key components of the Network Storage Controller.
E.The SVP enables the service representative to configure, maintain, and upgrade the Network Storage Controller.
Answer: CDE

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