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EC-Council EC0-232 Exam -

Free EC0-232 Sample Questions:

1. Company sells a variety of products on its Web site to the highest bidder. What type of business model are they using?
A. Affiliate Marketing
B. Online Auction
C. Supply Chain improver
D. Name your price
Answer: B

2. Company helps individuals sell baby toy products to other individuals and takes a small commission on each sale. What Electronic Commerce classification do they fit?
A. B2C (Business-2-Commerce)
B. B2B (Business-2-Business)
C. C2C (Consumer-2-Consumer)
D. P2P (Public-2-Public)
Answer: C

3. Which of the following is a virtual corporation?
A. Two companies combine resources to market a new product. They hope to continue this relationship well into the future.
B. Two Internet companies merge to expand their product lines.
C. An organization distributed geographically and whose work is coordinated through electronic communications.
D. Two companies combine resources to market a new product. They know this product can only be sold for the next 3 months.
Answer: C

4. Mass customization allows companies to:
A. Produce a large number of identical products.
B. Produce customized products for the public ("the masses").
C. Produce a large number of individualized products.
D. Understand the specific features the general public desires in order to create a successful product.
Answer: C

5. Which of the following is included in the European Union's Directive 95 regarding data collection about individuals?
A. Data collectors must tell individuals why they collect the data.
B. Data must be corrected upon the individual's request.
C. Collecting data on individuals requires their permission.
D. All of the above.
Answer: A

6. Company sells computer software products to individuals. What Electronic Commerce classification do they fit?
A. B2C
B. B2B
C. C2C
D. P2P
Answer: A

7. Which of the following examples would benefit from an inter-organizational information system (IOS)?
A. a company needing to communicate with its staff through email
B. a company wanting to communicate with customers
C. a company that works closely with a primary supplier
D. a company sending orders to a variety of suppliers
Answer: C

8. Which of the following is a limitation of Electronic Commerce?
A. Ability to operate 24 hours a day.
B. Integration of distributor and supplier IT systems.
C. Special network and hardware requirements.
D. Increased market area.
Answer: C

9. SAP R/3 is an example of:
B. B2B
C. C2C
Answer: A

10. United States courts have recognized that keeping indecent material out of the reach of minors on the Internet is currently infeasible due to:
A. influence from foreign countries which allow pornography
B. inconsistencies in local State laws.
C. current technological limitations.
D. first Amendment and freedom of Speech rights
Answer: C

11. The first step to becoming an e-commerce business is:?
A. Adopting a sustainable business strategy.
B. Making sure there is enough technology on hand to back the endeavor.
C. Setting up a time sequence for the Web site preparation.
D. Building a base of loyal customers who will use the site.
Answer: A

12. A value chain:
A. Is a way of organizing the activities of a business so that each activity adds to the total operation of the business.
B. Links each operation logically to the next.
C. Creates a time sequence that will determine a successful outcome.
D. Is a way to define the e-commerce aspects of a business.
Answer: A

13. Company has several divisions that have created private network resources that can be accessed using Internet protocols. The company is now going to link these resources together. What type of network is being described?
A. Internet
B. Extranet
C. Intranet
D. Virtual private network
Answer: C

14. Company sells a variety of products on its Web site. What type of business model are they using?
A. Affiliate Marketing
B. Online Auction
C. E-marketplace
D. Name your price
Answer: C

15. The real power of e-commerce lies in:
A. The speed with which transactions can be carried out.
B. Having the right product in the right place at the right time.
C. The integration of relationships among merchants and suppliers for better customer service.
D. Electronic transfer of monies.
Answer: C

16. The Internet Architecture Board (IAB)consists of:
A. The college professors that started the Internet in the 1980s.
B. Personnel from the organizations that form the backbone of the Internet.
C. Hardware specialists.
D. Work groups that focus on TCP/IP and other protocols.
Answer: D

17. Which of the following is an intermediary?
A. a marketing firm that prepares advertising materials
B. a computer system that matches buyers with "Goods Wanted" to sellers with "Goods for sale"
C. a seller who makes products available online
D. UPS delivering the products to the customer
Answer: B

18. What is the reason for lower prices online?
A. Increased competition
B. Lower operating costs
C. Increased volume
D. Low startup costs
Answer: A

19. Among the usages and advantages of the Internet for business use are:
A. Marketing and selling products and services.
B. Promoting a paper-free environment.
C. Efficiency and unequaled cost-effectiveness.
D. All of the above.
Answer: D

20. Which of the following is a benefit of bundling products?
A. Lower total cost
B. Product customization
C. Lower cost of production
D. Differentiation of vendors
Answer: B

21. Constant attention to improved relationships with the partners who provide the goods you sell is:
A. A way to reduce operational costs.
B. Essential to the success of your e-business.
C. The responsibility of your goods provider.
D. Not a part of the e-commerce transaction.
Answer: B

22. Under a product differentiation strategy, pricing is based on:
A. The cost to produce the item.
B. The cost of similar (but not exact) items.
C. The market space the item is sold in
D. The customer's willingness to pay for that specific product
Answer: D

23. What can you do, besides careful planning, to minimize the risks of entry into the e-commerce arena?
A. Ensure management support
B. Know what is involved up front
C. Obtain proper funding
D. All of the above
Answer: D

24. The Web site should be:
A. A mirror image of the real business
B. A way to obtain links from other Web sites
C. A way to get into direct marketing
D. Competitive
Answer: C

25. An advantage of enlisting an ISP to build and maintain your e-commerce site is:
A. It is cheaper to outsource.
B. The reports you get as to the performance of the site.
C. You can use the same address as for your personal site.
D. They will collect taxes for you at no charge.
Answer: A

26. The organization that currently oversees IP numbers and domain names is:
A. W3C
Answer: C

27. When you are ready to design the site, it is neither safe nor prudent for you to:
A. Hire someone unfamiliar with your company to design the site.
B. Let a committee work with the site developer.
C. Look at many different Web designers before choosing one.
D. Build your own Web site without advice.
Answer: A

28. Transmitting several streams of data simultaneously through a single communication line can be done with:
A. Scalable networks.
B. Multiplexing.
C. Dynamic IP addresses.
D. Virtual Private Network.
Answer: B

29. Which is an example of re-intermediation?
A. Using a salesperson to negotiate a large, complex agreement
B. Buying tickets directly from the airline
C. Purchasing insurance from the national company, not your local agent
D. Eliminating a broker and using Electronic Commerce instead
Answer: A

30. Using M-Commerce, an individual could do all of the following except:
A. Receive email messages on a cell phone
B. Pay for an item in a Coca-Cola vending machine
C. Design a Web site
D. Trade stocks online
Answer: B

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