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Cognos FPM-100 Exam -

Free FPM-100 Sample Questions:

1. What control(s) must be applied to a cell to prevent breakback, direct data entry, and data loading using a D-Link?
A. Hold and Lock
B. Hold and Protect
C. Lock and Protect
D. Lock will prevent all three
Answer: A

2. A modeler wants to create a D-List that contains all of the sales channels used by the company. These sales channels are currently listed in a Report Studio report that is available to all users. What is the most efficient way for the modeler to create this D-List?
A. Import from ODBC
B. Import from Mapped Ascii-files
C. Import from Another D-List
D. Import from IBM Cognos package
Answer: D

3. What happens if a modeler does not select an item to keep when deleting a D-List from a D-Cube?
A. All data is lost
B. Data from all items is summed
C. Data from the first D-List item is kept
D. A prompt appears requiring a selection; it is mandatory
Answer: B

4. The IIDs for the Channels D-List appear below.

A modeler accidentally deletes the Department Store item from the D-List. The modeler then re-creates the Department Store item but places it so it appears as the last item in the D-List before ALL CHANNELS. What will the IID be for the Department Store item?
A. 2
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10
Answer: D

5. Which D-List item requires a Time Average?
A. Unit cost
B. Order date
C. Commission %
D. Opening balance
Answer: D

6. A modeler is creating a calculation using the Paste functionality. What happens to the calculation if the modeler clicks OK without selecting any items from the D-List?
A. It will include the all D-List items and the items will be summed together.
B. It will include all D-List items with no operator assigned to any item.
C. It will not include any D-List items but they can be entered manually.
D. It will not include any D-List items and they cannot be entered manually.
Answer: A

7. A D-List contains an item called Category Code, where the code is three characters long and represents a region and month, such as E11 for Europe and November. Which type of format should be applied to this item to ensure that only valid codes are entered?
A. Text
B. Date
C. D-List
D. Numeric
Answer: C

8. Which statement is true about D-List formatted items?
A. They can only use text data
B. They cannot be used in conditional calculations
C. They can be used as a dimension in a Lookup D-Link
D. The Format D-List must belong to the same library as the Lookup D-List
Answer: C

9. A modeler has manually formatted a D-List item to appear a certain way and also wants the following item in the D-List to use the same format. What is the fastest way for the modeler to format the subsequent item?
A. Apply
B. Assign
C. Load
D. Next
Answer: B

10. A D-Cube calculates monthly revenue by product. Revenue for a product is equal to the unit sale price multiplied by the quantity sold. If the modeler is applying a weighted average to the Unit Sale Price item, which should be used for the weighting?
A. Revenue
B. Quantity sold
C. Number of months
D. Number of products
Answer: B

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