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FileMaker FM0-307 Exam -

Free FM0-307 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which statement is true about container fields in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. If one container field in a given database file is set to Store container data externally, all container fields in that file must store their data externally
B. If a file larger than a database's Maximum container file size value is inserted into a container field. FileMaker Pro 12 will automatically compress the inserted file.
C. If a container field is set to Store container data externally, then the Store only a reference to the file option is automatically selected for any file inserted into that field.
D. If the setting Generate and store thumbnails for images is chosen in the Manage Containers dialog for a given database file, all container fields in that file will have thumbnails generated.
Answer: D

Q: 2
Which two are directly selectable options in the Validation tab of the field options dialog in FileMaker Pro 12? (Choose two.)
A. Existing value
B. Strict data type: Integer
C. Strict data type: Time of Day
D. Strict datatype: Alphanumeric
E. Minimum number of characters
Answer: A,C

Q: 3
Which two statements are true about fields using global storage in FileMaker Pro 12? (Choose two.)
A. Globally stored fields are always empty at the start of a user's session.
B. Fields using global storage can be used as match fields in a relationship.
C. A container field using global storage may not be configured to store its data externally.
D. Globally stored fields can only be accessed from within the file in which they are defined.
E. Changes to data in globally stored fields in a shared file are stored when the server cache is flushed.
Answer: B,C

Q: 4
What is possible when working with shadow fields from an External ODBC Data Source?
A. creating a two-column value list
B. saving formatted text (bold, italic, etc.)
C. checking the Auto-complete using previously entered values checkbox in the Field/Control Setup dialog
D. inserting binary data such as a PDF file, provided the field options are set to Store container data externally
Answer: A

Q: 5
Which three field options may be set for a shadow field from an External ODBC Data Source? (Choose three.)
A. Validation: not empty
B. Validation: unique value
C. Validation: existing value
D. Auto-enter creation timestamp
E. Auto-enter serial number, on creation
F. Storage: automatically create indexes as needed
Answer: A,D,E

Q: 6
A table in a FileMaker Pro 12 database has a text field CompanyName. The following field validation options are set for this field:
Validate data in this field only during data entry
Allow user to override during data entry
Require not empty
Display custom message if validation fails
A user imports a set of records into this table. Some records have no value in the CompanyName field. What will occur?
A. All of the records will be imported. No error message will be displayed.
B. The user will see the custom error message, but the import will continue if the user overrides the error.
C. All records with a value for CompanyName will be imported. The user will see the specified custom message.
D. All records with a value for CompanyName will be imported. The user will see an error dialog from the FileMaker Pro application stating that some records could not be imported due to errors, along with a count of those records.
Answer: A

Q: 7
Given a text field Full Name, Auto-Enter by Calculated value has been selected in the field options, using the following formula:
Name First &." "& Name Last
The developer then disables (unchecks) the option Do not replace existing value of field (if any).
For which two cases will the results of the specified formula be inserted into the field Full Name? (Choose two.)
A. When the record is first created
B. When the field Full Name itself is modified
C. Only when the field Full Name was previously empty
D. When either of the fields Name First or Name Last is modified
E. When the field Full Name itself is modified and the record is committed
Answer: A,D

Q: 8
Which statement is true about portals in FileMaker Pro 12?
A. Conditional formatting can be applied to a portal row.
B. An OnObjectEnter script trigger applied to a portal will activate once for each portal row as a user tabs from field to field across rows.
C. A portal set with only a bottom anchor containing fields set with only a top anchor will increase row height as the layout is expanded vertically.
D. Records in a portal can become unsorted if the developer unchecks "Keep records in sorted order" in the Portal Setup > Sort Records dialog.
E. If there are multiple portals on a layout, the Go to Portal Row [First] script step will activate the portal closest to the top left corner of the layout.
Answer: B

Q: 9
The text field productCode has a script trigger set to activate OnObjectKeystroke and runs the following script:
If [Length (File::productCode) > 7]
Exit Script [Result: 0]
Set Field [File::productCode; File::productCode & "-"]
End If
The field productCode has the value of 12-1415. A user types a 6 in the field at the end of the value.
What is the resulting value in the field after the script trigger has processed?
A. 12-1415
B. 12-1415-
C. 12-14156
D. 12-14156-
E. 12-1415-6
Answer: E

Q: 10
Which two statements are true if a layout is configured with an OnRecordLoad script trigger enabled in both Browse and Find modes? (Choose two.)
A. It will be activated by entering Find mode.
B. It will be activated by creating a new window.
C. It will be activated when records are imported.
D. It will not be activated while switching records in Table view.
Answer: A,B

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