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Hitachi HH0-110 Exam -

Free HH0-110 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 How does an administrator configure HiCommand Device Manager to support SCSI ports?

A. through the GUI as per normal configuration
B. through the CLI as SCSI has different requirments
C. HiCommand Device Manager does not support SCSI ports
D. HiCommand Device Manager automatically configures SCSI ports

Answer: C

Q: 2 What is the maximum number of connected external volumes per port supported by Universal Volume Manager?

A. 512
B. 1024
C. 2048
D. 4096

Answer: B

Q: 3 Which three Virtual Partitioning Manager activities can be performed online? (Choose three.)

A. move FICON ports between SLPRs
B. move RAID groups between CLPRs
C. move cache memory between CLPRs
D. move target fiber ports between SLPRs
E. move external fiber ports between SLPRs

Answer: B, C, D

Q: 4 has implemented HDS's Message Archiving for Email Solution (MAE). Which three benefits does the company gain? (Choose three.)

A. eliminate need for backups
B. simplified Exchange Management
C. mailbox recovery tasks are significantly simplified
D. ability to plan for growth and potential platform migration
E. increased mailserver performance as a result of good housekeeping

Answer: C, D, E

Q: 5 plans to implement a disaster recovery solution for three data centers. Which software should be used to replicate data between the second and the third sites ?

A. Hitachi Universal Replicator
B. Hitachi Online Data Migration
C. Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot
D. Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication

Answer: A

Q: 6 You have created a ShadowImage P-Vol/S-Vol pair. The P-Vol is a 10GB volume. The disk contains 5GB of data. When performing the paircreate operation, how much I/O is copied from the P-Vol to the S-VOL?

A. 0GB
B. 5GB
C. 10GB
D. 20GB

Answer: C

Q: 7 Which describes the HDS common practice for Back-end ACP pair percent busy level over 15 minutes or less?

A. Should be above 15%.
B. Should be at around 33%.
C. Should be kept below 50%.
D. No more than the sum of all array groups % busy.

Answer: C

Q: 8 Which describes HDS common practices for array group percent busy level over a continuous period of time?

A. HDS states 50% is a hot spot.
B. HDS allows 100% for any single LDEV.
C. HDS recommend involving GSS Storage Services right away.
D. HDS can not recommend any figure as it is workload profile dependent.

Answer: A

Q: 9 Which two does HiCommand Device Manager support? (Choose two.)

A. SUN clusters
C. VERITAS cluster software
D. Microsoft Cluster Server software

Answer: C, D

Q: 10 In order to secure continuous operations, the Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager is designed to meet which three fundamental requirements? (Choose three.)

A. disaster recovery
B. non-disruptive upgrades
C. heterogenous virtualization
D. non-disruptive data migration
E. provide multipathing to Logical Units

Answer: B, C, D

Q: 11 Which two types of Message Archive Solutions are delivered by HDS? (Choose two.)

A. Message Archive for E-mail
B. Message Archive for Compliance
C. Message Archive for Compression
D. Message Archive for Disaster Recovery

Answer: A, B

Q: 12 needs to improve their SLA, reduce costs and simplify management of their storage environment. The company will use the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform to achieve these requirements. One of the data warehouse applications need access to the most recent order data at multiple times during the day for billing and data mining. Which tool is used to create the online copy of the OLTP server?

A. TrueCopy
B. ShadowImage
C. Tuning Manager
D. Device Manager

Answer: B

Q: 13 What does the Hitachi Universal Replicator do?

A. moves data to tape
B. creates point-in-time copies of data
C. creates synchronous copies of data
D. migrates data from competitive arrays

Answer: B

Q: 14 What are the three specific components that comprise the Universal Star Network (Hi-Star)? (Choose three.)

A. Cache Memory
B. Shared Memory
C. Cache Switches
D. Non Volatile Storage
E. Extended Control Memory

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 15 is replicating its production database between two arrays located 500 km apart using TrueCopy Async. The production database contains 12 Logical Units (LUs).
What must the storage administrator do when configuring the replication?

A. Put all of the LUs in a Device Group.
B. Put all of the LUs in a Consistency Group.
C. Put all of the LUs in a Remote Replication Group.
D. Put all of the LUs in a Remote Replication Storage Pool.

