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Exam Express EE0-065 Exam -

Free EE0-065 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 You try to run a deployment from the TeamSite server to a target Web server and OpenDeploy is unable to connect. Nothing appears in the target Web server's OpenDeploy log; however, you are able to deploy to a server on the same subnet as the TeamSite server.
What is the cause of the problem described above?
A. A valid encryption key file has not been specified.
B. The OpenDeploy port is blocked at the firewall.
C. The target Web server is running a different operating system than the TeamSite server.
D. TeamSite is not installed on the target Web server.
E. The target Web server is running a different version of OpenDeploy than the TeamSite server.
Answer: B

Q: 2 In a Windows 2000 environment, how do you limit the number of domains available to your TeamSite server?
A. Put the TeamSite server in a different domain.
B. Ensure the limit_domains tag is in the iw.local.cfg file.
C. Make the TeamSite server the Primary Domain Controller.
D. Use the domain_list tag in iw.cfg.
E. Make the TeamSite server a stand alone server.
Answer: D

Q: 3 How does a TeamSite user change her TeamSite password?
A. The TeamSite user can use the Change Password menu item in ContentCenter to change her TeamSite password.
B. The TeamSite user can use the Preferences option on the VisualPreview tool bar to change her TeamSite password.
C. The TeamSite user can use the command-line tool (CLT) iwpasswd to change her TeamSite password.
D. The TeamSite user can change the operating systempassword, which changes her TeamSite password.
E. A TeamSite administrator must change the password for a TeamSite user.
Answer: D

Q: 4 During a Windows TeamSite installation, which user is automatically added to the master.uid file?
A. The TeamSite Administrator
C. The local user logged on to TeamSite
D. The Domain Administrator
Answer: B

Q: 5 Where can you find TeamSite release notes?
A. Interwoven's documentation page (
B. In a file on the TeamSite CD-ROM
C. Inside the installation package (tarball or InstallShield package)
D. Interwoven does not produce product release notes.
E. Interwoven's support site (
Answer: E

Q: 6 A customer wants to make sure it can do an emergency roll back of its production Web site if it is attacked by hackers. The customer wants to use OpenDeploy to re-deploy directly from TeamSite to perform the emergency rollback. It does not want to have to re-create or re-build any assets as part of this type of emergency rollback. The emergency rollback deployment must deploy exactly the same assets that were on the Web server before the attack.
To insure the above requirement is satisfied, which one of the following types of assets must be versioned in TeamSite?
A. Compressed asset
B. Deployed asset
C. content store asset
D. Image asset
E. Derived asset
Answer: B

Q: 7 You just installed TeamSite on a Windows 2000 server. When rebooting, the script executes and you receive a message that states that TeamSite was successfully installed; however, you are unable to get the initial login screen at http://localhost/iw.
What is the cause of the problem described above?
A. You are not authorized to use TeamSite.
B. The iwwebd port was not set correctly during installation.
C. The TeamSite users did not install certificates in their browsers.
D. You did not call Interwoven and get a client license key before proceeding.
E. You do not have a secure channel between the TeamSite server and your workstation.
Answer: B

Q: 8 On a Windows 2000 Server, no matter what you do, the "everyone" account always has full control access to all TeamSite content. It is being automatically applied to all new content and areas, and you are unable to remove it. Which one of the following conditions causes the above situation?
A. The TSIMP_hostname account is missing from the TeamSite Web Preview group.
B. There is no webserver_group declared in iw.cfg.
C. The iwserver service is running in debug mode.
D. There is no group named TeamSite Web Preview defined on the TeamSite server.
E. There is no webpreview_group declared in iw.cfg.
Answer: B

Q: 9 Which of the following can you accomplish with application_custom.xml?
A. Indicate a corporate logo to display in ContentCenter Standard.
B. Remove the tagging step from the ContentCenter Standard wizards.
C. Remove "Tag" links from ContentCenter Standard.
D. Remove ContentCenter Professional from the dropdown on the login page.
E. Change the display name for the "Workflow" tab in ContentCenter Professional.
Answer: B

Q: 10 For an initial installation of TeamSite, the client is using a Netscape Web server for the TeamSite Web server. GUI administration for the Netscape Web server is not available.
Which one of the following files is modified to add document directories to the Netscape Web server in the above scenario?
A. obj.conf
B. httpd.conf
C. access.conf
D. srm.conf
E. iw.cfg
Answer: A

