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HDI HD0-400 Exam -

Free HD0-400 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 What is the best action to take when sharing a workspace?
A. Keep a log of daily activities to share with next shift.
B. Label all of your personal property.
C. Refrain from loading personal software onto computer equipment.
D. Shut down the computer equipment at the end of each shift.
Answer: C

Q: 2 Which statement best describes a good leader?
A. Good leaders demonstrate absolute control over their teams.
B. Good leaders do not need to offer incentives.
C. Good leaders encourage initiative.
D. Good leaders make all the decisions for their staff.
Answer: C

Q: 3 Whicht is an example of data that must be protected by security policies?
A. Department addresses.
B. General telephone numbers.
C. Head office marketing handouts.
D. Personal information.
Answer: D

Q: 4 What is a best practice to use when placing a customer on hold?
A. Document your actions in the incident record.
B. Ensure that the hold music is working.
C. Provide a valid reason for putting the customer on hold.
D. Set a reminder so that you don forget the customer.
Answer: C

Q: 5 Which of the following techniques is the best one for reducing and eliminating conflict during a call?
A. Match the customer attitude.
B. Refrain from interrupting the customer.
C. Stop using the customer name.
D. Tell the customer you feel sorry for them.
Answer: B

Q: 6 What is the most important reason for using customer satisfaction surveys?
A. Customer satisfaction surveys allow customers to say what they really think without offending Support Centre staff.
B. Customer satisfaction surveys help to determine if customer service expectations are being met.
C. Customer satisfaction surveys provide an accurate set of management reports on SLA performance.
D. Customer satisfaction surveys provide information that can be used to assess blame for problems.
Answer: B

Q: 7 What is the major difference between problem management and incident management?
A. Incident management and problem management are the same.
B. Incident management aims to get people back to work quickly and problem management tries to stop incidents from recurring.
C. Incident management aims to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, and problem management solves problems.
D. Incident management is used first, and problem management is used if incident management does not work.
Answer: B

Q: 8 What is the best reason for using proper grammar and spelling when documenting incidents?
A. Not using proper grammar and spelling is sloppy.
B. Not using proper grammar and spelling will anger the customer.
C. Using proper grammar and spelling is professional.
D. Using proper grammar and spelling will impress your supervisor.
Answer: C

Q: 9 What is a best practice for effective cross-cultural communication?
A. Ask open questions.
B. Increase the pace of the call.
C. Repeat everything that the customer says.
D. Use proper language expressions.
Answer: D

Q: 10 A customer calls with a problem you know they could solve using the Support Centre web site. What is a best practice for encouraging the customer to try self-help?
A. Ask if they have tried the website and give them the answer.
B. Respectfully talk them through the self-help process.
C. Send them an e-mail with a link to the web site.
D. Tell them that the answer is on the web site and give them the URL.
Answer: B

Q: 11 Which metric is used to measure the average amount of time that a customer waits before a call is answered?
A. Abandon before answer.
B. Availability.
C. Average speed to answer.
D. First contact resolution.
Answer: C

Q: 12 What type of question will best encourage a customer to talk more about their incident?
A. Closed questions.
B. Open questions.
C. Technical questions.
D. Personal questions.
Answer: B

Q: 13 What is the best reason for providing status updates to your customers?
A. Providing status updates demonstrates sympathy for the customer.
B. Providing status updates ensures that you control the call.
C. Providing status updates is required by the SLA.
D. Providing status updates reduces the number of inbound calls.
Answer: D

Q: 14 Which of the following is most likely to be a barrier to communication?
A. The customer ability to use self-help systems.
B. The customer previous experience with the Support Centre.
C. The customer position in the business.
D. The level of support provided by the Support Centre.
Answer: B

Q: 15 What is the best reason for using a standard greeting when answering telephone calls?
A. Using a standard greeting complies with Support Centre standards.
B. Using a standard greeting ensures consistent service.
C. Using a standard greeting makes the customer feel humble.
D. Using a standard greeting prevents individuals developing their own greetings.
Answer: B

