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Genesys GE0-703 Exam -

Free GE0-703 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 When using URL Scan, the location of <Application_Name>.xml is __________.
A. <EMPS Install Directory>\CN\EMPS\Web\data
B. <EMPS Install Dir>\CN\openldap\data\genesys
C. <EMPS Install Dir>\CN\web\did_url_mappings\0200
D. <EMPS Install Directory>\CN_EMPS\Web\Applications\0200
Answer: C

Q: 2 In a Behind the Switch configuration, the VCS carries out instructions from __________.
A. IVR Server only, in the form of IVR ServerXML
B. T-Server only, in the form of TLib Events
C. Web Server, in the form of VoiceXML
D. IVR Server client, in the form of XML
Answer: C

Q: 3 With an In-Front of the Switch implementation using Genesys Framework, what type of configuration with T-Server is required in Configuration Manager?
A. IVR Server connects to "Real T-Server", such as Alcatel T-Server, and connects to real Switch over CTI link.
B. IVR Server connects to "Virtual" T-Server which then connects to Virtual Switch
C. a T-Server configuration is not required
D. IVR Server connects to "Virtual" T-Server and connects to Real Switch over CTI link
Answer: B

Q: 4 When planning the sizing and capacity for a GVP deployment, which of the following should be considered?
A. In-Front or Behind-the-Switch mode of operation
B. SNMP tools for monitoring network
C. expected call volume
D. operating system of the web servers
Answer: C

Q: 5 Which of the following MRCP speech vendors does GVP support?
A. IBM Websphere Voice Server (WVS)
B. Asterisk
C. Microsoft
D. Linux
Answer: A

Q: 6 The process on the VCS/IPCS that starts the other component processes is the __________.
A. Page Collector
B. IVR Server Client
C. Call Flow Assistant
D. WatchDog
Answer: D

Q: 7 In a single-tenant configuration, all IVR Profiles must be created under the default customer name __________.
A. GVPOwner
B. Admin
C. Genesys
Answer: B

Q: 8 Prior to installing the VCS software, which of the following must be installed on the computer that hosts the VCS?
A. Dialogic software
B. IVR Server
C. SIP Switch
D. Voice Application Reporter
Answer: A

Q: 9 Refer to the PopGateway log entry. What event has occurred?
A. The configured IVR Profile was provisioned with ASR Enabled in EMPS.
B. The configured IVR Profile was not provisioned with ASR Enabled in EMPS.
C. The configured IVR Profile was provisioned with TTS Enabled in EMPS.
D. The configured IVR Profile was not provisioned with TTS Enabled in EMPS.
Answer: B

Q: 10 Which protocol is used between IVR Server and IVR Server Client?
C. Tlib
Answer: A

Q: 11 What type of request does the Media Gateway send to GVP's SIP Session Manager?
D. T-Events
Answer: A

Q: 12 How many steps are necessary to add a new ivr profile in EMPS?
A. One step: Click Add New IVR Profile. You can provision on the same screen.
B. One step: Use the Bulk Provisioning Tool (BPT) to generate the IVR Profile.
C. Two steps: Click Add New IVR Profile and then provision the IVR Profile.
D. Three steps: Click Add New IVR Profile, then provision it, and then click on Deploy.
Answer: C

Q: 13 Which version of the VoiceXML Specification does GVP version 7.5 support?
A. VoiceXML 1.0
B. VoiceXML 1.1
C. VoiceXML 2.0
D. VoiceXML 3.0
Answer: C

Q: 14 When using the Sun One Directory Server as the LDAP database to store the configuration for GVP, the user name that is required is __________.
A. cn=Manager
B. GVPOwner
C. cn=Directory Manager
D. admin
Answer: C

Q: 15 The IVR Server Client communicates with the IVR Server via __________.
A. http
B. IVR Server XML
C. Telera XML
D. VoiceXML
Answer: B

Q: 16 The ability to record the caller's speech for application analysis is configured in an IVR Profile within the EMPS and is referred to as __________.
B. EMS Runtime
C. Enable ASR Transcoding
D. Enable ASR Logging
Answer: D

Q: 17 What does the log flag *:0x3 stand for?
A. No logging
B. Error + warning messages for all modules
C. Disable all logging
D. Show all logs for all modules
Answer: B

Q: 18 When changing the Custom log level for the Genesys Queue Adapter (GQA) to 1000, what would you see?
A. Setting this log flag to 1000, you will see I-Server XML normalized messages between IVR Server and I-Server Client (GQA) in the <Reseller>_<Customer>_GQA.log
B. This restricts the log file size to 1000 lines. A new log file will be generated after reaching this limit.
C. Setting this log flag to 1000 will allow full level logging messages between IVR Server and I-Server Client (GQA) in the <Reseller>_<Customer>_GQA.log.
D. This sets the log max size to 1000 bytes. The <Reseller>_<Customer>_GQA.log file will rollover and a new log file be generated after reaching this limit.
Answer: A

Q: 19 Which of the following components acts as a SIP Proxy to relay SIP messages between a Media Gateway and IPCS?
A. Arbitrator
B. PopGateway
C. SIP Session Manager
D. Voice Communications Server
Answer: C

Q: 20 A logical group of ports is referred to as a __________.
A. Telephony Manager
B. Route
C. Page Collector
D. MRCP Client
Answer: B

Q: 21 Refering to the I-ServerXML log entry, what is the "CalledNum"?
A. the ANI that was called
B. the DNIS of the call
C. the Dialogic port the call landed on
D. the web server port the call landed on
Answer: C

Q: 22 MS SQL Server needs to be installed when which of the following features are deployed? (Select all that apply.)
C. Policy Manager
D. EMS Reporting
Answer: B, D

Q: 23 Which of the following Dialogic tools allow you to customize Dialogic board(s), system settings and TDM bus configurations?
A. ISDN Trace
B. Dialogic Configuration Manager
C. Line Admin
D. List Boards
Answer: B

Q: 24 The IP Call Manager is composed of SIP Session Manager, Database and __________.
A. Resource Manager
B. WatchDog
C. Telephony Manager
D. Softphone
Answer: A

Q: 25 Outbound Calling is a feature typically associated with ____ configuration.
A. an In-Front of the Switch
B. a Behind the Switch
C. a VoIP application
Answer: A

Q: 26 When Nuance/Speechworks OSR is installed, the variable SWIrunAsClient's value determines if OSR client runs on a separate host than the server. That value is set __________.
A. conditionally, as an Environment variable
B. manually, as an Environment variable
C. automatically, in Speechworks.cfg
D. manually, in Speechworks.cfg
Answer: C

Q: 27 What RTP protocol is used for the IPCS SIP interface?
Answer: A

Q: 28 Which GVP application is used to build and test voice applications?
A. Element Management Provisioning System
B. IP Call Manager
C. Voice Application Reporter
D. Genesys Studio
Answer: D

Q: 29 Which one of the following is NOT a valid deployment option for GVP and VOIP?
A. Voice Communication Server, Media Gateway, and Genesys SIP Server
B. Genesys SIP Server, Media Gateway, and IP Communication Server
C. Media Gateway, IP Communication Server(s), SIP or H.323 Session Manager, Resource Manager, and Polyhedra database
D. Alcatel OXE 4400 IP (Hybrid PBX), IP Communication Server(s), SIP or H.323 Session Manager,
Resource Manager, and Polyhedra database
Answer: A

Q: 30 How would you enable/disable anonymous access to the EMPS?
A. via IPCS or VCS
B. modify GVP.ini file
C. via Dialogic
D. via IIS settings
Answer: D

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