Q: 11 Which one of the following task types is used to run non-interactive automated process steps?
B. User
C. Group
D. External
E. Dummy
Answer: D

Q: 12 A TeamSite FormsPublisher presentation template on which you are working will not virtualize correctly during preview. All the image links are broken and all the image SRC attributes are relative to the desired output location for the data type. You have set the directory dir-regex correctly to only allow output to that location. When you generate a file, virtualization works correctly. Many other files in the Web site besides this template use the same image files.
Based on the scenario above, how do you make the preview virtualize correctly with minimum impact on the Web site?
A. Change all the links to the image files to absolute paths in all files in the Web site.
B. Change the directory dir-regex of the data-type to the root of the workarea.
C. Set the preview-dir attribute of the <template> element's <branch> subelement to the directory path where the file should be based for the relative image SRC paths to work correctly.
D. In the presentation template, use the <iw_preview> tag to set the preview path to the directory path where the file should be based for the relative image SRC paths to work correctly.
E. Copy the image files into the data-type's folder under /templatedata/ and add a proxy remap to redirect all image requests to the data-type's directory.
Answer: C

Q: 13 In available_templates.cfg, what is the correct way to limit a workflow's availability to the "Upload" workarea on the /default/main/www branch?
A. <branch value="/default/main/www/WORKAREA/Upload"/>
<branch value="all" include="no"/>
B. <branch value="/default/main/www/WORKAREA/Upload"/>
<branch value="all" include="yes"/>
C. <branch value="/default/main/www/WORKAREA/Upload"
<branch value="all" include="no"/>
D. <branch value="/default/main/www/WORKAREA/Upload"/>
<branch value="all" include="yes"/>
E. <branch value="/default/main/www/[^\\/]+/Upload"/>
<branch value="all" include="no"/>
Answer: C

Q: 14 You have installed and configured TeamSite on a UNIX server and have re-booted the machine. All the services have started and appear to be working properly, but you are unable to access the ContentCenter login page. Which one of the following is causing the above problem?
A. You did not run the command line tool iwreset after re-booting.
B. You did not reset the password on your TeamSite account before you tried to log on.
C. You do not have write permissions to the password file.
D. You are using a browser that is not supported by Interwoven.
E. Your browser certificate has expired.
Answer: D

Q: 15 Which one of the following statements about autoprivate.cfg is true?
A. It uses regular expressions to match full directory paths.
B. The autoprivate.cfg is able to specify different name patterns for different branches.
C. It will not match directory names.
D. Running iwreset after adding a new name pattern to autoprivate.cfg will mark existing files that match that name pattern as private.
E. The character counts used in autoprivate.cfg are expressed in hexadecimal.
Answer: E

Q: 16 For a default TeamSite installation on Windows to virtualize properly, which one of the following statements about local groups is true?
A. Local groups must be created for each TeamSite role and user accounts added to the local group accounts.
B. A local TeamSite group account must be manually created after installation.
C. Local groups must be created for grouptasks in TeamSite workflow.
D. Local groups must be created according to the configuration in submit.cfg.
E. No action needs to be taken concerning local groups.
Answer: E

Q: 17 In a default installation, which one of the following tasks is a TeamSite user with the "Editor" role UNABLE to perform?
A. Create a workarea.
B. Create an edition.
C. Merge two conflicting files.
D. Submit files to the Staging area.
E. Remove a job.
Answer: A

Q: 18 The customer wants two types of product descriptions. One is for public external view and includes basic product information. The other is for private internal use and contains sales pricing guidelines and strategies. The customer is very concerned that the public data be exactly the same on both types of documents and also wants them to look as much alike as possible.
Based on the above scenario, which one of the following is the right approach?
A. Use one data capture template that gathers all the information and two presentation templates--one for external and one for internal page generation.
B. Use a personalization server to format the document on the fly when the user logs in.
C. Use one data capture template and one presentation template that includes a component template that only displays the private information to internal users based on their user IDs.
D. Use two data capture templates--one for external and one for internal page generation and a single presentation template.
E. Use two completely different template data types--one for external and one for internal page generation, each with its own data capture template and presentation template.
Answer: A

Q: 19 Your customer puts most of its content in a directory called htdocs and all of its links are relative to that directory. The customer also puts some commonly used images in a directory called "common/", which is at the same level as "htdocs/", not under it. The customer sets up a virtual directory to support this on its production Web server and wants to support this in a virtualized workarea.
What proxy configuration do you need in order to support the above scenario?
A. _docroot=htdocs
B. _docroot=htdocs
C. docroot=htdocs
D. docroot=/
E. _docroot=/
Answer: A

