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Exam Express EE0-011 Exam -

Free EE0-011 Sample Questions:

1. Click the Exhibit button.
<item-descriptor name="stuff">
<table name="stuff_table" type="primary"
<property name="id" />
<property name="thing" data-type="string" />
Assume that Dynamo includes an SQL Repository called StuffRepository. The exhibit shows the properties file and XML file that define this repository. You want to override the definition of the "thing" property to make it required.
What should be done to implement this?
A. use xml-combine="remove"
B. use xml-combine="replace"
C. exclude the <gsa-template> tag, but include the <item-descriptor>, <table>, and <property> tags in your XML file
D. include the <gsa-template>, <item-descriptor>, <table>, and <property> tags in your XML file
Answer: D

2. Which three statements are true about Repository item descriptors? (Choose three.)
A. Each item descriptor has its own cache.
B. Properties can refer to other Repository items.
C. A property's data-type specifies the SQL data type.
D. An item descriptor must have one and only one primary table.
E. To pre-load data into cache, you should use export-items or query-items tags.
Answer: ABD

3. Given the code fragment:
<dsp:select bean="/"/>
Which two must also be in the JSP? (Choose two.)
A. dsp:case tag
B. dsp:form tag
C. taglib directive
D. dsp:importbean tag
Answer: BC

4. Which two are required to use Dynamo's targeted email functionality to send a mass mailing with each message containing a different set of targeted content specific for each user? (Choose two.)
A. a scenario
B. a repository
C. a page template
D. a schedulable component
Answer: BC

5. Which two technologies separate Java code and HTML in JSP? (Choose two.)
A. Scriptlets
B. Tag Libraries
C. Servlet Beans
D. Static Includes
E. Page Directives
Answer: BC

6. What is the easiest way to implement a Schedule if a scheduled service is required to run twice each Monday?
A. PeriodicSchedule
B. RelativeSchedule
C. CalendarSchedule
D. RecurrentSchedule
Answer: C

7. Which method should a subclass of atg.nucleus.GenericService override to perform initialization?
A. init()
B. start()
C. startService()
D. doStartService()
Answer: D

8. Given the properties file and code fragment:
<dsp:droplet name="/test/MyTest">
The class test.MyTest extends the DynamoServlet class. What is called when the test.jsp code fragment is rendered?
A. doPost()
B. service()
C. doService()
D. handleMyTest()
Answer: B

9. Which four are valid data types for properties that model one-to-many relationships in a repository definition? (Choose four.)
A. Set
B. Map
C. List
D. Array
E. Vector
F. Enumeration
Answer: ABCD

10. Click the Exhibit button.
CREATE TABLE user_info(
user_id varchar(25) not null primary key,
first_name varchar(25),
last_name varchar(25),
address varchar(25) references address_info(address_id)
CREATE TABLE address_info(
address_id varchar(25) not null primary key,
city varchar(50),
country varchar(50)
Which repository data model can be used with the given SQL?
A. a user item with property information stored in a primary table, and an address item with property information stored in a primary table
B. a user item with property information stored in a primary table, and an address item with property information stored in an auxiliary table
C. a user item with property information stored in both a primary table and an auxiliary table, and an address item with information stored in a primary table
D. a user item with property information stored in both a primary and a multi table, and an address item with property information stored in a primary table
Answer: A

11. How should you implement a repository item property that is not persisted, but rather has its value calculated at the time the getPropertyValue() method is called, based on an attribute set in the repository definition file?
A. create a derived property
B. create a custom property derivation method
C. create a user-defined property type extending GSAPropertyDescriptor
D. create a user-defined property type extending RepositoryPropertyDescriptor
Answer: D

12. An application uses item types A, B, and C. Which statement describes a situation in which you should use item descriptor inheritance?
A. Item types A, B, and C must be stored in three separate data stores.
B. An item of type A includes the properties described by item types B and C.
C. An item of type A may include the properties described by item type B or those described by item type C, but not both.
D. An item of type A includes the properties described by item type B, and an item of type B includes the properties described by item type C.
Answer: C

13. Form input (from a user) will be split across multiple pages. How should your form handler component be scoped?
A. page
B. request
C. session
D. application
Answer: C

14. When must you manually write personalization rules files, rather than use the targeter utility in the ACC?
A. when profile properties are of complex types
B. when the content repository uses inheritance
C. when the rule must contain multiple rule breaks
D. when the rule must contain nested boolean operators
Answer: D

