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Exam Express EE0-200 Exam -

Free EE0-200 Sample Questions:

1. Which three are required to install the LANDesk® Web Components? (Choose three.)
A. Rollup Core
B. DNS Services
C. Microsoft IIS 5.0 or greater
D. MDAC 2.8 or greater
E. .NET Framework 1.1
F. Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater
Answer: CDE

2. When delta scanning is enabled, the complete inventory scan file is stored on the client in which file?
Answer: D

3. Which hotkey combination locks out the keyboard and mouse on the remote system?
A. Ctrl-Alt-D
B. Ctrl-Alt-L
C. Ctrl-Alt-K
D. Ctrl-Alt-M
Answer: C

4. You are deciding on a Database Management System (DBMS).
Which four factors should be considered during the planning phase of a LANDesk® Management Suite rollout? (Choose four.)
A. cost of DBMS
B. LAN / WAN speed
C. administrative staff
D. number of managed nodes
E. number of remote locations
F. number of management consoles
Answer: ACDF

5. You are planning the deployment of LANDesk® Management Suite in an enterprise with 8150 managed nodes. You will use Microsoft SQL as the Database Management System (DBMS) and you will use the Web Console for help desk management.
What is the minimum recommended number of servers?
A. one physical server hosting the Core Server and DBMS
B. two physical servers: one hosting the Core Server and one hosting the DBMS
C. two physical servers: one hosting the Core Server and DBMS and one hosting the Web Console
D. three physical servers: one hosting the Core Server, one hosting the Core database, and one hosting the DataMart
Answer: B

6. You are planning the rollout of LANDesk® Management Suite in a new environment. The environment contains a Windows 2000 domain and client operating systems are Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Local users do not have administrative rights to their machines.
Which two are the most successful methods of deploying the LANDesk agents to client machines in this environment? (Choose two.)
A. login scripts
B. NTConfig Kit
C. CBA discovery
D. deploy client via the Scheduler tool
E. create a single file executable and send it in an email
Answer: BD

7. You are planning the installation of LANDesk® Management Suite 8.5.
Which four items are the minimum installation requirements that must be met before installing the LANDesk Management Suite 8.5 Core Server? (Choose four.)
A. MDAC 2.8+
B. Domain Controller
C. Internet Explorer 6.0+
D. Windows 2000 Server sp4
E. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
F. Internet Information Server 5.x+
Answer: ACDF

8. Which four file types are available when publishing a report from the LANDesk® Management Suite console? (Choose four.)
Answer: BDEF

9. To which default group do you add a user to provide the user with access to a LANDesk® published report?
A. LD_Reports
B. Report_User
C. Dashboard_User
D. LANDesk Reports
E. LANDesk Management Suite
Answer: D

10. Which Column Set Configuration feature allows you to specify a precise primary key value for the selected software?
A. Edit
B. Value
C. Modify
D. Qualify
E. Columns
Answer: D

11. Which two options are available when adding a new directory from within the Directory Manager tool? (Choose two.)
A. Query LDAP
B. Authentication
C. Active Directory
D. Directory Information
Answer: BD

12. You have a console user that needs access to Inventory and Reports.
What are the minimum rights you need to assign to this user to accomplish this?
A. Reports only
B. Inventory only
C. LANDesk® Administrator
D. both Reports and Inventory
Answer: A

13. You want new users that are added to the LANDesk® Management Suite group to have rights to Inventory and Remote Control only.
What is the simplest way to accomplish this?
A. Do nothing; this is the default.
B. modify the default template user
C. modify the LANDesk Administrator
D. assign the users Inventory and Remote Control rights
Answer: B

14. Which three scope types can you use when creating a new scope? (Choose three.)
B. static list
C. LDMS query
D. Device Group
E. Directory Manager
F. Default All Machines scope
Answer: ACD

15. You have modified a user's rights and scope.
When will these changes take effect?
A. immediately
B. when the user reboots his machine
C. when the LANDesk® Policy Server service is restarted
D. when the user logs in to the LANDesk® Management Suite console
Answer: D

16. Which two menu options would you use in Microsoft Internet Explorer, to resolve a problem with logging into the Web Console? (Choose two.)
A. Tools – Internet Options – Advanced tab: check “Allow SSL Windows Authentication”
B. Tools – Internet Options – Advanced tab: check “Enable Integrated Windows Authentication”
C. Tools – Internet Options – Advanced tab: check “Allow logon with current user name and password”
D. Tools – Internet Options – Security tab – Local Intranet – Custom Level: select “Automatic logon with current user name and password”
E. Tools – Internet Options – Security tab – Trusted Sites – Custom Level: select “Automatic logon with current user name and password”
F. Tools – Internet Options – Security tab – Local Intranet – Custom Level: select “Automatic logon with windows user name and password”
Answer: BD

17. Which file needs to be changed to connect to more than one Web Console server?
A. DSN.asp
B. Core.asp
C. Config.asp
D. Frameset.asp
Answer: B

18. Which executable is used to create tables in the LANDesk® database?
Answer: D

19. Where can you change the database connection information for LANDesk® Management Suite? (Choose two.)
A. in the ODBC System DSN
B. in the Management Suite console in the Configure Services utility
C. HKLM\Software\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Core\Connections\Local
D. HKLM\Software\Intel\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\Core\Connections\Local
Answer: BC

20. Which two directories contain the trusted certificate hash file (<hashname>.0)? (Choose two.)
A. Keys
B. Utilities
C. LDMain
D. LDLogon
E. LANDesk®
Answer: AD

21. Which four submenus appear under the Standard LANDesk Agent menu in Client Configuration in the Client Setup tool? (Choose four.)
A. Local Scheduler
B. Inventory Scanner
C. Bandwidth Detection
D. Software Distribution
E. Client Reboot Options
F. Application Policy Management
Answer: ABCE

22. What is the default temporary install directory used during client setup?
A. %temp%
B. C:\$ldcfg$
C. C:\$ldclient$
D. %windir%\temp
Answer: B

23. What are the four options for Start the Inventory Scan in Client Configuration? (Choose four.)
A. frequency
B. run as service
C. local scheduler
D. IP address change
E. manually from device
F. start from the Startup folder
G. at startup using the Run key Registry setting
Answer: ADEG

24. What is the purpose of the registry values contained in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\WinClient registry key?
A. It contains video driver information used by the Remote Control agent.
B. It specifies the database connection strings that point to the database.
C. It contains the date the client was last configured and the path it is installed to.
D. It contains a list of LANDesk® components that have been installed on a workstation.
Answer: C

25. You have configured the inventory scanner in your client configuration named “Accounting” to run at startup from the Run Registry key. You want to modify your “Accounting” client configuration to display the GUI when the inventory scanner runs at startup.
Which file should you edit to make the changes permanent for this client configuration only?
Answer: C

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