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H3C GB0-183 Exam -

Free GB0-183 Sample Questions:

1. Two Ethernet switches are connected with 2 twisted pair. In order to resolve the communication problem, ( ) technique needs to be used.
A. Source route bridge
B. Spanning tree bridge
C. MAC sub-layer bridge
D. Remote source route bridge
Answer: B

2. IEEE organized to formulate ( ) standard, standardizing the method of VLAN implementation between switches
C. 802.1q
Answer: C

3. Each port of the Ethernet switch can be viewed as one( )
A. Collision domain
B. Broadcast domain
C. Management domain
D. Congestion domain
Answer: A

4. Which of the following address denotes all the routers and hosts over the subnet that participates in multicast( )
Answer: A

5. Which of the following statements concerning the function of Link-Aggregation are true( )
A. When Link-Aggregation function is used, it is for the purpose of isolating broadcast
B. Link-Aggregation function can be used to conveniently implement load sharing of flow
C. When Link-Aggregation function is used, it is likely to give rise to broadcast storm
D. The use of Link-Aggregation function can expand the communication bandwidth between the switches or between the servers
Answer: BD

6. Spanning Tree Algorithm ensures that there is no loop in the network topology, by blocking the port that causes loop.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

7. Which of the following statements concerning Ethernet switch are true:
A. The Ethernet switch is a kind of device that works at the network layer
B. The most fundamental operating principle of Ethernet switch is 802.1d
C. Spanning tree protocol resolves the requirements for the Ethernet switch to build virtual private network
D. The Ethernet switch can be used to divide collision domain
Answer: BD

8. When one Ethernet switch receives a data frame from a port of the switch, if the destination MAC address is NOT found in the MAC address table, what will usually be done?
A. Copying the Ethernet frame to all the ports
B. Sending the Ethernet frame only to the specific port
C. Sending the Ethernet frame to all the ports other than this port
D. Discarding this frame
E. Sending the Ethernet frame to one group of specific ports
Answer: C

9. In a switched network that contains equipment of multiple manufactures, the tag of Trunk in VLAN should select
A. IEEE 802.1q
D. Any of the above
Answer: A

10. Which layer of the OSI reference model is responsible for addressing and routing?
A. Data link layer
B. Network layer
C. Transmission layer
D. Application layer
Answer: B

11. Which kind of device is needed for the communication between VLAN?
A. Bridge
B. Layer 2 switch
C. Router
Answer: C

12. Which of the following are methods for dividing network into VLANs?
A. Port-based
B. Protocol-based
C. Mac address-based
D. Position-based
Answer: ABC

13. The tag header of IEEE 802.1Q varies according to the medium used. According to IEEE802.1Q standard, the tag is embedded in( )
A. Not at fixed place
B. Before the source MAC address and destination MAC address
C. After the source MAC address and the destination MAC address
D. Between the source MAC address and destination MAC address
Answer: C

14. In STP protocol, when the priority levels of the bridges are same, which of the following will be selected as the root bridge( )
A. The bridge with the smallest MAC address
B. The bridge with the biggest MAC address
C. The bridge whose port priority value is highest
D. The port whose port priority value is lowest
Answer: A

15. The three techniques of flow control are:
A. Buffering technique
B. Source suppression technique
C. Port rate self-negotiation mechanism
D. Window mechanism
Answer: ABD

16. Spanning tree algorithm is used in Ethernet for the purpose of:
A. Preventing the route update packet from one same port from forwarding to this port
B. Generating loop free logical tree structure, and trying it is best to set up one channel between the LAN network segments
C. Setting up one path between each LAN network segment
D. Ensuring that the data information will reach each node correctly
Answer: B

17. IEEE 802.3X is VLAN standard
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

18. IEEE 802.3u is the standard of fast Ethernet switch
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

19. Why Lan need to be divided into Vlans?
A. Reduce the cost on the moving and changing of network equipment
B. Strengthen network security
C. Restrict broadcast packet and save bandwidth
D. Achieve dynamic management of the network
Answer: ABCD

20. Logically, all the switches are made up of two parts( )and( )
A. Data forwarding logic
B. Switching module
C. MAC address table
D. Input/output interface
Answer: AD

21. The function of the data link layer includes ( )
A. Fragmenting data
B. Providing logical address
C. Providing flow control and error control
D. Providing medium access and link management
Answer: CD

22. The application PING sends (?)
A. TCP request message
B. TCP response message
C. ICMP echo request message
D. ICMP echo reply message
Answer: C

23. Concerning Hub, which of the following are true( )
A. Hub can be used to build LAN
B. Generally, Hub possesses routing function
C. Hub is usually also referred to as HUB, and can generally serve as address translation equipment
D. All the PCs under one shared Ethernet Hub belong to one collision domain.
Answer: AD

24. Which of the following is NOT the main characteristic of LAN( )
A. To provide full time local service
B. To connect the physically adjacent equipment
C. To provide multi-user broadband medium access
D. To run over one large area
Answer: D

25. When one host moves from one network to another, which of the following is true( )
A. Its MAC address and IP address need not to be changed
B. Its IP address and MAC address need to be changed.
C. Its IP address needs to be changed, while the MAC address needs not
D. Its MAC address needs to be changed, while the IP address needs not
Answer: C

26. The functions of the Tracert command are( )
A. Used to check if the network management is normal
B. Used to check if the network connection is reachable
C. Used to analyze where the problems lies in within the network
Answer: BC

27. VLAN tag is implemented at which layer of OSI reference model?
A. Physical layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Application layer
Answer: B

28. For IP address,, which of the following statements are true?
A. This is a broadcast address
B. This is a network address
C. This is a private address
D. The address is in192.168.19.0 network segment
E. The address is in network segment
F. This is a public address
Answer: CE

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