Q: 16 Why is it important for you to demonstrate confidence when dealing with others?
A. Demonstrating confidence establishes credibility with customers.
B. Demonstrating confidence increases first contact resolution.
C. Demonstrating confidence maximises talk time.
D. Demonstrating confidence minimises conflicts with customers.
Answer: A

Q: 17 What is the most important benefit of being empathetic towards your customers?
A. Your customers will know that you feel sorry for them.
B. Your customers will know that you can fix their problem for them.
C. Your customers will know that you understand how they feel.
D. Your customers will want to talk to you whenever they call.
Answer: C

Q: 18 Which statement best illustrates the concept of providing consistent service?
A. Answer all calls within 15 seconds or 3 rings.
B. Escalate all calls within 10 minutes if no answer is available.
C. Give each customer an answer on first contact.
D. Provide all callers with the same quality of service.
Answer: D

Q: 19 What is the best description of process management?
A. Process management is accomplishing tasks that we can test, report, and improve upon.
B. Process management is a formal concept that we work with.
C. Process management is a set of rules that can never be bent or broken.
D. Process management is red tape that prevents creativity.
Answer: A

Q: 20 What is a best practice to use to disengage from a customer?
A. Tell the customer the office is closing and you will call them tomorrow.
B. Tell the customer your queue is backing up.
C. Transfer the call to your supervisor.
D. Use closed questions.
Answer: D

Q: 21 Which statement best characterises a friendly and supportive workplace?
A. Management encourages extensive overtime.
B. Team members help each other.
C. Team members work alone.
D. Team members work only their allotted hours.
Answer: B

Q: 22 Which Support Centre process provides a framework for collaboration, provides information to customers, and lowers the overall cost of support?
A. Incident management.
B. Knowledge management.
C. Problem management.
D. Staff management.
Answer: B

Q: 23 What is the primary objective of a change management process?
A. The primary objective of a change management process is to identify who initiated the change.
B. The primary objective of a change management process is to improve content in the knowledge base.
C. The primary objective of a change management process is to minimise the impact of changes.
D. The primary objective of a change management process is to publicise changes.
Answer: C

Q: 24 What is the best description of an operational level agreement?
A. An operational level agreement is a legal document defining the penalties for failure to comply with the SLA.
B. An operational level agreement is an agreement between first level support and other internal support teams.
C. An operational level agreement is an agreement between internal support teams and vendors.
D. An operational level agreement is an agreement between IT and its customers.
Answer: B

Q: 25 What is a best practice for call management?
A. Listen to the customer description of the incident.
B. Provide the customer with details of the SLA.
C. Ask the customer for a written communication.
D. Use the CRM system to guide the call.
Answer: A

Q: 26 Which is a characteristic of a successful team?
A. Incentives are not provided.
B. There is little communication outside the team.
C. Processes are used effectively to maintain service quality.
D. No goals are established, they are not needed.
Answer: C

Q: 27 What is the best description of incident management?
A. Incident management is making sure that products work properly before they are implemented.
B. Incident management is only the responsibility of a supervisor or manager.
C. Incident management is prioritising tasks so that the easiest tasks are finished first.
D. Incident management is the restoration of services to minimise the impact on the availability of service.
Answer: D

Q: 28 What is the most likely sign that a conflict is developing?
A. The conversation with the customer is unfocused.
B. The customer asks multiple questions.
C. The customer changes their tone of voice.
D. The customer empathises with you.
Answer: C

Q: 29 Which action best illustrates a positive service attitude?
A. Answer every call on the first ring.
B. Call customers back to ensure satisfaction.
C. Focus your attention on the customer.
D. Humour customers when they need to vent.
Answer: C

Q: 30 What is the most important role of support centre services?
A. Support centre services provides technical solutions to all calls.
B. Support centre services serves as the customer single point of contact.
C. Support centre services educates customers about application software.
D. Support centre services provides the customer with a department to blame.
Answer: B

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