Q: 20 Why does a proper content management solution take into account employees at all levels in the client company, including content contributors, content administrators, production managers, and executives?
A. It is recommended practice to implement content management with minimal executive involvement. This is the most pragmatic path to satisfying the majority of the employees.
B. Since all the employees want to continue to use the best possible tools, a content management solution that uses an open architecture satisfies all the employees.
C. It is recommended practice to implement content management with little or no change to existing processes. The resulting solution satisfies all the employees.
D. A proper content management solution balances the needs of all the employees in the company.
E. An optimal content management solution can be implemented by the content administrators working together with the production managers to build a prototype.
Answer: D

Q: 21 You have installed and configured TeamSite on a Windows 2000 server running IIS, but even after a reboot, the TeamSite server does not appear to start. You suspect you may have an invalid license key.
Given the above scenario, how do you verify that TeamSite failed to start because of an invalid license key?
A. By looking at iwtrace.log
B. By looking at the IIS Web server log
C. Via the Windows Event Viewer
D. By looking at the deployment log
E. By looking at iwjoberrors.log
Answer: A

Q: 22 You need to remove a link from a ContentCenter Professional menu; however, you don't know its ID. What should you do?
A. Locate the link in a ref*.xml file.
B. Locate the link in the deployed webapp.
C. Locate the link in the User Interface Customization Guide.
D. Hover over the link in the UI to see its tooltip.
E. Nothing! You may not remove links from ccpro menus.
Answer: A

Q: 23 Which one of the following ContentCenter Standard actions can instantiate a workflow defined in available_templates.cfg?
A. Creating an edition
B. Creating a new branch
C. Locking a file
D. Performing the Get Latest operation on a TeamSite work area that contains TeamSite FormsPublisher Data Content Records
E. Saving and closing a TeamSite FormsPublisher Data Content Record
Answer: E

Q: 24 You upgrade your TeamSite 6.5 SP2 server's hardware and network configuration, which involves adding more memory, a new network storage device, a new NIC, and a hostname change. On reboot, TeamSite will not start. What is causing this problem?
A. The host name change will require a new license.
B. The new NIC has a different IP address. Change it to the original IP address, or generate a new license key.
C. The license key must be regenerated if you add more memory.
D. The network storage device must be added to the license.
E. The MAC address of the new NIC has not been updated in the ARP cache on the network.
Answer: A

Q: 25 Web development operations can be divided into the development environment and the production environment. Given the statement above, what output of the development environment is also the essential input to the production environment?
A. The content store
B. The released version
C. The data capture area
D. The template rollback edition
E. The staging area
Answer: B

Q: 26 Which iw.cfg section below is intended for handling server side includes when the files to include are in a different branch?
A. [iwproxy_ssi_remap]
B. [iwproxy_external_remap]
C. [iwproxy_plugin_remap]
D. [iwproxy_preconnect_redirect]
E. [iwproxy_preconnect_remap]
Answer: C

Q: 27 After installing OpenDeploy as a receiver on a Windows 2000 server, what else needs to be done to make it ready to receive deployments?
A. Nothing else needs to be done since OpenDeploy comes preconfigured.
B. Install TeamSite on this server and make the correct modifications in the iw.cfg.
C. Adjust settings in server configuration files and start the OpenDeploy service.
D. Make the proper changes in the client configuration file.
E. Re-run the OpenDeploy install; when prompted, click server config.
Answer: C

Q: 28 You are deploying from a UNIX TeamSite server to a production web server running Windows 2000. Based on the scenario above, what needs to be done before and after deploying?
A. Run a deploy_run_script on the client side to check the integrity of each file.
B. Change DOS format files to Unix format files.
C. Turn on the OpenDeploy automated file conversion utility od_auto_convert.
D. Insert a CTRL-M character at the end of each line after deployment.
E. Change the owner and group permission on each file.
Answer: E

Q: 29 Which one of the following is NOT a TeamSite FormsPublisher presentation template tag?
A. iw_repeat
B. iw_next
C. iw_iterate
D. iw_last
E. iw_format
Answer: E

Q: 30 What is the correct location and syntax for changing the Web server port within TeamSite?
A. httpd.conf
http_port=<port number>
B. iw.cfg
webserver_port=<port number>
C. iw.cfg
web_port=<port number>
D. httpd.conf
webserver_port=<port number>
E. iw.cfg
http_port=<port number>
Answer: E

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