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CompTIA EK0-002 Exam -

Free EK0-002 Sample Questions:

1. What differentiates client/server applications from other types of applications?
A. a telnet session to a web server
B. processing is divided between the requesting and providing applications
C. reliance on relational database technology and dumb terminals
D. using a workstation to view remote data on a mainframe computer
Answer: B

2. A high traffic website with a wide range of content that typically includes services as e-mail, community and chat is called:
A. an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
B. a portal.
C. an Application Service Provider (ASP).
D. an intranet.
Answer: B

3. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is different from Secure Socket Layer (SSL) because:
A. SSL requires the payment card holder to have a digital signature.
B. SET requires the payment card holder to have a digital signature.
C. SET only uses public\private key hashing.
D. SET uses encryption methods standardized by the International Secure Safety Committee (ISSC).
Answer: B

4. A client computing device which relies primarily on the centralized processing capabilities of a corporate intranet server is an example of a:
A. thin client.
B. fat client.
C. workstation client.
D. middleware client.
Answer: A

5. A collaborative, Internet based network to link an enterprise with a specific group of its suppliers or customers is commonly referred to as a(n):
A. Internet.
B. extranet.
C. CONet.
D. intranet.
Answer: B

6. What are three protocols that are part of the TCP/IP suite? (Choose three.)
A. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
B. NetBEUI Protocol
C. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
D. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
Answer: ACD

7. The purpose of a meta-aggregator is to:
A. collect survey information from World Wide Web users.
B. gather and present information about products and pricing from several Web sites.
C. allow users to use several email services through one software package.
D. configure Web sites to use multiple browser versions.
Answer: B

8. On an E-Commerce site, allowing users to change their billing address or telephone number is an example of:
A. E-Procurement services.
B. customer self-service.
C. data integration services.
D. providing Internet services.
Answer: B

9. A Web site that focuses on servicing the needs of a specific industry is called a(n):
A. application service vendor.
B. E-Procurement service.
C. community of interest.
D. vertical portal.
Answer: D

10. Channel conflict arises when:
A. the television channel interferes with a cable modem providing Internet access.
B. two Web sessions cross data paths.
C. the online sales of product or services competes with a traditional sales force.
D. the web connection is terminated abruptly.
Answer: C

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