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RES Software ES0-005 Exam -

Free ES0-005 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
With what setting is an administrator able to control when to download a Resource to a Dispatcher?
A. Dispatcher discovery
B. Dispatcher cache timing
C. Dispatcher cache duration
D. Dispatcher cache availability
Answer: B

Q: 2
How can an administrator create a user with the following options?
First Name: Amanda
Last Name: Cavendish
Primary mail-address:
LogonName: CavendishA
Display Name: Amanda Cavendish
The following Parameters are available:
A. The administrator needs more Parameters to achieve this in RES Automation Manager.
B. Enter all applicable fields in a .CSV file, create the Parameters Firstname and Lastname and enter them when scheduling the job.
C. Create a task, create active directory user with the following options: FirstNarne =
$[FirstbTame] LastName = $[LastName] DisplayName = $[FirstName] $[LastName] LogonName =
$[LastbTame]@substring($[FirstName],l,l) MailAddress=$[FirstName]_$[LastName]
D. Create a task, create active directory user with the following options: FirstNarne =
$[FirstbTame] LastName = $[LastName] DisplayName = $[FirstName] $[LastName]LogonName =
$[LastName]@replace($[FirstName],l,l) MailAddress=$[FirstName]_$[LastName]
Answer: C

Q: 3
How many licenses are required when running Connectors on one mail server, one directory server and one database server?
A. 46 licenses
B. 49 licenses
C. 53 licenses
D. 56 licenses
Answer: B

Q: 4
If not enough licenses are available, how does the RES Automation Manager decide which Agents get the licenses that are available?
A. The Agent deployed the first will get the first license and so on.
B. Every Agent which comes online receives a license automatically, leaving another Agent unlicensed and so on.
C. The Agents closest to the Datastorereceivesa license first.
D. Licenses are divided randomly on the Agents.
Answer: A

Q: 5
An administrator is planning an RES Automation Manager environment. Since bandwidth in the environment is limited, the RES Automation Manager wants to limit download speed between the Agents and Dispatchers. How can this be achieved?
A. Deploy additional Dispatchers to distribute the load.
B. Set up Resource download throttling.
C. Set up Master Caching.
D. Set up bandwidth throttling.
Answer: D

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