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Exam Express EE0-600 Exam -

Free EE0-600 Sample Questions:

1. What are two valid reasons for creating a cloned application in MAXIMO? (Choose two.) access data from multiple MAXIMO databases restrict data access for a specific group of users allow various screen configurations for presenting the same data capture custom data not related to any existing MAXIMO application
Answer: BC

2. Which three types of records can be assigned a Failure Class? (Choose three.)
A.Stock Item
C.Work Order
D.Operating Location
Answer: BCD

3. Against which kind of record can downtime be reported?
C.Condition Monitoring
D.Preventive Maintenance
Answer: B

4. Which two statements are true about setting up and working with Master PM? (Choose two.)
A.The Master PM can override an Associated PM's Job Plan Sequence.
B.Checking the Override Master PM Updates? check box updates the associated PM's values with the Master PM values.
C.Start Date, Seasonal Date, and Extended date are the only date fields that Master PMs can update on Associated PMs.
D.Last Target Start Date, Last Completion Date, Meter 1 Estimated Next Due Date, and Meter 2 Estimated Next Due Date are the only fields that Master PMs can update on Associated PMs.
Answer: AC

5. The Work Order Failure Class field gets populated automatically from which two applications? (Choose two.)
C.Job Plan
Answer: DE

6. Which statement about receipt of rotating equipment is true?
A.An equipment number must be assigned to each item.
B.Partial receipts are not allowed for rotating equipment.
C.You can receive the equipment before the PO is approved.
D.The equipment must be received into an inventory storeroom.
Answer: A

7. Which type of inventory adjustment must you perform to have the MAXIMO Inventory table contain the number of items actually in the bin (as verified by the storeroom clerk)?
A.inventory transfer
B.physical count adjustment
C.current balance adjustment
D.reconcile balances adjustment
Answer: B

8. What is the difference between a network and a hierarchy?
A.A network is a collection of locations and a hierarchy is a collection of locations.
B.A hierarchy logically arranges locations and a network connects the hierarchies.
C.A network is a collection of hierarchies and a hierarchy is a collection of networks.
D.A location in a hierarchy has only one parent and a location in a network can have multiple parents.
Answer: D

9. Which file is accessed when the Application Server is started?
Answer: E

10. Which applications are within the Control Center?
A.System Security, Currency Manager, and Application setup
B.System Administration, Administrative setup, and Site setup
C.Chart of Accounts, Signature Security, and Asset Catalog setup
D.Multisite setup, Asset Manager setup, and WorkManager Designer
Answer: C

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