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H3C GB0-180 Exam -

Free GB0-180 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is the function of the session layer( )
A. To provide encryption/decryption
B. To provide data conversion and format
C. To set up connections between different hosts
D. To set up session between two applications
Answer: D

2. Which of the following command is usually used for remote loggin( )
Answer: C

3. ( ) is a kind of broadcast, through which the host can dynamically discover the MAC address corresponding to one IP address
Answer: A

4. IEEE802.3 Ethernet adopts ( ) to support bus topology ,it is abbreviated from ( ).
A. STP Spanning Tree Protocol
B. STP Shortest Tree Protocol
C. CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multicast Access/Collision Detection
D. CSMA/CD Carrier Sent Multicast Access/CRC Detection
E. CSMA/CD Carrier Service Multiple Access/Collision Detection
F. CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
Answer: B

5. The basic functions of transport layer are:
A. Segment upper-layer data
B. Create end-to-end connection
C. Transmit data from the host at one end to the host at the other end
D. Ensure the stability of data transmission
Answer: ABCD

6. The principle used to evaluate the routing algorithm does NOT include( )
A. Fast convergence
B. Flexibility
C. Advancement in topology structure
D. If the path selected is the best
Answer: C

7. In the router, which of the following command can be used to view the routing table of a router( )
Answer: D

8. Input display interface on Huawei Quidway router, and which of the following information you will see?
A. The descriptions about the interface
B. The route information concerning the said interface
C. Error statistics
D. Interface status
Answer: ACD

9. Which of the following authentication algorithms are used for ppp authentication?
A. MD5
D. IPsec
Answer: BC

10. RouterA and RouterB are connected by serial interface.The configuration of router A is as below:
[Quidway1]display current-configurtion
Now create configuration...
Current configuration
version 1.74
local-user huawei service-type ppp password simple quidway
firewall enable
sysname Quidway1
interface Aux0
async mode flow
phy-mru 0
link-protocol ppp
interface Ethernet0
ip address
interface Serial0
clock DTECLK1
link-protocol ppp
ppp authentication-mode chap
ppp chap user hw
ip address
interface Serial1
link-protocol ppp
ip route-static preference 60
The configuration of router B is as below:
[Quidway2]display current-configurtion
Now create configuration...
Current configuration
version 1.74
local-user hw service-type ppp password simple quidway
firewall enable
sysname Quidway2
encrypt-card fast-switch
interface Aux0
async mode flow
phy-mru 0
link-protocol ppp
interface Ethernet0
ip address
interface Serial0
link-protocol ppp
ppp chap user huawei
ppp chap password simple quidway
ip address
interface Serial1
link-protocol ppp
ip route-static preference 60
WAN stands for serial link between RouterA serial interface and RouterB serial interface. LAN stands for the link between RouterA Ethernet interface and RouterB Ethernet interface. Which of the following statements is true( )
A. Both WAN and LAN can be connected
B. Neither WAN, nor LAN can be connected
C. The WAN on two ends can be connected, while LAN can not
D. The WAN on two ends can not be connected, while LAN can be connected
Answer: C

11. Frame-relay is a ( ) protocol
A. connection-oriented
B. network
C. connectionless
D. reliable
Answer: A

12. What is the meaning of the number "7" in the command "fr map ip dlci 7 broadcast"?
A. The number of local logic channel
B. The number of local DLCI
C. The number of interface at the opposite end
D. The number of node at the opposite end
Answer: B

13. In RIP protocol, which of the following parameter is used to computes metric( )
B. Delay
C. Bandwidth
D. Route hop count
Answer: D

14. The dynamic routing protocol has advantages over the static routing in:
A. Less bandwidth occupation
B. Simplicity
C. The router can discern the network changes automatically
D. The router can compute new routes automatically
Answer: CD

15. Which of the following commands to configure default route is correct:
A. [Quidway]ip route-static
B. [Quidway]ip route-static
C. [Quidway-serial0]ip router-static
D. [Quidway]ip router-static
Answer: A

16. Quidway R1603/1604 router provides ISDN BRI interfaces, where Quidway R1603 provides
A. S/T interface
B. U interface
C. E1 interface
D. T interface
Answer: A

17. The range of the numeric ID of the standard access control list is( )
A. 1~50
B. 1~99
C. 1~100
D. 1~199
E. Specified by the network management staff
Answer: B

18. The access control list
[Quidway] acl 100
[Quidway-acl-100] rule permit ip source destination,
A. Permit host to access host
B. Permit network to access network
C. Permit host to access network
D. Permit network to access host
Answer: D

19. To check the application of access control list at a specified interface, which of the following commands is required?
A. display acl
B. display acl all
C. display acl acl-number
D. dispaly acl interface interface-type interface-number
Answer: D

20. The fixed length part of IP packet header is ( ) bytes
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 60
Answer: B

21. Which transmission layer protocol does TFTP server use, and what is the port number?
A. UDP 69
B. TCP 67
C. TCP 23
D. UDP 53
Answer: A

22. Under TCP protocol, to create a connection requires ( ) process; the termination of a connection requires ( ) process
A. Direct handshake; 2 handshakes
B. 2 handshakes; 4 handshakes
C. 3 handshakes; 4 handshakes
D. 4 handshakes; 2 handshakes
Answer: C

23. The command to enable Circular DDR is ( )
A. dialer-rule
B. acl
C. dialer-group
D. dialer enable-circular
Answer: D

24. In ISDN network, U interface is defined between ( )
A. TE1 and NT
B. TE2 and TA
C. NT1 and ISDN network
D. NT1 and NT2
Answer: C

25. To configure one virtual circuit on X.25 to be logic channel, the correct configuration is( )
A. x25 map x121-address 2202 logic-channel 1
B. x25 map ip x121-address 2202 logic-channel 1
C. x25 map protocol ip x121-address 2202 logic-channel 1
D. x25 map ip 2202 logic-channel 1
Answer: B

26. The command 'standby timer enable-delay ;standby timer disable-delay' is applied when:
A. Active interface is physical interface
B. Standby interface is physical interface
C. Active interface is logic channel
D. Standby interface is logic channel
Answer: AC

27. For one network with the subnet address, and the mask, the maximum host address is( )
Answer: C

28. VLSM means:
A. Variable Length Subnet Masking
B. Variable Length Shortest Masking
C. Very Long/Shortest Masking
D. Variable Long Subnet Masking
E. Variable Length Short Measurement
Answer: A

29. For network card to connect the Ethernet interface of a router, ( ) should be used between the two interfaces
A. Cross cable
B. Standard cable
C. Console cable
D. AUX cable
Answer: A

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