Answer: B

Q: 16 An organization is using TrueCopy Sync to replicate its production data between two arrays located 300 km apart. The organization's disaster recovery (DR) policy requires a maximum recovery point objective (RPO) of two hours. Users are complaining that the production database is too slow. What can you do to reduce the latency of the database and still fulfill the organizations DR policy?

A. Use TrueCopy Asynchronous,
B. Use TrueCopy Instantaneous Access,
C. Add more bandwidth to the remote connection,
D. Put TrueCopy Synchronous into High Performance Mode,

Answer: A

Q: 17 HiCommand Tuning Manager software consists of which three key components? (Choose three.)

A. HiCommand Tuning Manager GUI
B. HiCommand Tuning Manager server
C. HiCommand Tuning Manager host agents
D. HiCommand Tuning Manager slave process
E. HiCommand Tuning Manager data optimizer

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 18 is using Hitachi Universal Replicator to replicate between remote sites. What happens after they experience a large sustained burst of I/O to Universal Replicator volumes?

A. S-Vol remains consistent.
B. Cache fills with write I/O and forces the P-Vol to split.
C. Application latency increases due to replication activity.
D. Cache fills with write I/O and forces the P-Vol to suspend.

Answer: A

Q: 19 Which two resources can you use to find additional assistance for performance claim? (Choose two.)

A. Other Partners Web sites
B. HDS announcement Web site
C. HDS eSupport Knowledge Base
D. HDS latest issue of Product Documentation

Answer: C, D

Q: 20 What are two key objectives of HiCommand Tuning Manager? (Choose two.)

A. forecasting future growth
B. track and report infrastructure changes
C. optimize storage volumes for host attachment
D. monitor, report, analyze capacity and performance

Answer: A, D

Q: 21 Which three statements are true about Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM)? (Choose three.)

A. HDLM is a host based software program.
B. HDLM eliminates the server as a single point of failure.
C. HDLM enables load balancing over multiple RAID groups.
D. HDLM eliminates the host HBA as a single point of failure.
E. HDLM enables load balancing over multiple available paths to a LU.

Answer: A, D, E

Q: 22 What are two ways that Application Optimized Storage (AOS) removes risk and restores our customer's business? (Choose two.)

A. Ensure database consistency.
B. Increase the performance of all applications.
C. Transparently copy data between tiers of storage based on application requirements.
D. Transparently move data between tiers of storage based on current application requirements.

Answer: C, D

Q: 23 Which three Virtual Partitioning Manager activities can be performed online? (Choose three.)

A. move FICON ports between SLPRs
B. move RAID groups between CLPRs
C. move cache memory between CLPRs
D. move target fiber ports between SLPRs
E. move external fiber ports between SLPRs

Answer: B, C, D

Q: 24 What are two methods available to protect data using SnapShot?

A. NAS Sync Image
B. NAS Backup Restore
C. NAS Differential Image
D. NAS Differential SnapShot

Answer: A, D

Q: 25 Which three are part of Resource Manager's complete suite of software for the Hitachi TagmaStore USP and Hitachi TagmaStore NSC? (Choose three.)

A. Hitachi LUN Manager
B. Hitachi Virtual LVI/LUN
C. Hitachi Volume Security
D. Hitachi Data Retention Utility
E. Hitachi Volume Port Security

Answer: A, B, C

Q: 26 HiCommand Tuning Manager supports which storage platforms?

A. all current HDS storage
B. all current open storage platforms
C. all current HDS modular storage platforms only
D. all current HDS enterprise storage platforms only

Answer: A

Q: 27 On which two platforms does HiCommand Device Manager host server run? (Choose two.)

A. Linux
C. Windows
D. Sun Solaris

Answer: C, D

Q: 28 What are two specific features of the Hitachi Universal Star Network (Hi-Star) architecture? (Choose two.)

A. virtual front-end directors
B. nonblocking crossbar switches
C. dual control bus for redundancy
D. separated data and control paths

Answer: B, D

Q: 29 What is the maximum number of NAS blade features that can be installed in the Hitachi TagmaStore USP?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 32

Answer: A

Q: 30 Which three Hitachi TagmaStore USP models are available as of 2005? (Choose three.)

A. Hitachi TagmaStore USP55
B. Hitachi TagmaStore USP100
C. Hitachi TagmaStore USP600
D. Hitachi TagmaStore USP1100
E. Hitachi TagmaStore USP1200

Answer: B, C, D

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