15. The ProfileFormHandler class needs to be extended when _____.
A. you have added properties to the profile that you need to populate from a form
B. you have configured the username and password to be stored in an LDAP server
C. you need to verify logins with an additional custom property besides name and password
D. you need to carry over information from the anonymous profile to the registered profile upon registration
Answer: C

16. Which two are benefits of slots that are not benefits of targeting? (Choose two.)
A. Slots can use scenarios.
B. Slots display personalized content.
C. Slots have better caching capabilities.
D. Slots deliver dynamic content at a particular time.
Answer: AC

17. A custom Scenario event is required to trigger an event when _____.
A. Dynamo shuts down
B. a user logs in to the site
C. a user's session expires
D. a user has been idle for N minutes
Answer: D

18. Which three can a valid J2EE application (*.ear file) contain? (Choose three.)
A. multiple Web applications
B. non-Web application clients
C. only a single Web application
D. multiple Nucleus components
E. multiple Enterprise JavaBeans
Answer: ABE

19. Click the Exhibit button.
Given the CONFIGPATH and properties files:
CONFIGPATH: <atg-dir>\Dynamo\MyProjectv1\config; <atg-dir>\Dynamo\MyProjectv2\config; <atg-home>\localconfig
What will be the final configured values of the name and age properties?
A. name=Joe, age=32
B. name=Joe, age=34
C. name=Mary, age=34
D. name=Joe, age=null
Answer: B

20. A String property value of a component is defined by properties files in multiple places in the CONFIGPATH. How is its final property value determined?
A. The value defined last in the CONFIGPATH is used.
B. By default, all property values are appended to each other to form the final property value.
C. The first value from the first properties file found in the beginning of the CONFIGPATH is used. All other properties files are ignored.
D. Values are determined first by the properties files at the end of the CONFIGPATH, but are overridden by the property values at the beginning of the CONFIGPATH.
Answer: A

21. What are three functions of an uncustomized servlet pipeline? (Choose three.)
A. identifying the locale of the request
B. determining the IP address of the request
C. identifying the Web browser of the request
D. determining whether or not the user has a cookie for your site
Answer: ACD

22. Which two requirements can be implemented by configuring standard pipeline servlets? (Choose two.)
A. emailing users that have visited the site frequently
B. enabling exit tracking on requests for external URLs
C. increasing the number of connections in the database connection pool
D. adding a browser to the list of browsers that inappropriately cache pages
Answer: BD

23. Which two application requirements can be efficiently implemented by customizing the servlet pipeline? (Choose two.)
A. Files of a particular MIME type should be forwarded to a custom servlet.
B. If a user does not revisit the Web site within 30 days, send a promotional email.
C. When a user clicks on certain images, a property should be changed on his or her profile.
D. When users will be watching a long movie in the /movies folder, the session expiration time should be extended beyond 30 minutes.
Answer: AD

24. What is the primary purpose of the Java Message Service (JMS)?
A. to provide a uniform method for sending email
B. to allow asynchronous, decoupled communications
C. to use a database to queue messages regardless of type
D. to create a publish-subscribe model for synchronous messages
Answer: B

25. For asynchronous messaging, the sending and the receiving of messages occurs in _____.
A. the same thread
B. separate queues
C. concurrent requests
D. separate transactions
Answer: D

26. Which two criteria justify selecting localJMS versus sqlJMS for message delivery within a single JVM? (Choose two.)
A. You want low latency.
B. You want high throughput.
C. You want messages delivered instantly and reliably.
D. You want to use a publish-subscribe Distribution Model.
E. You want both sending and receiving to occur in the same transaction.
Answer: AE

27. What is the purpose of the Message Registry?
A. map messages to components
B. register messages with the ACC
C. map JMSTypes to message bean classes
D. allow components to send and receive messages
Answer: C

28. When using any of the ATG JSP tag libraries, those libraries must be _____.
A. defined for and copied into each Web application
B. defined in the dynamoJ2EESpecifier.xml as a resource
C. named in the application.xml to be copied by the container
D. given a valid URI and manually added to the CLASSPATH
Answer: A

29. When using programmatic repository data access, each database operation is automatically wrapped in a transaction of which mode?
A. Required
B. Supports
C. Mandatory
D. RequiresNew
Answer: A

30. Which two characteristics are true of transaction objects? (Choose two.)
A. They can be used for many transactions.
B. They can be used by multiple components.
C. They can be associated with only one thread.
D. They can be associated with only one resource.
Answer: BC

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