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Exam Express EE0-602 Exam -

Free EE0-602 Sample Questions:

1. R. L. Rivers Company is trying to prevent purchasing from non-approved suppliers. Which method could be used to implement this policy?
A.Use Company (Vendor) status.
B.Create a Workflow approval process.
C.Use Application Designer to hide the Vendor field.
D.Use Purchase Contracts; make this a required field.
E.Set Security application to lock down Purchase Requisitions.
Answer: B

2. FlyNow Airlines performs materials management activities (Item, Inventory Balance tracking, Material Issues/Returns/Receipts) in an external ERP system. What integration points must be implemented in order to keep Maximo updated with the latest item balances and material usage costs?
A.Vendors, Item Master, Inventory
B.Item Master, Inventory, Receipts
C.Vendors, Chart of Accounts, Item Master
D.Item Master, Inventory, Receipts, Issues/Returns
Answer: D

3. Fleet Corporation requires a user dialog to display when a corrective maintenance work order is created and there is a Preventive Maintenance schedule that is due within the next seven days. What must be accomplished in order to address this requirement? (Choose TWO)
A.Extend the PM Class.
B.Set up a standard cron task.
C.Set the Alert Lead on the PM.
D.Configure the PM Alert Option.
E.Create an Alert Lead field on the PM.
Answer: CD

4. FlyNow Airlines wants to display and store the name of the person entering a work order. What are the correct steps? (Choose THREE)
A.Run configdb.
B.Rebuild the maximo.ear file.
C.Import the changes to the xml file.
D.Add a display name field using the Application Designer.
E.Create a CROSSOVER domain and associate to the display name field.
Answer: ADE

5. FlyNow Airlines has a requirement to migrate active Job Plans from a legacy system to Maximo. The existing External Interface does not have a Job Plan inbound interface. Where are the references to the MBOs created?
A.External Systems
B.Integration Objects
C.Integration Interfaces
D.Database Configuration
Answer: B

6. Gander Lumber Company wants to share item data across two business units in different countries. Each business unit has a different financial process. What organization and site structure is recommended? organization with two sites
B.two organizations with one site each item set and one organization with two sites item set and two organizations with one site each
Answer: D

7. What architecture does Maximo 6 use?
Answer: A

8. BMI Corporation has a requirement to categorize work orders by an attribute so they can be viewed and managed as a group. How is this accomplished in Maximo? (Choose TWO)
B.Value List
C.Work Type
D.Service Group
Answer: CE

9. Mitchell Corporation wants to define an entity that is routinely transferred into a storeroom at a scheduled interval or upon fault detection. This entity can be repaired and re-used.
What is the term to describe this entity in Maximo?
D.Rotating Item
Answer: D

10. Gander Lumber Company needs to identify and notify the responsible person when warranties for critical assets are about to expire. What is used to achieve this client requirement?
B.Email Listener
C.Purchase Order
D.Service License Agreement (SLA)
Answer: A

11. What is true about an asset? (Choose TWO)
A.can only have one meter
B.can be moved between sites
C.must be a member of an Item Set
D.must be associated with a location
E.can be moved between organizations
Answer: BE

12. Acme Corporation has a requirement to send emails to administrators when certain assets are approaching the end of their lease. What application is required to send these emails?
C.Email Listener
D.SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Answer: B

13. What data can be shared across organizations? (Choose TWO)
D.Job Plans
E.Safety Plans
Answer: BD

14. What best describes the relationship between assets in Maximo?
A.networked with an asset having many parents and many children
B.hierarchical with an asset having only one parent but many children
C.location centric with assets grouped by the location to which they are assigned
D.system centric with all assets defined as components assigned to a logical system
Answer: B

15. The accountant on the client core team wants to know what costs Maximo tracks on work orders. What costs will Maximo track? (Choose THREE)
F.Work Order
Answer: ABD

16. What type of associations can be made between People and Assets? (Choose TWO)
Answer: AE

17. From where can an Asset inherit its specification attributes? (Choose TWO)
C.Spare parts
Answer: AD

18. What is the best use of a Workflow sub-process? start escalations
B.for assigning actions a common process apply custom classes
Answer: C

19. ABC Trucking Company has a requirement to define an entity that is uniquely identified and not typically moved. The entity may contain further entities that can be moved. What term is used to describe this entity in Maximo?
Answer: D

20. During a business process workshop, the client makes the following statement: "We have an existing asset classification structure that needs to be supported in Maximo. How many classification hierarchy levels can Maximo support?" What is the correct response to the client's question?
Answer: D

21. R. L. Rivers Company has a requirement to associate an owner to an asset. What type of entity is the owner?
D.Person Group
Answer: C

22. FlyNow Airlines would like to track the temperature of an asset's location. How can this be achieved?
A.Failure Codes
C.Condition Monitoring Points
D.Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Answer: C

23. L. B. Tire Company requires that purchase requisitions for inventory demand be transmitted to their external procurement system. What Maximo functionality should be used to accomplish this task?
A.Maximo Data Loader
B.Maximo Enterprise Adapter
C.Maximo PRExport cron task
D.Maximo Business Object extensions
Answer: B

24. Fleet Corporation requires their system to automatically autofill partially-filled fields. How is this accomplished in Maximo?
A.JSP default
B.Maximo customization
C.Windows configuration
D.Standard Maximo configuration
Answer: D

25. FlyNow Airlines has decommissioned an airplane. In what application can the client view the move history?
C.Work Order
D.Asset Master
E.Preventive Maintenance (PM)
Answer: A

26. A client gets a blank screen when trying to open the Maximo Workflow Designer. What is the most likely cause for this problem?
A.Sun JRE not installed properly
B.not enough memory on the server
C.latest Windows XP Service Pack needs to be applied
D.production database needs to be exported and imported
E.Workflow Designer screens need to be imported using the Application Designer
Answer: A

27. BMI Corporation needs to provide a mechanism to inform Maximo users of intended system downtime. How is this best achieved?
D.Bulletin Board
Answer: D

28. ABC Trucking Company utilizes Maximo's Lease/Rental Contracts application. The contract vendor requires that any sub-assemblies installed on the parent asset be returned when removed. Also, if anyone attempts to move a child of the parent asset, Maximo will prevent this from occurring. What property needs to be set on the contract to enforce this criteria?
A.Notify on Move
B.Casualty Buyout
C.Maintain Hierarchy
D.Notify on Configure
E.Technology Refresh Option
Answer: C

29. What application is used to satisfy a business requirement to standardize item descriptions?
B.Item Master
E.Item Specification Templates
Answer: D

30. What factors influence the design of the Maximo site structure? (Choose TWO)
Answer: CE

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