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Exam Express EE0-021 Exam -

Free EE0-021 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which two statements regarding the transactional behavior of order processing are true? (Choose two.)

A. OrderManager.updateOrder() should always be called in a transaction.
B. TX_NEVER is used in commerce pipeline chains to mark particular non-transactional processors to throw an exception if a previous transaction
is still running.
C. To declare a transaction mode for an entire commerce pipeline chain, you set the same mode on each processor in the chain.
D. Individual custom processors in a commerce pipeline chain can override a transaction mode declared for the entire chain.

Answer: A,D

Q: 2
How would you display the price of a given item with discounts such as "Buy racing helmet, get 50% off gloves"?

A. display the ShoppingCartModifier's currentItem.priceInfo.amount
B. display /atg/commerce/cart.currentItem.priceInfo.amount
C. iterate through the objects in the PricingEngine.currentOrder.commerceItems array property, and display the priceInfo.amount of the CommerceItem corresponding to that item
D. iterate through the items in ShoppingCart.current.commerceItems, and display the priceInfo.amount of each item

Answer: D

Q: 3
When is a custom pricing calculator required?

A. when an item discount is rounded up to the closest $x.99 price
B. when a shipping price is determined based on the sum of the weights of each item in
an entire order
C. when a fixed price discount is applied to an entire order
D. when a double (coupon) discount is applied to an item

Answer: A

Q: 4
Under what condition can a user NOT delete an Order using CancelOrderFormHandler?

A. when CancelOrderFormHandler.preserveOrder is set to true
B. when the Order is in any state not listed in CancelOrderFormHandler.deleteStates
C. when the Order is pending approval by a user other than the user who created it
D. when the Order has been checked out

Answer: B

Q: 5
Which two statements about tax pricing are true? (Choose two.)

A. Tax pricing requires a third-party product integration.
B. The TaxDiscountCalculator determines tax on discounted items.
C. Tax can be split into multiple payment groups.
D. There is no item-descriptor for tax in the promotions repository.

Answer: C,D

Q: 6
Which statement accurately describes the role of a pipeline manager with regards to transactions?

A. The pipeline manager cannot handle transactions that span a subset of the chain. The transaction must either span an entire chain or one element of a chain.
B. The pipeline manager always creates a new transaction prior to executing the pipeline.
C. The pipeline manager does not explicitly deal with transactions.
D. A transaction rollback is indicated by returning a
PipelineProcessor.STOP_CHAIN_EXECUTION in the PipelineResult.

Answer: A

Q: 7
At what two points is an attempt made to debit all payment groups? (Choose two.)

A. once all ShippingGroups are in a NO_PENDING_ACTION state
B. once the shippingGroupHasShipped pipeline has executed
C. once all ShippingGroups are in a PENDING_DELIVERY state
D. once one shipping group has shipped and the fulfiller's settleOnFirstShipment is true

Answer: A,D

Q: 8
When creating a new payment group, which object must you configure to invoke the new payment group's pipeline?

A. validatePaymentGroup
B. PaymentManager
C. PaymentGroupManager
D. CommercePipelineManager

Answer: B

Q: 9
Which two statements about custom catalogs are true? (Choose two.)

A. A category cannot contain catalogs.
B. Catalogs can contain one or more subcatalogs.
C. A product can only belong to one category.
D. Each category exists in one and only one catalog.

Answer: B,D

Q: 10
Which three steps are used to create a new pipeline processor? (Choose three.)

A. write a new Java class for your processor
B. create a Nucleus component for your new processor
C. add your processor to the pipeline manager properties file
D. add your processor to the pipeline XML

Answer: A,B,D

Q: 11
In which two cases is it recommended that you create repository item sub-types or modify the sku repository item rather than use dynamicAttributes? (Choose two.)

A. when using an attribute represented by a number
B. when defining an attribute that is specific to a small subset of SKUs
C. when defining an attribute that can be different for all SKUs
D. when adding multiple attributes to a sku

Answer: B,D

Q: 12
When is it appropriate to disable caching if you are displaying inventory status or levels
on a page?

A. when your production site includes only a single instance of ATG Commerce
B. when more accurate information is more important than fast performance
C. when better performance is more important than accurate information
D. when your production site includes multiple instances of ATG Commerce

Answer: B

Q: 13
When setting up a checkout page to redeem a gift certificate, to what property do you map the gift certificate claim code text field of the checkout form?

A. the authorizeClaimableGiftCertificate property of the ClaimableManager component
B. the giftCertificateNumber property of the GiftCertificate component
C. the giftCertificateClaim property of the ClaimableTools component
D. the giftCertificateNumbers property of the ShoppingCartModifier component

Answer: D

Q: 14
Which scenario event notifies the Scenario Server that someone needs to approve an order?

A. Approval status has changed
B. Order approval is completed
C. Approval request event received
D. Order approval is required

Answer: D

Q: 15
In what two cases might it be necessary to reprice an Order manually? (Choose two.)

A. when using ExpressCheckoutFormHandler to expedite pre-checkout processing
B. when using CartModifierFormHandler to add items or change quantities
C. when using ShippingGroupFormhandler to create and add items to a new shipping group
D. when a promotion is delivered via a scenario

Answer: C,D

Q: 16
How do you add a weight property to all of your SKUs?

A. add the weight property to the existing sku item type and map it into an auxiliary table
B. create a new subtype of sku to hold the weight property
C. create a new subtype of sku-info to hold the weight property
D. add the weight property to the existing sku-info item type and map it into an auxiliary table

Answer: A

Q: 17
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. If an order contains only one PaymentGroup and a relationship exists between the
PaymentGroup and the ShippingGroup, then the relationship must be ShippingAmountRemaining.
B. All the payment groups in an order must be used toward the payment of an order.
C. If an order contains one or more PaymentGroupOrderRelationship objects of type
TaxAmount, then the sum of the amounts in the relationships must be equal to or greater than the total tax amount of the order to account for tax payment.
D. Once item costs are assigned to payment groups, the other order cost components (tax and shipping) must also be specifically assigned to payment groups.
E. If an order contains only one PaymentGroup and no relationships exist, then the order cost is implicitly accounted for by that PaymentGroup.

Answer: C,E

Q: 18
Which two statements about the functions of the ShippingGroupFormHandler are true? (Choose two.)

A. It allows you to split shipping by payment group.
B. It allows you to split shipping by line item.
C. It loads the ShippingGroupMapContainer with the authorized shipping groups for the current user.
D. It contains a list of CommerceItemShippingInfo objects.

Answer: B,D

Q: 19
Which property in the product catalog repository associates SKUs with a particular product?

A. the product item type's descendentSKUs property
B. the category item type's childSKUs property
C. the product item type's childSKUs property
D. the sku item type's ancestorProducts property

Answer: C

Q: 20
What are three valid declarative transaction modes for individual processors in a commerce order processing pipeline chain? (Choose three.)


Answer: A,C,D

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